YWN Re-launches Ride-Sharing


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YW.jpg(REPOSTED AS TOP STORY) With summer here, tens of thousands of folks are once again commuting to and from the Catskills each week – and the travel expenses can slap on $100s of to your (already staggering) summer expenses!

Last summer, YWN launched a ride-sharing website in partnership with “Help-A-Yid”. Boruch Hashem, we are proud to report that the amount of rides shared since its inception has far exceeded our expectations with more than four thousand people that have found rides and over 100,000 searches were requested for rides in the first three weeks!

Since its launch, the site features have changed a bit (thanks to user input & feedback), and it is now much easier to find a ride, and offer a ride. If you are able to, please do a Mitzvah, and offer a ride to those who can’t afford to drive, or don’t know how to drive etc. Rides can only be matched if there are Baalei Chesed who offer rides!

Please note, that although this service is doing wonders by helping people get to & from the Catskills this summer, there has also been a large increase in site-traffic for rides at other areas. The goal of this new feature is to provide rides all year long, in all neighborhoods.

The link can be found on the YWN homepage, on the left side under the “Community” button, or by clicking HERE.

Please make sure to email this info to your friends and family – so that they too may possibly use this wonderful free service. Please note, that this service will be available all year long.

Any info regarding this feature, should use the contact button on the Ride-Share web-page, and not the YWN contact info.

This service is l’ilu nishmas Gittel Bas R’ Yosef Mordechai.

(YWN Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It is a great mitzvah but maybe you should suggest that the people getting the ride should offer some payment to the driver who is after all paying 100’s of dollars for these trips? Especially if the driver goes out of his way to take someone to, or closer to their destination. Of course many drivers will say they don’t want payment but possibly the rider should “insist” on paying something. It doesn’t diminish the schar of the mitzvah and the rider doesn’t feel like he is getting a “free ride”. Only a suggestion.

  2. 2 suggestions:
    1. if some people go regularly / not to various camps on shabbosim, would they volunteer to take ‘camp packages’ (no bigger than a manilla envelope, no heavier that 3 pounds) to campers? it really brightens kids shabbosim when they get a ‘package’
    2. if there can be a visiting day swap (ie. i have two kids in boys/ girls camps in the mountains. if u are picking up from camp a & going to camp b & i am doing the reverse, i can take ur kid if yoiu pick up mine.

    KEEP IT UP !!!