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HILLARY TO THE RESCUE? Poll Shows Clinton Has Best Chance To Beat Donald Trump In Presidential Election

A recent poll conducted by Bendixen & Amandi, a Democratic polling firm, has found that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Kamala Harris offer the Democratic Party its strongest chance of defeating former President Donald Trump in the November election.

According to the survey, Clinton leads Trump 43% to 41%, while Harris leads the former president 42% to 41%. The poll, taken after President Joe Biden’s debacle of a debate performance against Trump, shows Biden trailing Trump by a single point, 43% to 42%.

The poll’s results also show California Gov. Gavin Newsom trailing Trump 40% to 37% and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer behind the former president 40% to 36%.

The survey also revealed significant concerns among voters about Biden’s mental and physical fitness for office, with only 29% of likely voters who watched the debate believing he has the capacity and stamina to serve another four-year term. 52% of voters believe Biden should not continue as the Democratic nominee.

The poll’s findings have sparked renewed calls for Biden to step aside, with many longtime supporters now saying the president should end his reelection bid. Biden has rejected these calls and insists he will continue running.

“Voters have significant concerns about President Biden’s advanced age, and their concerns have only grown louder,” said Fernand Amandi, the veteran Miami-based pollster whose firm advised former President Barack Obama in his two presidential campaigns. “But [they are] still not enough where it has made the race a blowout for Trump.”

The Bendixen & Amandi poll also tested other potential Democratic tickets and found that a Clinton-Harris ticket beats Trump 43% to 40%, marking a 4-point advantage over Biden-Harris. The 76-year-old Clinton, the 2016 nominee, has not been seriously discussed as a candidate until now.

“I’m really surprised by Hillary’s strength,” Amandi said. “While some dismiss her as yesterday’s news and a candidate of the past, voters at least in this poll suggest they may be open to a Clinton comeback and that a ticket with Clinton as president and Harris as vice president is even ‘stronger together’.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If their polling numbers were true (they’re obviously not) then dumbocrats are really that

    How can anyone vote for Harris? And how can she be beating Trump?

    Oh sorry, the sample was based on 100s of crack smokers

  2. Kamala Harris has the incumbency going for her. It’s actually not a bad idea if you’re going to switch from Joe now.

  3. Hillary would have to be president from prison cell with her 33,000 bleached emails, so would be way smarter to have President Donald Trump שליט”א who is totally innocent man [even before Amazing supreme court ruling

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