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JCC of Marine Park Hosts Informative Seminar on Special Education

jccmp.jpgMarine Park, Brooklyn – August 27, 2009:  On Wednesday Evening, August 26th, people from all over New York City traveled to Khilah Marine Park, located at 3605 Quentin Road, to attend a unique seminar on Special Education and how to effectively advocate for your child.

Special Education is an issue that is rarely addressed in the orthodox community. Many parents are aware that their child may need some remedial services and may have a problem, but don’t know how to obtain these services. Other parents are dismissive of their children’s potential issues and don’t seek to obtain any help until they are forced to do so. There are rarely any open forums where parents or caregivers can ask questions or receive information on how to assist their children.

With that in mind, the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park, working with renowned educator Mrs. Sharon Dobkin arranged a forum designed to specifically address the needs of parents with any questions about the process of receiving special education assistance and remedial services and how to work with the NYC Department of Education to make sure that these services are obtained.

Mrs. Sharon Dobkin, the director of Special Education services at the Yeshiva of Brooklyn, prepared a 40-page manual that contained a variety of extremely informative and useful information regarding the proper way to work with the NYC DOE and the forms needed to request evaluations and services. Mrs. Dobkin spent hours going over the manual and explaining the process of obtaining services and answering many different questions from parents about the needs of their children and how to properly address them.

Although many people were upstate for the summer or had other obligations, there was a very nice attendance at this seminar. To accommodate those who were unable to attend, the JCCMP is coordinating a repeat of this seminar to take place in the fall. If anyone would like more information about this seminar or has any questions or comments, please email the JCCMP at [email protected].

The Jewish Community Council of Marine Park (JCCMP) was created to organize people, resources and capital for the collective empowerment of the Marine Park community and in order to promote the living standard and overall welfare of the Marine Park Community and the Jewish Community as a whole.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Yasher Koach to Jeff Leb and Shea Rubenstein for setting this up. I was there on Wednesday night, and as much information as I relayed to my wife, I am happy that the JCCMP will be doing this again so my wife can attend. I can’t thank you enough. Mrs. Dobkin was incredible. The amount of information that she was able to relay was priceless. Thanks !

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