Angel’s Bakery Sold Frozen Pre-Pesach Bread After Yomtov


bread.jpgIt has been learned that Jerusalem-based Angel’s Bakery, the nation’s largest bakery providing over 30% of the nation’s bread, after Pesach sold breads that were baked, frozen, and sold to a non-Jews, and defrosted and sold after Pesach.

The news of the practice elicited the ire of many who are stringent regarding their practice of only eating breads produced after yomtov, with many stating they would never have suspected Angel’s, which maintains an Eida Chareidis hechsher, of selling pre-Pesach bread after yomtov.

There are also many clients angered over the knowledge that while that paid regular price, they received defrosted and not freshly-baked products.

An Angel’s spokesman responding to the report stated that a “small” quantity of bread is baked and sold ahead of Pesach to permit the bakery to maintain an adequate supply to meet the post-Pesach demand.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. So they admit to it. What’s a difference if it’s a small amount or a big amount???

    What does the hechser say to this? Are they allowed to do it as there is no real issur only a chumra (but it should of been publicized for those that are machmir). Or are they not allowed and the hechser should be revoked or penalized……. “Eidah Chareidis” should be releasing a statement ASAP or they will lose their credibility.

  2. It’s done here all the time. I was wondering how they could sell Friday morning noodles in packages with the “after Pessach” label in Boro Park.

  3. What is the official psak of the Eida Chareidis with regard to this “heter mechira”? Either they poskin l’kula or someone fell asleep before eating the afikomen.

  4. hey all you paskunyaks chill zich!! let the hashgocha deal with this. stores sell their chometz! no surprise here. if the bakery didn’t sell its chometz they could NEVER re-open. Think about it.

  5. Why would anyone think that just because it has a Badatz hechsher it complies with their peculiar mishugasen? A Badatz hechsher means it complies with every halachic requirement, and there is not even a chashash issur, but if you have private requirements that are not in any way related to halacha, and you expect a national hechsher to enforce it, you’re off your rocker.

    In any case, even for those who have such a minhag not to sell bread, why would they object to buying bread that someone else sold? Since when is that even a minhag? Chometz she’ovar olov hapesach is a knas, and whoever heard of imposing a knas on someone for not following someone else’s minhag?! Do Belzers impose a knas on anybody who ate carrots on Pesach? Of course not. So why would anyone impose a knas on Angel over this?

  6. The Aida has always held that it is impossible to regulate the sale of “sold” Chametz, and has never been machmir or given their ishur that a product was baked after Pesach. So this story is totally consistent with their long held position.

    I was told that they hold that all the “sold” Chametz makes its way to the shelves later in the year when people are not paying attention, and their is no practical way to stop it.

  7. Something is missing from how this story was reported. Was there a representation of the bread having been from after pesach? If yes, by who? If it was by the hechsher then there may be a complaint about this, if not, not. If it wasn’t even from the bakery then the customers are fools for making the assumption. Meanwhile, everyone commenting here has just tarred and feather all of them.

  8. firstly-i dont think the eida ever said the bread was baked after pesach! people in the store may have, but NOT the eida.
    secondly, eating chomets that was sold in bulk is no problem, loshon hora & motzie shem ra ARE!

  9. The bakeries freeze dough and sell it to goy through a reliable bais din and then buy it back and bake through the night so that customers can have their bread and challaos for Shabbos. This is standard practice. The mechira is approved and done by reliable rabbonim.

  10. #12, why do they need to search anything? What do you think is out of order with the Badatz? Have you got a problem with mechiras chometz? Why shouldn’t they give a hechsher?

    #15, why on earth would it be pas palter? I mean, really; maybe next you’ll suggest that it might be yayin hameshumor or something!