NY Unemployment Rate Reaches 8.7 Percent


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unem1.jpgMore than 850,000 New Yorkers were unemployed in June, pushing the state’s jobless rate to 8.7 percent from 8.2 in May. State labor officials say that’s the highest level since October 1992.

In New York City, the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate reached 9.3 percent in June, up from 8.7 in May and well above the 5.1 percent recorded in June 2008.

Outside New York City, Steuben County again had the highest rate at 10.3 percent. The lowest rate — 6.1 percent — was in Hamilton County.

The labor department’s Peter Neenan says that despite the continued deterioration of labor market conditions, New York lost jobs at a slower pace than the nation as a whole.

This news comes on the heels of a US Labor Department report showing that new unemployment claims dropped in June by a seasonally adjusted 47,000 to 522,000, the lowest level since early January.

(Source: CBS2 HD)


  1. That’s lower than the rest of the country (either that or New York had more people working off the books, who are now unemployed off the books)

  2. 1, your opening comment is probably right on the money!

    So NY, how is your hope and change going for you???? Enjoy that 60% tax rate!!

  3. The windfall of Bush/Cheny’s theft by election. Not that Obama is turning into a day at the beach either, nor would McCain be the genius we need. Heaven help us!