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Agudath Israel Hails US Stance on Durban II

agudah1.jpgAgudath Israel of America’s executive vice president, Rabbi David Zwiebel, applauded President Obama’s decision that the United States not participate in “Durban II” – the so-called World Conference Against Racism taking place in Geneva. His statement is below:

“Like its 2001 predecessor, Durban II is predicated on an agenda of unjustified – indeed, at its root, racist – attack on Israel and her citizens.

“Our nation’s refusal to participate in this sham provided a principled example for other countries, a number of which likewise declined to participate in the gathering. It also, no doubt, played a role in emboldening dozens of diplomats to walk out today when the Iranian President, true to his image, debased the memory of the Holocaust and delivered an anti-Israel tirade.

“Durban II once again proves that a conference “against” racism can in fact be a hotbed of precisely the same. President Obama deserves credit for refusing to be taken in by this latest example of Orwellian Newspeak.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

2 Responses

  1. Thank G-D messiah Obama wasn’t there because based on his track record he would have stayed and listened INTENTLY to the speeches of hate just like he did all those years in the cloist of rev jerry wrong.

  2. #1,
    I don’t care much for Obama. I think he is naive.
    However in this case you owe him an apology.
    He instructed the us envoy to boycott the conference.

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