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Young Voters Abandon Biden for Trump Amid Economic Woes and Israel Concerns

A new New York Times-Sienna survey has revealed a significant shift in young voters’ preferences, with 46% of 18-29-year-olds leaning towards former President Trump over President Biden (43%). This trend is further supported by a CNN poll showing Trump leading among 18-34-year-olds by 11 points.

The polls mark a stunning reversal from 2020, when Biden won the youth vote by 24 points.

Experts attribute this shift to concerns over inflation, the job market, and Biden’s stance on Israel.

During his presidency, inflation reached 10%, and although it has decreased, prices for essential items like gas and food remain high.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that high prices may persist, contradicting Biden allies’ claims that the US is not in a recession.

A Harris-Guardian poll found that over half of Americans believe the country is in a recession and blame Biden.

Additionally, Biden’s handling of Israel’s conflict with Hamas has drawn criticism. In the 2024 Democratic primaries, Biden faced a notable protest vote from American Muslims and college students supporting Hamas, organized by left-wing extremist groups. In Michigan, over 100,000 voters, many from the college town of Ann Arbor, chose “uncommitted” instead of voting for Biden.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. jackk,

    How is this possible? You keep claiming that Brandon has done a superb job with the economy. Perhaps you just need to scream louder.

  2. hey gadolhadofi: read the following letter in a local paper and reply:

    I read the recent letters….. and could not help but wonder what they thought about our president not vetoing almost two dozen anti-Israel UN resolutions, including one that condemned a recent attack. They must have been livid when he also suspended the delivery of advanced F-16 fighter jets to Israel. And they must have been outraged when Israeli forces advanced, and our president responded with an angry call to the Israeli Prime Minister demanding a halt to the operation.

    They must have been very angry when our president did all of this to betray our ally, Israel.

    One problem.

    It was President Reagan who did all of these things. And don’t worry, similar actions were taken by Pappy Bush and W. And Trump gave away Israeli secrets to the Russians.

    While Trump has publicly repeatedly stated that he intends to be a dictator, Daniel had the gall to refer to President Biden as King. As to successes, I dare the Queens Jewish Link to publish the list of 50 accomplishments by President Biden I have put together. They included the American Recovery Act that prevented the layoffs of first responders, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act that is rebuilding our roads and pipes, the CHIPS Act that is returning us to world leadership in the manufacturing of computer chips, and the Inflation Reduction Act that has cut core inflation to near zero while investing in projects that hopefully keep our homes on Long Island from being swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean due to climate change, as well as the PACT Act that truly honors our brave veterans as we approach Memorial Day by paying for their military-related illnesses.

    Meanwhile, all of the stock indices are at record highs. Trump predicted in 2020 that President Biden would lead us into a depression. Instead, Bidenomics has resulted in almost doubling the Dow, which just hit 40,000 (increasing the value of our 401Ks) as well as having the lowest unemployment for the longest time ever. Under President Biden’s leadership, new business applications have reached record highs, wages are growing faster than inflation under the most pro-union president ever, and the US is pumping more oil than any country ever has. And by the way, the crime spike under Trump (no, I’m not talking about the 88 felony counts he faces in every city of the NL East except Philadelphia) has been cut under President Biden.

    As the Old Professor Casey Stengel said: You can look it up. Or to quote the late great Daniel Patrick Moynihan: You are entitled to your opinions, but you are not entitled to your facts. The facts are clear that President Biden has had the most successful first three years of any president in living memory.

  3. א פריילעכען ל”ג בעומר . פועל’ט אויס אלעס !גוטס בזכות אדוננו בר יוחאי

  4. I always just love it how Americans complain about how much gas costs them

    Just come to the UK for a visit and then complain.
    (1 litre is 0.22 gallons).

    The current average price for (regular unleaded) Petrol in the UK is 149p-160p a litre.

    The current average price for (super unleaded) Petrol in the UK is 162p-200p a litre.

    The current average price for Diesel in the UK is 155p-180p a litre.

    The current average price for (premium) Diesel in the UK is 173p-230p a litre.

    convert that to gallons, and it is:

    regular petrol: £6.77-£7.28 (around 9 dollars) a gallon, etc etc you get the point.

  5. The idea that the “youth” votes wants the United States to support Hamas is absurd. If there is a pro-isolationist movement to Trump, it will show up on other issues such as support for NATO or opposition to Chinese expansionism. Given that there is no conscription, there is no likelihood that attitudes towards the Middle East are affect “youth” votes. This summer both parties have to adopt platforms, and we’ll see who is a “hawk” and who is a “dove” – but the most probable choices will be between a pro-Israel (and pro-NATO, pro-Taiwan) policy versus isolationism (verging on pacifism). Neither party is about to endorse Hamas.

    That the far left, include many Muslims (who generally don’t get along with the far left on social issues) are outraged over Biden’s support of Israel (no matter how “luke warm”) is clear, but they would not likely switch to Trump, but would support one of the two left-wing splinter parties.

  6. I know my experience is not scientific but interesting none the less. Everyday I interact with a group of around 80 Blacks. From staff to program attendees. One staff group presenter, a Black woman, started the group with, “I know I shouldn’t talk politics but I’m voting for Trump.” There was not a single pushback against this & many nods of approval. I keep hearing how people are voting for Trump but not one person saying they think Biden is doing a good job or will vote for him.
    Will these types of Blacks really go out & vote for Trump? I don’t know. But I’m quite confident they won’t stepup to actually vote for Biden. It should be interesting to see how much of the Black vote Biden loses.
    I believe the biggest issue is LGBTQ. Blacks are generally very conservative & sensitive to this issue & really don’t like what’s going on in America where it’s being pushed in their faces 24/7.

  7. yeshciell,

    You can blather all you want but the entire country now realizes that Brandon, the useless turd, ruins everything he even looks at.

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