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Egypt & Jordan to Kill All Pigs Due to Swine Flue

pig.jpgEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak has ordered all pigs to be killed in response to growing concerns of the spread of swine flu. According to the report appearing in the daily Yisrael HaYom, Egyptian officials have ordered eliminating the nation’s 350,000 pigs. A similar step is being taken in Jordan.

While Egypt has not reported any confirmed cases of the illness, health officials believe the illness has already infiltrated into Egypt’s borders. While Muslims do not eat pork products, there is a Christian population in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan that does present a market.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Even though pigs have nothing to do with the disease, which is why officials in the American and Israeli governments object to the name “swine flu”.
    The real reason is the prejudice against Christians in Egypt and Jordan.

  2. #4 your right i was thinking that while i was reading it they should kill the 2 legged ones too, they spread a more dangerous flu then the 4 legged ones.

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