Chareidim Want Action – Over 70 Jerusalem Stores Operate on Shabbos


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charedi1.jpgThe honeymoon between the chareidi community and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat seems to have been short-lived, with askanim calling on City Hall to enforce the law, pointing out at least 70 stores are operating in the Holy City on Shabbos, and this is simply intolerable.

City hall contacted the owner of the new 24/7 store that led to last week’s controversy, and the owner reportedly agreed to close shabbos after inspectors pointed out he lacks an operating license and the city would use all legal means at its disposal to enforce the law. City officials quickly informed chareidi councilmen that the store would not open on shabbos, but this was not the case. He did open, apparently realizing it is worth paying the fines while enjoying the revenue generated by the chilul shabbos.

Gidi Schmerling, a spokesman for Jerusalem City Hall released a statement that the “religious status quo” must be maintained. “The law prohibits opening on shabbos. Jerusalem City Hall intends to enforce the law. It should also be pointed out that this store is operating illegally, without a business license”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Are you sure worrying about the stores is really what people are worrying about these days?????

    Issues pertaining to the state seizing frum children, mass defamation and incitement against
    hareidim, etc., are what is getting riotted over.

  2. there is a big difference between arab riots and these arab riots the rioters are fully armed whereas the police not so much second throwing rocks and burning tires only bothers you if you passing in your car in meah shearim on shabbos which anyone even if there totaly not religous knows not to do so it only bothers you if your not a neturah karta and you live in meah shearim if so the only thing i can tell you is b’hatzlacha

  3. It’s absurd to say there’s no connection between these stores being open and the riots.

    They all flow from the same problem: total betrayal by Barakat of any compromise or willingness to work with religious needs. He attacked religion tooth and nail in every corner, and no, nobody has a whit of faith in the man.

    He’s a terrible leader. He does not know how to govern; he thinks you just dictate and bang people over the head and do what you want.

    That’s quite wrong. He should be fired, and soon. He’s splitting the city.