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LAKEWOOD: Child Ejected From Vehicle In Serious Crash [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

At least two young children were rushed to the hospital after a serious crash in Lakewood on Tuesday afternoon, Lakewood Alerts reported.

Hatzolah, EMS and other emergency personnel were at Cross Street and White Street treating multiple victims, including one child who was ejected from the vehicle.

Hatzolah paramedics transported at least two children to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, as well as an adult who was also injured in the accident.

The area has been shut down by police. Chaveirim of Central Jersey is directing traffic at the scene.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Let me get straight to the point:- Every driver with a license ought be mandated by law to retake road test Every 2 or 3 years, and no-one should be able to renew a license without retaking road test

  2. Although I do not know the specific details of this accident, we need to start having the discussion about how unsafe Lakewood driving has become. Roads that were originally created for about ten percent of the current population, automatically translates in to unsafe road conditions.
    You have four way stop signs that are designed only for low volume traffic, instead have four huge lines, not to mention school busses and trucks. Cross street is used as an access road for large business parks all using a tiny country road!

    We as a community need to demand accountability from the people who are in charge of city planning, as well as Lakewood building department, which seem to continuously give approval for new home development. We all know the influx of people (every home has at least two cars not to mention basement rentals which total four cars) creates a current road infrastructure which is dangerous!
    This is insanity and everyone keeps looking the other way because they do not want to deal with it.
    The highest mortality rate for people ages zero to fifty is car accidents.
    Its time we do something to make sure the places we spend many hours a day are as safe as can be, and more importantly at least up to the standards of every other town in America.

  3. One more reason not to live in Lakewood. It has become a hazard to drive to the grocery store. Red lights there are merely a suggestion and the word “yield” is not in their vocabulary. As long as there is an Adirei Torah event thats all what counts.

  4. @Rob Zev, I couldn’t agree more, but ain’t nothing going to happen because there is too much money to be made from building. $$$$$$

  5. Instead of putting the blame on the elected official, the community members should drive with responsibility. As an out of towner from the Midwest, I dread Yomim Tovim and Bein HaZmanim when Yungerleit and bochurim visit. They have no regard for traffic laws. There is no respect or regard for simple menchlichkeit, and this is not only in the street, but in the Batei Midrashim [especially during tefilos] as well. On the subject of tefilos, If one shows up late to work, his pay is docked. If one shows up late for seder or for davening, is his pay docked?

  6. It would be useful to give details about the accident so people can learn how to protect themselves while driving. Seemingly the child wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, which might have protected them from injury (in the vast majority of accidents it’s better to be held in place rather than thrown within the vehicle or out of the vehicle and even in the rare cases of fires, one is usually better able to escape to safety if he’s survived the initial impact with fewer injuries). From the pictures it looks like the car ran into a tree. Chaveirim would do a valuable service by publicizing teaching information about the accident. Concerning the comments about traffic planning in Lakewood, maybe some monied askan could commission a professional study about how to improve traffic planning in Lakewood, it could save lives.

  7. To 147: There is no evidence or information in this article to suggest that the drivers involved were unable to pass a road test. Any jerk, including me, and maybe even you, can pass a road test. But lots of jerks don’t drive as well or as wisely as they know how to when a government road tester is not in the car with them.

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