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Jewish D-Day Veteran Slams French Officials for Honoring Hamas Supporter

A 99-year-old Jewish veteran of D-Day has expressed outrage and disappointment over the honoring of a Palestinian journalist who has justified Hamas atrocities against Israelis. Mervyn Kersh, from London, criticized French officials for awarding Motaz Azaiza, a Gaza-based journalist, the Prize of Liberty as part of the 80th anniversary events commemorating the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France.

Kersh, who fought in Normandy during World War II, told The Times of Israel that he was appalled by the decision to honor Azaiza, who has glorified Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists and justified the October 7 attacks against Israelis. “I want to tell them how wrong they are and how disgusting it is to those who liberated France,” Kersh said, referring to the regional government of Normandy.

Azaiza, who received a $27,000 check during a ceremony attended by the president of the Normandy region, has stated that Palestinians should not be expected to condemn the October 7 attacks without also condemning Israel’s actions against Palestinians since 1948.

Kersh expressed his disillusionment with the honoring, saying, “We came to rescue France and the rest of Europe, which we did. We all thought that was worth doing. I have my doubts now.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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