EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Yeshiva Shaarei Torah Closed Due To Swine Flu


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ywbn112.gifFIRST REPORT: YWN has just confirmed that Yeshiva Shaarei Torah [boys & girls divisions] in Flatbush is now the 4th Yeshiva to be closed due to the recent swine flu outbreak. Sources confirm to YWN that there is one case of Swine Flu in one of the schools, and classes have been cancelled until after Shavuos.

The following are the locations of the Shaarei Torah Schools:
Church Avenue & Ocean Parkway (Girls Elementary)
Ocean Avenue & Avenue M (Girls High School)
Coney Island & Ryder Avenue (Boys Elementary)
East 12th Street & Avenue P (Boys High School)

Yeshiva Shaarei Torah was in the news this past Friday, when a grate collapsed – sending 30+ girls to the hospital. [Click HERE for that story]

This school closing follows Mesores Bais YaakovMagen David Yeshiva & Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel.

Please be advised that YWN is aware of a few additional Yeshivos which may be closing due to the Swine Flu outbreak as well. As soon as we have confirmed information, it will be posted.

(Meir Lewittes – YWN)


  1. Further proof that the internet is what’s infecting Klal Yisroel- why the mass hysteria – Daven and Hashem will take care of the rest.

  2. This is serious! Make sure you teach your kids about the extra importance now of hygeine – washing properly with soap and water, watching what goes in to your mouth, and staying away from large groups. Hashem Yerachem!

  3. before everyone starts panicking, please remember that these schools are probably closing AS A PRECAUTION and not because they are being forced to. there is a BIG difference.

  4. Yes, to prevent the spread of H1N1…the schools are closed.

    In order to prevent another cluster of Flu. That is called being responsible.

    I will keep repeating this until people actually get it: keep proper sanitary protocols, wash your hands (with soap), if you feel sick, have a fever of 100 plus, get the shakes, feel generally ill, cdc.gov is helpful (#4 it’s okay to look), please see a doctor, and do not infect the rest of the Yidden and others around you.

    Anyone who is selfish enough to go around in public with symptoms to infect infants and the elderly, I have no words for those people.

    PS Thanks #5 you take this seriously!

    #4 I guess you can count yourself lucky; no pneumonia, diabetes, heart condition, asthma? Enjoy your good health sir. Those who have any of the conditions listed above are at great risk if they happen to contract H1N1.

  5. every year thousands die from flu. only a few swine flu deaths were reported in the world. so why are we panicking. of course we need to pray but come on!?!

  6. It is a very difficult decision to make for any administrator whether or not to close the school. Safety of course comes first. In a way it was easier since Monday is a Memorial day, and Thursday is Erev Yom Tov. It is just sad that it had to happen before Shevues. Refua Shleima to all.

  7. Another Yeshiva in Flatbush has a confirmed case. The Rebbi of the child who has this flu called each of the other parents in the class to inform them that a child in the class has it and that after a detailed discussion with the health department they found no reason to shut down the school. The parents were asked to discuss the various steps (ie washing hands, coughing into a sleeve etc,) with their children and if their child is not feeling well to not send him to school.

    The HEALTH DEPARTMENT determined that there was no risk and no need to shut the school down. Let’s stop the panic and Daven for those children who need our Teffilos (anyone have names for Tehillim?). Let’s also Daven that this does not spread but let’s also try to keep our children in Yeshiva so the sweet voices of Torah can continue to shower Zchusim onto our world.

  8. This has gotten entirely out of hand. The CDC does not recommend, let alone require, closing a school when there is only a single or even few cases of the H1N1. This is panic or worse just being irresponsible. If schools are being closed as someone said as a precaution, then the administrators should look for jobs in different areas because this does NOTHING to prevent or even slow down the virus. Are any of our shuls closing for Shavuos? H1N1 can be spread there just as easily. Amazing how the schools have all decided to close until just after Shavous? Not amazing really, this is just some people’s idea of doing “something” while having a minimal impact on the school calendar. Get real people, the regular flu kills tens of thousands EVERY year in america and schools don’t get closed. Panic is a very scary thing. We should expect better from our yeshivas.

  9. Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisroel
    Hashem has many doors in His palace with locks on them. But there is a master key which can open all the locks. That is a broken heart. When one sincerely breaks his heart before Hashem, ones t’filos can enter through all the gates and into all the rooms. Remember a sincere t’filah can reach the Kisay HaKavod of Hashem. Let’s all daven harder and understand our tifilos to Hashem. We should spend more time on our t’filos, and b’zecus this may Hashem help us all during these times and all times.Amen!!!

  10. Those with kids in schools that are closing make sure not to purchase airline tickets or make summer plans yet. You will be in for a probable surprise when you find our school must be open a few more days then you expected. I know a frum lady working in a PS that closed and that school was already told they will need to make up the days to get to the required amount of school days.

    The only thing protecting our schools with this will be if they did not use their allotted “snow days”. if they did they will need to make up the days from this week. The decision to close now was theirs not the cities so they are certainly responsible to make sure to have the right number of days.

  11. 1. private schools, which include yeshivos, are not bound by the 180 day calendar that public schools are.
    2. i’m no rav, but i guess that the rabbonim that closed the various yeshivos did so because of sofek pikuach nefesh, and safek pekuach nefesh is ‘docheh’ shabbos.

  12. #17 – you are incorrect. Yeshivos are 100% bound by the 180 day in order to receive certain funding. If they are part of those programs that require the 180 days they will need to show 180 (its really 176 plus 4).

    Of course it is Docheh Shabbos as you say but our Gov’t does not observe Shabbos so they want the 180. All it will mean is that it is “possible” the schools will have to remain open a few extra days more then they planned

  13. #17 check that again; depends on the school and also depends on their accreditations. My daughters went to a “Middle States” school.

    In the case of a communicable illness; it is better to be safe than sorry. One of my siblings came down with a communicable illness during college and was sent home along with most of her dorm floor during exit exams; it was a hardship but it had to be that way. She wound up okay B’H, but one of her dorm-mates did not. 🙁

    #16, during the time of recession, how many can afford airline tickets and summer plans?

    A few more days in school, wow, how sad, children learning, oy vey, what a shonda. (yes, I am being sarcastic!)

    Children should learn something new every day; Whether it is baking with Mommy, lerning how vinegar and baking soda make a volcano, or how many carrot sticks fit into 2 inches of snack bag space, learning with Tatty how to fix the door knob (and of course, LEARNING with Tatty).

    I remember having a 220 day school year #16, (don’t faint now).

    Please HaShem protect our children from all the plagues (especially kinnim).