LIVE WEBCAST: Levaya of Hagon Rav Zelig Epstein ZATZAL; Rosh Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah


candle9.gif[WEBCAST LINK & PHONE HOOKUP BELOW] YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of Hagon Rav Zelig Epstein ZATZAL, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah (Grodna) located in Queens NY.

The Rosh Yeshiva – who was in his upper nineties – had been hospitalized for the past few months, and his condition had slowly deteriorated. He was Niftar at approximately 3:30AM.

He studied in the Mir and taught in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas prior to becoming Rosh Yeshiva at Shaar HaTorah, where he taught thousands of Bnei Torah over the decades.

Although the Rosh Yeshiva had maintained a relatively low profile – for example, he had not joined the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, despite numerous invitations – he was widely known for his brilliance and wise advice.

The Levaya will be held this (Monday) afternoon in Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah in Queens at 2:30PM EST [117th Street & 84th Avenue], and on Tuesday in Eretz Yisroel at the Mirrer Yeshiva at 3:00PM.

WEBCAST LINK & PHONE HOOKUP NUMBER: Click HERE to watch the Levaya live on the Internet. To call the live phone hook-up, dial (712) 432-1000, Access number: 413149874.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…


  1. My family was fortunate enough to have several generations know Rav Epstein zatzal.
    He was my father’s Rebbe many years ago in Torah Vodaas, I saw him when I was a camper in Camp Ohr Shraga, and just recently my son went to Ohr Shraga and spent summers with him too.
    He was a renowned talmud chachom, and my father took us to visit him on several times on Shabbos.
    Boruch dayan emes.

  2. Could someone please provide some general directions (subway and bus) to the Yeshiva? (From Brooklyn , NY, etc.) Which trains service the area?

  3. The E and the F go to Kew Gardens.
    The stop to get out at is Union Turnpike.
    The closer you are to the front of the train the better.
    You can then take the Q10 to Lefferts and 84th Avenue.
    117th Street is 2 blocks to the right of Lefferts.

  4. Gadol Hador that understood the times in a Torahdik, modern way and able to relate it to his American talmidim. There was a reason he shunned being involved in Moetzes HaGedolim and we thank him for it.

  5. It wold be greatly appreciated if, when YW posts the petirah of gedolim, or other instances of tragic deaths, that they post the full Hebrew names of the niftar (nifteres) and their father’s Hebrew name. It would allow people to learn, daven, etc. l’iluy nishmasam right away and subsequently…. Thank you!

  6. He was my father’s z”l rebbe in Torah Vodaas as well. He had already left TV by the time I got there and my father always lamented my not having had the opportunity to learn in his shiur.

    I only had the zchus to once hear him give a Shabbos Hagadol shiur in Flatbush.

    Zecher Tzadik L’vracha.

  7. The J/Z train stops at Jamaica Avenue walk to Lefferts Blvd (equivalent of 119th street walk three blocks (passing hillside, 85th and)
    turn left on 84th two blocks down

  8. From the NYS thruway take cross county east to Hutchinson south (towards Whitestone Bridge) Take whitestone bridge, whitestone expressway to van wyck south, exit Hillside Jamaica, right at the light, stay on hillside ave until 118th street make a right, left at 84th ave is yeshiva, (street will be closed park on hillside and walk)

  9. Thank you bittul torah for “R’ Aharon Zelig ben R’ Myrem”… Never heard of a name “R’ Myrem”…. are you sure it’s correct?

  10. I learned in Shaar HaTorah for 2 years in the late 1980’s, and I’ve been reflecting on the Zchus I had to be in close proximity of this Gadol Hador. On 3 occasions, I spoke to him in learning for an hour (it was by appointment – the Mashgiach encouraged us to do this). I am proud that the Rosh Yeshiva was Maskim with my analysis two times out of three (it was, of course, painful at the time when he did not agree with me). When I was engaged, the Rosh Yeshiva and, tbl”c, his Rebbetzin, received me and my Kallah in their home for an hour. Finally, the Rosh Yeshiva was my Mesader Kedushin, although I was no longer learning in his Yeshiva at the time.

    #24 – Rav Shalom Spitz was the Kohein who was Maspid after Rav Kalman Epstein.

    #26 – As discussed above, I learned in Shaar HaTorah in the late 1980’s, and heard the Rosh Yeshiva being called to the Torah on many occasions. His father’s name was indeed “Myrem,” although I am not otherwise familiar with that name.

    #28 – Kol Halashon has the audio of a number of recent Levayos, so I assume that they will have Rav Epstein’s Levaya as well.

  11. Myrem is correct it is also ר’ קלמן’s middle name.

    The כהן who was the second מספיד was R. שלום Spitz

    and the מספיד after R. יעקב Bergman was R. פייבל Shustal.

  12. I recently left Sha’ar Hatorah, and was zoche to see R’Zelig numerous times give shiur, learn…
    Yes his name is R’ Aharon Zelig ben R’ Meyrem Halevi.
    The speaker who was a kohen is the Rosh Yeshiva R’ Sholom Spitz. He started the Yeshiva with R’ Kalman and R’ Zelig.
    Most of all R’ Zelig was a mentch who understood the outside world, was highly educated in sciences ect, and was able to relate to anybody from balei battim to “an American Bochur. He was able to answer questions on anything in life and Torah. He kept a very low profile, he never thought of himself as anything, but he was a brilliant manhig for those that were zoche to meet him. He gave his last shiur in sefer hamitzvos this past year before he became very sick towards the end of the winter zman. He used to walk in smiling always looking pale, but when he started talking he would “light-up” and looked many years younger. This past Chanuka by the yeshiva’s mesiba, he spoke about his experiences during the war and the Hashgacha Pratis that was involved. He never spoke about himself and it was a truly unique speech. He never wore a frock, but rather a suit and hat. A true onov. Heyi Zichroh Baruch

  13. Order of speakers for those who asked:

    1) R’ Kalman Epstein
    2) R’ Sholom Spitz (a Kohen, speaking from outside)
    3) R’ Yankel Bergman
    4) R’ S.F. Schustal
    5) R’ Chaim Ozer Gorelick
    6) R’ Wulliger
    7) R’ Shmuel Ismach (R’ Kalman’s son-in-law)
    8) R’ Shimon Epstein (R’ Kalman’s son)
    9) Another grandson (Morduchowitz)

    The correct name is R’ Aharon Zelig ben R’ Myrem.

    Myrem is a “kinui” I believe for Meir.