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AD MEAH V’ESRIM: Jewish Chosson And Kallah, Aged 102 And 100, Set World Record As Oldest Couple To Get Married

Marjorie Fiterman, 102, and Bernie Littman, 100, got married this Sunday at their senior living facility. The couple, who first met nearly a decade ago, has a combined age of over 202 years, making them the oldest aggregate age couple to get married, pending Guinness World Record confirmation.

Fiterman and Littman met at their assisted living facility, where they struck up a friendship. Both had been previously married and had lost their spouses.

Their families say their first date was nine years ago, on the day Littman’s great-granddaughter was born. The couple’s relationship grew over the years, and they became a support system for each other, especially during the pandemic.

It isn’t clear who served as their Chosson and Kallah teachers, if they went through the Dor Yeshorim process, or whether they had “Gedarim” during their engagement period, in which calls and meetings were limited.

Interestingly, they very nearly crossed paths in college, both studying at the University of Pennsylvania at the same time, but in different departments.

YWN wishes the new couple a long, happy and healthy life together, with banim u’banos talmidei chachomim v’tzidkaniyos. 

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Hopefully others will take note that there’s nothing wrong with marrying someone a girl a few years older than you

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