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New Yorker Wants Boycott Of MTA After Fare Hike

sub2.jpgCBS2HD Reports: One New Yorker has a plan to protest fare increases for buses and subways that are expected to wallop commuters next year: He’s calling for a one-day boycott.

Louis Kenny has been passing out fliers calling for a boycott on the day fares are expected to go up June 9, 2009. He says people should walk, take a bike or call in sick to work that day instead of relying on public transportation.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency says it needs to raise fare revenue by 23 percent because of a massive budget shortfall.

In calling a boycott, Kenny says, ”It’s time to show the MTA who really runs New York City’s public transportation.”

Kenny says the agency should reinstate the 50-cent fare on the Staten Island ferry and charge more for advertising.

If the proposed budget is approved and the state Legislature doesn’t come up with more money for the MTA, the service cuts could go into effect as early as June.

In addition to fare hikes, the MTA is expected to slash service, which includes subway lines and bus routes.

Joe Johnson uses the M8 bus several times a week to get from his home in TriBeCa to his doctor, and wants the MTA to spare the line.

“I need this bus,” says Johnson, who lost his leg three years ago to diabetes, and has been wheelchair-bound ever since. When he learned the MTA wants to shut down his route, he realized getting around was about to get even tougher.

“It’s gonna make it more difficult than it already is,” he says.

The MTA said it chose to shutdown the M8 route because it has relatively low ridership and there are alternative routes available.

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  1. He does NOT need that bus. All he needs to do is subscribe to Access-A -Ride and he’ll get back and forth every day,at $ 2 a trip,door-to-door.
    People boycotting for one day will only hurt themselves. A different tactic ,which I do not know,must be found.

  2. Transit systems lose money as it is. The fewer riders, the less money they lose. If run as a private businesses, they would all go broke. Note that the taxis and car services don’t complain about the MTA undercutting their prices.

    We should expect that as the economy continues its severe decline, services that have been subsidized by non-profits and governments will need to cut their subsidy, leading to reduced services and higher fees. Resign yourself to it.

  3. NYC knows that people need public transit- a one day hike won’t change anyone’s mind on that. From what I understand, NYC has the lowest-priced public transit system, this was bound to happen sometime.

  4. Food prices are going up. Do not eat for a day.
    The less you ride the trains or buses,the less they’ll collect and the more it will cost.

  5. I cannot believe how much people complain. Why dont you look at your other options from getting to Manhattan from Brooklyn. Lets see, you can hire a yellow taxi – Price: $50 – you can take a private car service, Price: $75. You can rent a car for the day and a full tank of gas. Price: $100. Or you can ride on one of the most reliable, comprehensive public transportation services in the country, price: $2.50 – or even $10, that would still be a bargain. “lets boycott them to show who really runs the transit system” – That reminds me of the time when we were in 4th grade and we all came up with a brilliant plan to refuse to do homework and we would show those teachers!

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