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New Video as Yitzy Spinner Meets His Recipient at Renewal Event

By: Reizy Itzkowitz 

On Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Achrei May 4th, the Melava Malka at Renewal’s Shabbaton reached a climatic highlight.

Mendy Reiner, founder of Renewal, took to the stage and began telling a story to a musical interlude being played softly in the background by a piano player.

Just a little less than a year ago, a gentleman by the name of  Jeffrey Kammin confided in his friend that he needed help getting a kidney. His friend said he was going to an event in Deal, New Jersey where he would be meeting the “machers” of Renewal. He would advocate for his friend and introduce him to them if he came along with him. And so after meeting the “machers” Jeffrey did in fact receive a kidney, Baruch Hashem.

Now Mendy Reiner wanted to introduce him to the “rest of his story” in inimitable Paul Harvey style. He wanted him to see the rest of Renewal. At this point, he turned Jeffrey to the audience – an audience full of altruistic donors and recipients.

As the audience clapped and clapped…what Jeffrey did not know was that in just another minute he would be meeting his donor. He was already on stage, on the other side!

Yitzy Spinner, beloved kid soloist originally of Miami Boys fame, and now famous in his own right…in fact he was the piano player singing his new song in the background….was called up to the center of the stage… to meet his recipient: Jeffrey!

As the two hugged, there was not a dry eye in the audience. But when Yitzy Spinner approached the piano bench again and sang the song he wrote especially for his donor and the feelings surrounded giving of his kidney, in full rendition … there was a newfound appreciation for “mi K’amcha Yisrael!” As the video and speakers  projected his warmth and emotion around the large ballroom it was obvious that this song – so heartwarming and soul-stirring– will surely become a great hit as it tells the true story of Klal Yisrael.

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