UPDATE – Palisades Parkway Police Prevents Hatzolah From Treating MVA Patients


nsb.jpg[UPDATE IN EXTENDED STORY] (10:40PM EST MONDAY) A Hatzolah Ambulance was detained for over an hour, and another member ticketed for responding to an emergency call on the Palisades Parkway (PIP) this evening, YWN has learned.

Sources tell YWN, that Hatzolah received a call for a vehicle involved in an MVA with multiple patients on the PIP, and dispatched units direct, as well as an ambulance from New Square Hatzolah.

Upon arriving at the scene, the member responding in his private vehicle was issued at least two tickets by a PIP Police Officer, and was not allowed to treat the patients, and the arriving ambulance was not allowed to transport any of the patients as well. Additionally, the ambulance was detained for well over an hour.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident involving the PIP Police Department. In fact, they have a reputation of many altercations with Hatzolah in the past.

The situation became so bad approximately five years ago, that Kiryas Joel Hatzolah stopped using the PIP to transport patients to NYC. Instead they take a longer route using NJ Route 17.

Four patients were transported by EMS to Nyack Hospital in stable condition from tonight’s accident.

UPDATE 12:50AM EST TUESDAY: In regards to the comments written by YWN bloggers stating that Hatzolah is not licensed to operate in the state of New Jersey, YWN is exclusively publishing the following letter – which speaks for itself:THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN ON MARCH 19, 1996 BY THE DIRECTOR OF STATE OF NEW JERSEY, DEPARTMENT OF LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY (DIVISON OF HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY):

In another matter that is of priority concern, especially in the northeast part of the state (NJ), is the Chevra Hatzalah. It is a volunteer ambulance association run by the Hasidic Jewish community out of New York. They are a voluntary group who provide ambulance service at no charge to the Jewish community. They do travel a great deal through the northeast part of the state in going to and from the southern counties of New York State. There is also a very active group in the Lakewood community. They are fully trained and licensed by the State of New York as EMT’s which is recognized by our EMS system here in New Jersey. The problems that have arisen is that on occasion our various public safety officials have failed to recognize them as a qualified ambulance group. Their responses in New Jersey is on request by a member of the Jewish community who desire an ambulance corporation who share their religious beliefs. In addition, when they come upon an auto crash and want to assist they have been denied the opportunity to do so. I mention this particular group so you might pass it on to your public safety people advising them that they are legal, fully qualified, and licensed to provide first aid and transport. They in no way intend to interfere with any local rescue squad. All they want to do is provide assistance with public safety being uppermost.

If you have any questions about either matter, feel free to contact my office or staff for assistance at any time. Thank you for your time and past support.


Colonel Peter J. O’Hagan

NOTE: Actual letter can be viewed HERE.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN-112 / YWN-782)


  1. The knuckleheads once detained a high ranking NYPD official as well when he arrived at the scene of an altercation with his daughter.

    These idiots know no discretion.

    Officially Hatzolah notifies their base when an ambulance or Hatzolah have to pass by.

    Not sure what happened this time.

    I would suggest Hatzolah put all their political weight to solve this once and forever. I’m sure they’ll have at least tacit approval from the locals who hate the buffoon squad as well.

  2. So what will it take to straighten things out here?

    1. A 66th Preceint type of rally in front of the Bear Cave of fault?

    2. Someone nebach being niftar followed by a major lawsuit???

    Something needs to be done. At the very least they could ticket the guy but LET HIM TREATS THE INJURED!!

  3. Shame shame shame on the PLP Police department, we should all send in complaints to them to protest theyr horrific action of preventing volunteers to help the injured.

  4. This was in NJ part of the Palisades. Hatzolah is a New York certified agency and may not respond to the NJ Palisades. If we follow the law we won’t have problems. Why do we think were above the law.

  5. More details please. What were the tickets issued for? Is it legal or not for Hatzalah to be on the PIP? Or is it a grey area, and up to the officer’s discretion? I do remember these stories in the past; it would be nice to know the full story.

  6. Hatzolah does a great thing and all, but they are not licensed in NJ and legally they are only allowed to treat patients if they are passing by a scene and then they are legally responsible to. Is the response time really quicker than local EMS?! And what are the dispatchers thinking by dispatching units direct to another state on the Palisades (when there is a history) when on any highway it shouldn’t be done?! I don’t see this any other way than a huge Chilul Hashem… This is not in any way to condone what the Parkway Police did was correct, holding up patient care is pretty serious and frankly not very professional.

  7. i called up the parkway police asking what was going on thy said it is a mistake nothing was going on i told them i saw it on the international Jewish website and i wane update it with both sides of the story he got stuck sorry i was not here when it happened i believe it must be a mistake call back tomorrow

  8. As one with huge respect for police agencies everywhere I find this story if reported correctly very disturbing. Since the PIP are a two state agency the dealing with this problem must be addressed at the highest governmental levels. Both Governor Jon Corzine and Governor David Paterson must intervine to make sure this type of problem never happens again. I don’t know what the issues with Hatzolah are with the PIP but this must stop ASAP!!

  9. Notice to all you “protecting the law” sweethearts:

    If this would be a Hatzalah emergency call to save the life of YOUR own child or YOUR own parent – what would be your opinion then?!

    Lo saamod al Dam Reyach! It’s Chodesh Elul too. Think about it…..

  10. If this is true, the police should be indicted for causing injury to the patients by interfering and preventing the medical team from treating the injured parties. Definitely criminal.

  11. I am assuming that the detained EMT and ambulance were each the first with their respective capabilities to arrive on the scene?

    Does the obligation of a trained professional to not pass by a problem they see or otherwise become aware of require the volunteer to try to help the victim?

    Were there any other ambulance calls that came in that the detained ambulance could not get to because of its being detained?

  12. Hatzolah is Certified in NY State but note that NJ does NOT have similar regulations. It is fully legal for Hatzolah to respond in NJ. However, the Palisades Police put a restraining order on Hatzolah (as far as I know, the only place in NJ to do so). So, the Hatzolah Dispatcher notifies PIP whenever there is a response on the Parkway (part of an agreement with PIP PD).
    As for timing, there are times that Hatzolah has been on scene and transported before the local corps were able to respond (despite multiple notifications to the local dispatcher).

  13. #18 I’m sure you meant to say that the Torah law is that we can save a life regardless of issurim involved as opposed to being above the mitzvos. We aren’t above the mitzvos ch”v.
    And I would suppose going against the law would usually not save lives in the long run because if Hatzalah gets into trouble then they will have difficulty saving lives when the law allows it which I can imagine is in the majority of cases. I’m not condoning the officers actions in any way, just wonderingwhat the dispatcher’s reasoning would be.

  14. I remember I once went on a date w/ a guy on hatzolah and he basically told me the same thing.. the PIP have something against hatzolah for some reason and refuse to allow them to treat any patients, even if their unit will take longer to respond and the patient may ch”v pass away or be seriously injured because of the lack of response. I normally defend the police, but in this situation, because I have heard this kind of situation way to many times with the palisades police, I really have nothing good to say about them.
    Like #19 said, just think if this was YOUR child. Nothing should come before saving a life.

  15. It isnt legal for an NYS certified ambulance to operate in NJ. This problem, of NY Hatzolah’s responding to calls on the Palisades is an old one. #1. An NYS ambulance CAN NOT respond to a call in NJ. They may pass thru on the way to a hospital, but they CAN NOT respond in NJ. #2. It would take at least 20+ minutes for an ambulance from Monsey to make it to exit 3, some how i doubt the local response time is that bad. #3. There are several NJ Hatzolah’s nearby (Passaic, Elizabeth, North Jersey,) why not just call someone who is allowed to respond. #4. Do people think calling up a Police Department to complain is going to get them to stop pulling over ambulances? If you speed you will get pulled over, its not that the police are Anti-Semetic, their just doing what they have to do to keep the roads safe. I dont speed and I dont get pulled over, its that simple. Run lights and sirens with a NY permit thru a NJ town, and chances are you will get pulled over!

  16. maybe there can be a respectfull email/phone call blitz to officials both elected & police. i’m it will make a difference if their phone lines are flooded nonstop. Maybe once & for all this will be taken care of & hatzolah could do their job.
    I’m not saying the locals aren’t good, but quite often hatzola will have medics or dr’s when locals wont & if necessary can do a transport to a better hospital.
    If there is a law, then it could be changed just like everything else. if we just had some achdus & 1 official liason to tell us what, where, when.
    Of course all with respect & b’kidush hashem.
    May we see the comming of Moshiach , through us being nosay oil b’chavayroi

  17. so some of u get the picture with a bit more details NYS EMT’s Are allowed to operate in NJ and as far for the summons the first responder that arrived to the scn. was issued a parking ticket (believe it or not) for parking his vehicle on the grass and a speeding summons. now as far as NS Ambulance they where held up at the scn. for over a hour with all 3 members drivers lic. taken and this is a ongoing issue where PIP cops act like animals and always look where they could arrest Jewish people and when they do arrest someone they treat that person like the biggest criminal, I would like to see the Federal Government get involved in this and do a investigation on the PIP Police once and for all as this is a Interstate issue now.

  18. Call or fax oe email to them your complaints to:
    Ask to speak to Police Chief John Parr or the Superintendent James Hall.

    Palisades Interstate Park • NJ Section
    P.O. Box 155 • Alpine, New Jersey 07620
    201 768-1360 (voice)
    201 767-3842 (fax)
    [email protected]

  19. Just got off the phone with the New Jersey Attorney General’s office and spoke to an investigator Detective and he provided me this information.
    Send a letter addressed to the Attorney General in regards to the Palisades Police Department to:
    NJ Division of Criminal Justice
    25 West Market Street
    PO Box 85
    Trenton, NJ 08625

    He assured me that these matters are dealt with.
    RABOISAI; Im lo achshov Eimosai??? Let’s all send in letters, where there is smoke there is fire, the wheel that squeeks the most gets greased!
    Let’s stop this Gestabo Police once and for all!!

  20. I was considering joinging in and complaining, but if #26/27 calls them Gestapo and that’s quite wrong, then i don’t believe the rest of it either.

  21. to #25
    First, the local response IS that bad, a hatzolah unit WILL get there before the palisades ambulance. Second, as far as I’m aware, they will not even let hatzolah units pass through on the palisades at all, whether or not they’re responding to a call or just transporting (for transport, I believe they will eventually give permission, but it’s so complicated to get it bthat in most situations, they will just bypass the palisades alltogether).

  22. Antisemitism. This would never happen if even another town respoded to a call sitting on the border. There usually is comradery among such emergency workers.

  23. I saw the summonses.
    One was for blocking the flow of traffic & the other for going off the paved road – kind of a “steera”.

    This is not the first time.
    The Chaya had a tremendous attitude, and would not allow the Hatzoloh members to even respond. Just a bunch of yelling.

  24. The simple minded solution is for Hatolah NY to become licensed in NJ as a BLS provider, Or operate under the license of an existing NJ licensed Hatzolah. I dont know why H NY doesnt reach out to TVAC or Passaic Hatzolah in these cases.

  25. One thing confuses me. If this happened in NJ and was not the jurisdiction of a NY EMS Service, then why were the patients transferred in a completely opposite direction to Nyack in NY. Aren’t there local Hospitals in Englewood etc?
    Am I missing something? We can’t treat the patients at the scene, but we have to take them into NY Hospitals?

  26. i think its about time that elected officials put political intrests aside and do something for the people that elected them and we dont need to wait for some one to die and than evrey body will wake up

  27. Actual facts:
    An emt of the local ems squad was the first to throw the hatzalah emt off the scene with attitude.

    Then it was the police officer that yelled at the hatzalah emt as he was leaving the scene that he wasn’t authorized and didn’t belong there.

    All members acted in a professional manner at all times including pulling off the road properly.

    The holdup was only a half hour.

    YES, all proper protocols (including phone calls) were followed and there never should have been any issues.

  28. I Past Yesterday and saw it didn’t look like the police is looking on legal and safety issues they were looking on jewish issues, its a shame that this can happen in the todays days in america

  29. Yes, it is illegal to respond in NJ for NY Hatzoloh. However, there have been porblems between Hatzoloh and PIP even on the NY side of the Highway. One must keep in mind that the NYC dispetchers cannot dispatch Monsey Hatzolah, rather they call Monsey base and request for assistance. NYC base can send units from Washington Hights or anyone who is on PIP. Its about time all the Machers in Hatzolah start making calls. Just as PIP is allowed to serve both states, there should be some agreement for Hatzoloh to respond in both states. Or simply have Hatzoloh in Teanek which is closer to NJ side then Monsey, or you can have a bus near the Yeshivah in Engelwood.

  30. It’s hightime that the PIP PD is put to bed. Do some research, they were almost shut down by the STATE OF NEW JERSEY.

    They are nothing but trouble.

  31. Want to get a good laugh? The entire PIP police is only TWENTY FIVE people (fact)!

    Just amazing that 25 people can make so much trouble.

    Think about it. The NYPD has more than 40,000 cops on the force, and Hatzolah does tens of thousands of calls each year, and there is maybe 3 incidents each year.

    Utterly disgusting!


  32. Did anayone care to read the statement written above??????????

    Obviously not!!

    “I mention this particular group so you might pass it on to your public safety people advising them that they are legal, fully qualified, and licensed to provide first aid and transport. They in no way intend to interfere with any local rescue squad. All they want to do is provide assistance with public safety being uppermost.”

    I say this officer gets arrested for preventing medical care to an injured person involved in a motor vehicle crash.


    Arrested. Thrown off the force.

    Someone get his name and shield number forthwith and post it.

  33. It’s a Shame for the PLP Police department, Let’s all send in complaints to them to protest
    This would never happen if even another town respoded to a call sitting on the border
    when it involves saving a life.

    Send your protest addressed to:
    Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department
    Chief of Police
    John J Parr
    PO Box 155
    Alpine, New Jersey 07620
    Tel: 201-768-6001
    Fax: 201-767-6501








  37. New Jersey’s image will remain tarnished untill it removes those criminals from positions of power. Time will tell whether NJ’s elected officials will step up to the plate and stop this outrage once and for all.

  38. a similar thing happened in lakewood a hatzalah member was given a summons by the police when he he came to treat a victim at an mva and no one does a thing about it. it happends often in lakewood.

  39. This is unbelievable, I have seen the same in the past. For some reason the PIP police department are full with anti-Semites and they keep on showing their true colors at every occasion. At the time I witnessed the story, the officer on the seen was yelling “you people think you can do whatever you want”. Similar to this incident, they did not let the ambulance transport a patient hurt in an MVA. I hope that this incident will lead to some concerned people to lead a fight against those wannabee cops.

  40. Permit?!!
    That’s your question??!

    Jews drive on shabbos to save a life, and your questioning if we need a permit now?

    Do you realize that due to their reckless acts, these cops have stopped ambulances from treating patients of serious car accidents?!!

    And for what reason?

    NO VALID REASON other then the fact that the entire PIP PD (all 18 losers who couldnt get a better job) are power-hungry anti-semites!

  41. Surprised KJ Hatzulah hasnt organized a protest yet.
    Let em bus in 5 thousand chassidim to the PIP for a few hours…..

    Or, have a few thousand cars stop traffic. What will they do? Write 4 thousand tickets? Arrest 4 thousand people?

    What WILL happen is that there will be massive media coverage, the Governor will get involved, and this problem will go away reeeeeeal fast.

    Enough wasting time.
    Time to get moving on this FAST!

  42. NEWSFLASH: I was just on the phone with a leading askan from our community…. The big wigs are on this case…. These cops are in for somne seeeeeeerious trouble.

  43. I wonder why Hatzolah get along so well with the NYSP on the very same highway.

    Not only that, but they cover a heck of alot more then the lousy ten miles that the PIP covers.

    Like someone else said: 18 cops, 10 miles, and there are allegations against these thugs every day.

    They need to, and must be stopped.

  44. There is such a thing as a “Good Samaritan Law” where anybody knowledgeable in first aid can administer first aid in an Emergency. Here, this is strictly a case of an officer with self low esteem peppered with some anti semitism pushing the weight of a badge around to show who’s boss. it happens everywhere, in the NYPD, Dept of Bldgs, FDNY, Security guards. it has nothing to do with a particular Agency it’s the agent.

  45. I would like to see one of the PIP cops choking on a doughnut while an EMT is driving past him on the road. The entire Alpine area is filled with corruption with the cops and judges are working in collusion. Just ask anyone who has ever been pulled over.

  46. One thing is very interesting to me…

    Let it be known, that they have a Sergent in the PIP which is a “fire-buff” and uses an unmarked police car, and sometimes his very own private car equipt with lights and sirens to run to scenes and capture photos for the media.

    Tell me that’s not abusing his power……

    Want some more? He just happens to be the  “Internal Affairs Officer” at the PIP Police Dept…. talk about the “cat watching the milk”…..

    So this officer can run around for a hobby, but a violunteer running to save a life gets detained, harrassed, called names, and issued summonses?!

    More inside info about the corruption at the PIP PD to follow.

    From a member of a law enforcement agency.


  48. didn’t the Rockafeller family donate the PIP for the public to use out of GOOD WILL?

    Why aren’t the PIP showing some good will for a Hatzoloh who are only trying to help other people out of GOOD WILL?

  49. #74, firebuff is an understatement. This creep works for the BNN (Breaking News Network) based in NJ (just one mile off the PIP).

    He probably heaqrs sensitive info over the radio and gives it right over to the BNN crew.

    I’ll share a little secret with everyone. This sergent was fuming mad last night upon learning that this incident was paged out to thousands of people over the BNN system. They include members of law enforcement, media etc…

    He was fuming.

  50. I would like more details about exactly what happened.(Where and when did it occur and who was involved). I want to report this to the Governor. This is totally unacceptable.

    The letter that was mentioned is 13 years old. I think an update is needed.Even without this directive, this should not happen.

  51. Does anyone know know if he is the same Sgt who was involved in stealing 2-way-radios in Paramus, NJ?
    I heard that there was a hush-hush deal made if the culprit returned everything….

    Hatzolah tries to save a life and THEY get punished.

    We want justice.

  52. WOW!
    The cat is out of the hat now baby.
    I also heard about the two way radio incident. I also heard the culprit was supposed to work for the prosecutors office, and got dumped over this theft.

    Wonder why he wasn’t tossed off the job.

  53. when I’ve gone drinking with this person, he’s always hostile towards Jews.
    Can’t say anymore then that, we sort-of work together. I’ll just add that he gets away with all types of things. Bullies the force around. Heaven help should he ever move up an inch in rank. He needs to be demoted, not promoted.

  54. Noone laugh, but here is a brainstormh call Al Shaptron. I’ll bet that he’ll jump on the wagon, and probably will find 30 dozen cases of police brutality against African Americans. I’m very serious abot this!!!! Anyone have any clue how to reach out to him? Post the info here right now!

  55. well i am hanging with a lot of the PIP police officers in a bar for quite a while now they are constantly cursing out all the Jews and specially the HATZULAH organizations 2 of them pulled their guns on me just to show off flashing their badges to scare people all the time they all say it’s their biggest joy to pull over a Jewish guy we have to make sure they are of the roads.

  56. This PD is a waste of Taxpayer money they patrol 10 miles of the PIP there is no other PD for just a 10 mile strech of road, now is the time to call the NJ Gov office and all NJ politicians to close down the PIP PD and transfer their patrol to the NJSP or the Bergen County PD

  57. This pip police are a bunch of animals if this stories is true something serious has to be taken this no joke that a little police department should terrorize such a big organization like hatzalo they saves thousands of lives a year its no joke they look to me like they are a bounch of anti semits I’m willing to help what ever I can do I’m ready to go to that highway slowdown ywn please keep us updated Thanks

  58. It’s a shame that we can’t realize we are in golus. Everybody is screaming Antisemitism. We should do this and we should do that. How about we should stop making a Chillul Hashem and do Teshuva? I didn’t understand this whole situation the way it was being reported acc. to YWN especially after they printed that letter. It didn’t make sense to me that a whole PD, not just a few were Antisemitic. After #41 comments’, I understand now what the cops were doing. In NJ the way it works (not like NY) each area has a primary First Aid squad or EMS responder. It is their territory, no one else’s. It’s totally up to them if they want to call for help or mutual aid-they don’t have to. So what happened here was someone on the scene called Hatzolah and they responded legally (See letter). But since it isn’t their primary response area, (even if one of the NJ Hatzolahs would have responded), the EMT whose primary response area it is, decided to utilize his legal right to remove all other responders. Like I said before -if you don’t like their law, try to change it, but you aren’t allowed to break it.

  59. This is no joke if this story is true then I think its the time to change all this politicians I didn’t know that in this days there can still happen such a story like this SHAME ON u guys

  60. we know what the problem is with going on the grass hatzolo killed a couple of bugs on the grass and in the state of nj its forbidden but if you are humen and a ambulance needs to help you the bugs have more value

  61. I second #98.
    My dear friends, about 2000 years ago we were sent into Golus. Part of that gezeirah was that we don’t always get treated the way we’d like to be treated. Yes we live in a Malchus She’ll Chessed and conditions for us are a lot better than any of our previous Goluyos but I don’t think its reasonable to expect that anti semitism should not exist at all. We should be glad that this is the form of golus that Hashem in his wisdom decided we can handle. I don’t think its neither right nor wise to start protests over an issue like this. How do you think the average non-jew would view a slowdown? As a Kiddush Hashem that Jews care about their own or rather as a Chilul Hashem that the Jews expect to get their way. Somehow I suspect the latter. Where are all the people who in recent months were screaming about the Chilul Hashem in Yerushalayim. Do you think the world will really look at this different? Yes its difficult, but sometimes we just have to swallow the painfull pill and daven that the Galus end.

  62. #103 and the other “its golus accept it” crowd:

    Nazi Germany was during golus to. Where you advocating back then to follow German law and march into the gas chambers?

  63. December 14, 2008
    Law Enforcement
    Bill Calls for Shutting Down Parkway Police in Favor of Bergen’s


    THE Palisades Interstate Parkway is a 42-mile stretch of road that runs alongside the cliffs bordering the Hudson River, between the George Washington Bridge and Bear Mountain. In New York, the road is patrolled by the New York State Police, but in New Jersey, the highway is not patrolled by the state or county police but by the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department, a small agency of 24 employees created in about 1910.

    The parkway police patrol not just the highway but also the 2,500 acres of Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey. The agency even has its own court system to handle fines and penalties. But now there is a bill pending in the State Legislature that would disband the department and have its duties taken over by the Bergen County Police Department.

    Democratic Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson, a former Englewood police sergeant, Bergen County undersheriff and one of the bill’s sponsors, said the measure could save the state $1 million to $2 million, as parkway buildings are shut, the parkway commission’s court system is closed and the number of workers needed to handle the job is reduced. Mr. Johnson said he believed the 93-member Bergen County Police Department could patrol the parkway with just 15 officers, and their cost would be covered by having Bergen County’s courts, and not the parkway commission’s court, receive the revenues generated by parkway fines. That figure amounted to $1.6 million last year, according to the parkway police.

    “We have a billion-dollar deficit in the 2008 budget, and this will save them $2.1 million,” Mr. Johnson said. “That’s not much, but it’s something.”

    The matter was brought up on Monday at an Assembly committee meeting. No vote was taken, and the discussion is to continue in January.

    While the cost savings are attractive, Mr. Johnson said the issue fell into his radar after he received eight or nine complaints from defense lawyers who contended their clients were targets of aggressive enforcement by the parkway police.

    “That’s what made me look at them,” Mr. Johnson said.

    He spoke to the parkway police, he said, and was told the complaints were investigated and deemed unfounded.

    The number of motor vehicle summonses issued by the parkway police has increased to nearly 20,000 a year over the last several years from 7,388 in 2003, the parkway police said. The number of arrests have also increased to nearly 621 last year, from 60 in 2003, the police said. Among those arrested in recent years was Garry McCarthy, the Newark police director who got into an altercation with the parkway police in February 2005 after they ticketed one of his daughters at a highway rest stop. Mr. McCarthy, who was then deputy commissioner of operations for the New York City Police Department, was arrested briefly and fined $200 for obstruction of traffic.

    In 2005, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey and Garden State Equality called for an investigation into reports that the parkway police were targeting gay men for lewd conduct arrests in the park. Almost 90 people had been arrested for lewd conduct the previous year. Last year, that figure was five.

    “There were clearly problems involving abuse of power and targeting gay men, and it took a push from us and a stinging rebuke from a New Jersey appellate court before things started to change,” said Edward Barocas, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey.

    James F. Hall, the executive director of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, said that after the complaints, videocameras were installed on all of the department’s police cars in an effort to make the process more transparent.

    “Clearly, we will take enforcement actions against activities, whether it’s speeding, lewd activity or whatever,” he said. “But it’s never been targeted at any group nor have we had any real assertion that it was.”

    Mr. Hall questioned how Bergen County could save money if it has to hire 15 more officers at the county’s pay scale, which is much higher than what his officers are paid. The base pay for the parkway police is $49,000 and tops out at $71,000 after about a decade, the parkway police said. The Bergen County police are paid $17,000 initially but salaries rise to more than $90,000 after five years and topped out last year at $109,000, according to Bergen County officials.

    “At some point a few years ago, we had engaged in discussions for them to provide service,” Mr. Hall said, “and the cost for them to deliver that service was more than for us to do it because their police pay is so much higher than ours.”

    Bergen County officials say they welcome cost-cutting mergers. Bergen, the state’s most populous county, has 70 municipalities, each with its own police department. Even Ho-Ho-Kus, with a population of 4,000, has its own force. But attempts to merge are always met with opposition and cries of home rule, said County Executive Dennis McNerney.

    “We found a niche here with the parkway police,” Mr. McNerney said. “This could start the ball rolling.”

  64. ny100K

    I’m eagerly awaiting for you know-it-all Hatzolah bashers to apologize after YWN posted the letter refuting your .02 cents.

    Let’s hear it loud and clear.

  65. I reported my story to that email adress stopthepipterror@gmail what I have experienced with the pip its a story that is not made to post here I hope they are they oNes will take action asap and stop them once in for all let’s get together and do the right thing.

  66. I propose the following: Two cars drive along-side each other at the 50mph speed limit, one in the right lane and one in the left. Start at exit 9W and drive all the way to the GWB at the exact posted speed limit, not one bit faster.

    I have seen this done elsewhere as a form of protest. Cars began to pile up and drivers actually flooded 911 with calls screaming that people were holding up traffic.

    You are in complete compliance with the law and cannot be pulled over. If it’s done several times a day – particularly during rush hour – the police will receive enough calls. You only need two people to do this.

    It’s a perfectly legal manner of protest.

  67. For those of you who say that they saw the tickets find out the name badge# of the police officer on the scene then we can give much more detailed complains. and to my opinion the only way to solve this is to come down with a huge amount of pressure on these chayes. Let it be phone fax or email. And it has to be to each and every number provided here and please anybody who knows where and on whom to complain please post. And for those complaining its very important to be civil and polite. If you’ll be just angry and screaming. You’ll end up looking like an idiot and it will be worthless be calm and make your point. And ask for a confirmation on your complaint so we can follow up if it went somewhere. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WORRY IF HATZOLOH IS MAKING A CHILLUL HASHEM MAY HASHEM HELP YOU YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO USE THEM BUT I THINK IT WILL CHANGE YOUR OPINION HAVING TO WAIT FOR GOVERNMENT HELP WHILE SEEING A LOVED ONE SUFFERING. HOW STUPID AND SELF HATING CAN YOU BE?

  68. 111

    This will gain nothing. It will just antagonize the knuckleheads and they’ll throw the book at every Yid they see. (Those they mistakenly miss already.)

    Hatzolah does have political clout and this is the time to use it!!!!

    Enough is enough.

    As long as we are all united with this we do stand a chance.

  69. To 117,
    Your letting your emotions get the better of you. First you’re hating goyim in PIP and from there you start hating the frum Jews who disagree with you. It’s elul, time to look before you leap. You shouldn’t call frum people names just because you disagree.
    Mod.- please remove his post!

  70. To 116,
    I don’t know if it’s legal or not, but you won’t accomplish anything besides more hatred towards Jews. Did you ever see the african americans protests? They get legal permits. What does the average person who gets caught up in traffic because of them, say about them? Does he think to find out whether they have a legitimate complaint or does he start hating them even more? I think people have to calm down and use their brains and not their emotions to come up with a workable solution!

  71. The letter is not a legal opinion and is incorrect factually. An NY certified EMT may provide EMT care in NJ, but a New York State certified ambulance may not be called to NJ for a call.
    There is a difference between an ambulance and an EMT.
    In fact, according to the DOH certificate granted to Chevra Hatzala they may only respond in the five boros of NYC. The five towns was a loophole put into the law recently by Shelly Silver. By responding out of that territory they are no longer certified by NY.
    So I will stand by my statement.

    That said, I am in no way condoning any PIP Officer’s actions.

  72. #117 From your screenname (yoilyhocker) it seems that you may be a Satmar Chossid. Other commenters who are advocating a slowdown also seem to have Satmar names. Don’t you understand that one of the primary reasons the Satmar Rav opposed the State of Israel was because one of the ג’ שבועות was that כלל ישראל won’t be מתגרה באומות! We won’t get anywhere by antagonizing goyim. We are not just another minority but rather Yidden. There is NOTHING that we can do that can eradicate anti-semitism!
    And nobody here is bashing Hatzoloh. There are just many of us that believe a protest would be a wrong thing to do and a Chilul Hashem. Nobody said Hatzoloh is a Chilul Hashem!!
    #104 if you really think this is comparable to Nazi Germany you must immediately see a doctor.

  73. HNBNY, wr do YOU stand!!?? I’m actually a Hatzolah member!! All I’m sayiong is that the pt’s were all transported w/ minor injuries and there was definitly no reason to dispatch units direct. You may wanna call me a basher but I’m the one who gets up at 3 in the morning to help out another yid while your turning over! Hatzolah started as a Chesed Organization not some political organization w/ a bunch of adults thinking they’re in the FBI. Be carefull who you call a basher.

  74. I personaly spoke with a jewish bank manager, whose Husband is PIP police officer, who told her, that pallisades police officers, have a direct enjoyment, of stopping jews Erev Shabbos, and holding them up for trivial matters for long times, enjoying the begging of the jews “please i will be late for Shabbos” and they try to cause people to be Mechalel Shabbos

  75. As someone who works in both NJ and NY as a medic, along with also being an H member, on top of which having done numerous transports via the Palisades and NJ in general even before having NJ licensure let me clear a few things up. A NYS EMT in NJ can treat a pt if they are near the border of NY. They can even transport the pt in a NYS cert. ambulance, provided that no other NJ service is there and they do not have to wait for a NJ service to show up. However, NYS services cannot be dispatched from NY into NJ to show up at the call, it has to be a flagdown. If the NYS EMT likes, he can even ride the NJ cert. ambulance to the hospital. Next, the officer should have waited for the scene to be clear, in order to summons or ticket the responder. Even if it meant following the bus to the hospital. Now note, the above bit about the response is not law. it is a courtesy that is afforded in any state that may have populations that lie on its border with any other state. (this could have happened on the border with Penn) It comes from the US DOT suggestions, and extension of the good Samaritan law. So the police were technically right, but not operating in the “spirit” of the law.

  76. Based on the letter from 1996, if someone involved in a MVA wishes for Hatzolah to transport them on the Palisades Parkway, they are entitled. It is my right to choose- The Emergency squad cannot transport them against their will-

    It is now Wednesday morning on the east coast- any updates?

  77. I spoke to the driver of the Hatzoloh ambulance; Firstly, the report that only the private vehicle was ticketed is FALSE. The Ambulance received three tickets.

    The driver is one of the first members in Monsey Hatzoloh. He is a very nice and respected person. Was NEVER yet pulled over for ANYTHING, until his engagement with that animal. an experience he describes as very traumatic, because of the hostility and rage and lack of any professional courtesy they were greeted with that eve.

  78. That diver says there were two officers; The older one was more collected, but the younger was completely overtaken with rage, from the moment they arrived he shouted from the top of his lungs, that he will arrest them, etc. After the driver could not merge back with the traffic fast enough for this Gestapo agents liking.

    When he pulled over to the shoulder and tried reaching for the registration in the ambulance door/pocket, he asked the officer politely to move away from the door so he can open it and reach. (he is not young.) The officer then slammed the door onto his feet! And kept yelling, harassing them like they would be common criminals.

    Is this 2009 in the USA or 1937 in Europe? If this would not be hatzoloh, and this incident would make it onto You Tube, this officer WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED, after a national outcry! CAN WE BE QUIET at such Police brutality?

  79. I also want to point out that the Hatzoloh dispatch followed all the PIP protocols. (in 2005 there was an agreement reached between the two, which clearly states if a patient request Hatzoloh to respond, they cannot be denied. They just need to fill out a paper authorizing care of the NYS ambulance.) They called in to the PIP PD to notify them of their response, and that dispatcher never told them they are not needed, etc. just hung up.

    I was also told that the Chief of that police force yesterday complained their phones are ringing off the hook. He said he needs to first listen to the recordings. (as if there is something on there.) he is just trying to push off time and make this quiet…

    Can someone pull the dash cam of those police cruisers, so we can maybe witness some of what went on there? There is a freedom of information law. They will stonewall you if you request it. you better be a professional journalist and a a dose of stubbornness.

  80. Maybe they where right but y does the bergen county police never have a problem with hatzalo the only department in the us the pip of the state of new jersey with olny 25 people on the force can’t get along with them WHY why ? Does anybody know ? Its crazy the olny solution to that problem is to close them down people tried several times to sit down with them and they failed every time.
    Its about time .

  81. The name of the Chief is Jim
    Hall. he is Commissioner of the PIP police.

    There is also an Orthodox Assemblyman from Passaic, Gary Shaer, who has worked out the agreement between the PIP and hatzoloh in the past, ans is very much in position to do something, if he hears the outcry.

    PHONE NUMBER: (973) 249-3665 Here is a link to his site:


    If anyone knows the name of that officer who behaved that way, please post here so we can start a campaign to add him to the unemployed list. There is no way a man with such attitude and behavior should be left for such sensitive work.

  82. iztheman

    a) I AM a Hatzolah member.
    b) I doubt you are a member because all Hatzolah members know that it IS legal to respond on the PIP. We all received the protocols.

    c) The facts of the call are as follows:

    Right after the large fire in the F the dispatcher got a call from RH Hatzolah that they are dispatching a rig from New Square but it will take a while for the rig to get there. They asked the base if they can check and see if there are any units in the area. The dispatcher tried and there happened to be a F and W member in the area so they went direct.

    The details from the caller were sketchy, if you really a member you would know just beacsue it ended up being minor injuries that does not mean it there wasn’t potation for it to be serious. (How many chopper transports end up being minor?)

    Now, what did Hatzolah do wrong?

    Answer: NOTHING.

  83. From what I heard, Hatzoloh has met with a lawyer & an Assemblyman. They will get the tickets dismissed & have a “sit down” with the PIP. They feel that a friendly sit down will be more effective. I personally disagree, but who am I?

  84. You folks are really blinded. There was a local EMS unit on scene providing basic life support to the accident victims as required by the 911 call recieved to the local PSAP. NJ state law requires EMD dispatchers to dispatch the proper units to first aid calls. They followed the state law. Your ambulance was freelancing…it was not requested from the jurisdiction that the accident occurred in and they have the say at the end of the day. I understand the religious undertones but get your facts straight before you critisize. PIP PD was denying life saving service??? Are you serious? There was local EMS on scene already at the direction of the 911 dispatcher and first responder trained police officers. Sorry but the law applies to everyone, no matter race or religion.

  85. To 143,
    Like I said in my previous post -the PIP PD were within their legal rights, but if you have an agreement with Hatzolah and you don’t keep that agreement -namely if the victim requests them- that they can transport the victim- you lose the public’s trust. Put your egos aside and let the patient decide with whom he wants to go!

  86. Matchingrant/143:

    Quit with your falsehoods.

    The Hatzolah was there first, and your (PIP PD) actions were disgraceful, and could have caused serious injury by delaying the medical response.

  87. Matchingrant how is Hatzolah freelancing when they received the call to their emergency hotline??? The ambulance was requested and if you want proof you can ask Hatzolah to provide you with a copy of the tapes from EMD recording the actual phone call requesting Hatzolah EMS to respond to the scene. It is illegal for you to prevent EMS (Hatzolah) from treating a patient. Interfering with patient care is illegal. When the scene is safe a police officer has no right telling EMS they cant treat a patient. Hatzolah was first on scene and even if they were not who are you as a PO to say whether they can assist or not. I’m sure that the local EMS can use extra hands especially when dealing with 4 patients. You let your ego get in the way. Why does it bother you that they came to help? Where is your discretion? Ticketing an ambulance???? Why couldnt this be settled after the call at the hospital?? The total patient count is 4. That means you need 4 long boards. did the locals have 4 longboards on them?? Were there already 2 ambulances onscene before hatzolah got there??? The answer is NO. so how could u prevent Hatzolah from treating and transporting the patient. PIP broke the law by interfering in patient care.

  88. 146 is totally 100% correct.
    143 is correct only in the fact that there was ONE ambulance on the scene when we showed up. Our units were “attacked” before we even made patient contact! We pulled over with our lights & sirens OFF after being DISPATCHED to the call! If we weren’t needed a slight wave of the hand or a courious “It’s OK, we have it”, would have been all we needed to leave the scene. The anger, screaming, slamming doors on a 56 year old foot is not only uncalled for, but criminal!

  89. Matchingrant


    What BS is that? Is this what what your fellow officers are telling you at the cooler?

    We received the call, and we have the tapes to prove it!!!!!!

    That’s not called “freelancing” or as it’s known in EMS circles “buffing”.

    If you have a problem with Hatzolah take it up with the coordinators.supervisors AFTER the call, don’t prevent an ambulance from providing care.

    Besides, when the members were dispatched and ambulance was NOT YET on the scene.

    When Hatzolah called your dispatch (as per our protocols) we were NOT told not to proceed.

    And don’t get me started on how the law applies to everyone. You’re fellow officers are no saints. And I’ll leave it at that.


    a) I AM a Hatzolah member.

    b) I doubt you are a member because all Hatzolah members know that it IS legal to respond on the PIP. We all received the protocols.

    c) The facts of the call are as follows:
    Right after the large fire in the F, the dispatcher got a call from RH Hatzolah that they are dispatching a rig from New Square but it will take a while for the rig to get there. They asked the base if they can check and see if there are any units in the area. The dispatcher tried and there happened to be a F and W member in the area so they went direct.

    The details from the caller were sketchy, if you really are a member you would know thatjust because it ended up being minor injuries that does not mean there wasn’t potential for it to be serious. (How many chopper transports end up being minor?)

    Now, what did Hatzolah do wrong?
    Answer: NOTHING.

  91. “It was not requested from the jurisdiction that the accident occurred in”
    Means ZERO. We have the legal right to respond on the PIP, that makes it OUR jurisdiction.

    “and they have the say at the end of the day”

    That’s right. At the end of the day, not DURING the accident when peoples lives might be at stake.

    Patient care is the LAST thing the thugs in the PIPD care about.

    It’s all about their own overblown ego and “teaching those Jews a lesson”.

    Shame on them.

  92. Fact – Hatzolah was NOT the first EMS unit on scene.

    Fact – Local EMS was on scene for almost 30 minutes prior to the arrival of a Hatzolah member in his personal vehicle.

    Fact – Local EMS had the situation under control with proper resources and personnel

    Fact – In the State of NJ, a 911 operator has to follow local protocol once they recieve a 911 call. They do have the luxury of asking the patient what they want to do. Further, since local EMS had the jurisdiction and the scene under control, there was no need for additional units.

    If you really want to take a step back and look at who delayed the patient getting to the hospital (because they were already treated and ready for transport) it would be Hatzolah and not anyone else.

    No falsehoods, no affiliation, just an objective opinion and view after talking to responders in the area that cover the PIP.

  93. It now seems to broil down to the question if Hatzoloh called into the PIP that they are responding. Hatzoloh says they did call they got a call, but did not call back to confirm they are sending an ambulance.

    The questions remaining are:

    a) the treatment and attitude of the hatzoloh crew by that officer.

    b) to answer that question, I urge the PIP commission and PD (who read here) to release the dash cams of that eve. Do a honest investigation (not internal), and release the facts, along with the taps, even if that puts their officer is bad light.

    c) the PIP to release their 911 tapes, so we can verify if Hatzoloh did in fact call them to notify.

  94. HBNY, why does NY H have a legal right to respond to a call in NJ? If I am in PA, and I call H do they then have a legal right to come get me? The answer is no. Unless the NJ OEMS has certified you, YOU ARE NOT AN AMBULANCE SERVICE IN NJ. Now, if you are driving down the road and get flagged down you can help and call 911, or if there is a serious threat, treat and transport. But, even if a call comes into H base and its in another STATE they can bump it off to our side of the Hudson, and we will respond. They should not have dispatched a NYS EMT in a NY plated personal car (that has a red light, as we use blue here) with a NY cert ambulance to NJ!!! . I am not condoning the actions of the police but call a spade a spade.

  95. Matchingrant you say that the local EMS was onscene for almost 30 min prior to Hatzolahs arrival. That is a long time to be onscene so I do not see how Hatzolah could have contributed to the delay in patient transport. Total patient count was 4 that means they need at least 2 ambulances to transport the patients being that there is only enough room to place 2 patients that are fully immobilized in each ambulance. Check your sources and tell me if there were 2 ambulances onscene prior to Hatzolahs arrival because someone posted otherwise. If you want to tell me that the patients refused board and collar and thats why 1 ambulance is enough to transport the 4 patients then why was the ambulance onscene for so long. 30 minutes is a long time to be onscene.
    Lets set aside for a min whether Hatzolah was right or wrong for responding. Why did an officer slam the door on a Hatzolah members foot. That is battery and he should press charges. PIP did not act professional. Why did the PIP officer feel the need to scream and slam a door. Is that the way a Police officer should behave?? Why are there so many complaints against PIP? Just do a search and you will see it’s the blacks, Hispanics gays and Asians that are also complaining about the way the PIP acts. PIP needs to be shut down just like Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson wants. Let Bergen county PD or NJ state PD take over. In these times this is a good way for NJ to save money.

  96. “Fact – Local EMS was on scene for almost 30 minutes prior to the arrival of a Hatzolah member in his personal vehicle.”


    FACT: The caller told RH base that they called 911 and no ambulance was on scene yet.

    FACT: RH Hatzolah told our base (NYC Hatzolah) that they have a 10 min ETA, our member was closer then that.

    FACT: Hatzolah is last on a LONG list of PIP denouncers, that list includes the NYPD a local Assemblyman.

    FACT: Nobody ever companied about local 911 protocols. Our problem was (and is) with the criminal behavior of those who officially need to uphold the law.

    FACT: Trying to turn he tables on Hatzolah as if we are the ones who delayed transport is pathetic at best.

    FACT: A patient has the right to refuse medical attention, although that’s not advisable, it’s legal and Hatzolah must respond once called.

    FACT: Your opinion is NOT objective.

  97. MedicRN

    Did you read the letter posted on the top of this page?

    According to what I heard the member (an F member) responded without lights and sirens.

    Regardless, Hatzolah is authorized to respond on the PIP.

  98. Wrote to PIP and this was the response:
    “This matter is under review. However, the NJ PIP Police have been operating under a May 2007 agreement with Hatzolah for ambulance response on NJ portion of parkway. This agreement was important to avoid conflict and multiple jurisdictions of EMS units responding to accident scenes and to ensure that Hatzolah is not the provider of advanced care, since they are not licensed in NJ for such treatments. In this particular incident Hatzolah had not contacted the police desk regarding response to an accident as required under the protocol. At that time the Hatzolah ambulance arrived at the scene a local ambulance has already been at the scene for 35 minutes and had treated those involved in the accident. On a subsequent call the Hatzolah dispatcher was advised an ambulance was not required. It appears Hatzolah may have failed to comply with section 2 and 7 of protocol agreement. As part of trying to control traffic at the night time scene and avoid any further accidents (there was one fender bender as it was) some tickets were issued. The Hatzolah ambulance was detained for less than 20 minutes and at no time was anyone’s health and safety involved in the accident put in jeopardy since they had been administered to long before Hatzolah had arrived at the scene.
    Jim Hall”

  99. HNBNY,
    Please keep you responses up…your imagination makes for great entertainment during an otherwise gloomy day.

    Everything you posted is opinion and not factual. That alone leads to painting the incident as much more then it was.

    As I said earlier, if you can take a step back for a minute and look at the big picture, EVERYONE involved might be able to learn a lesson or two here.

    But if you refuse to do that and want to continue to throw stones, go right ahead. The fact that you are publically stating that Hatzolah is a denouncer of the PIP Police I’m sure is going to make them want to work with you for a resolution and future agreements.

    Everyone in the world has someone that dosen’t agree with them or views them differently. Just like you love to state those that denounce PIP Police, there are just as many that denounce Hatzolah. Perception in the public safety community is that Hatzolah is a bunch of free lancers and they jump calls. Like I said, that is the perception. Without knowing Hatzolah and the background these are the misconceptions.

    PIP PD thinks Hatzolah didn’t follow the rules in this incident. Hatzolah dosen’t think they were treated properly, going as far as saying the officer involved acted “criminally.” Just remember, you will probably have to work together again at some point so be careful of what you say and how you say it.

    The sad part is there wasn’t one post on this chain of 158 comments that was “anti” Hatzolah. Yes, there were some that questioned Hatzolah’s actions but no one denouncing them. However there was about 150 comments that pretty much called PIP PD a bunch of dangerous cowboys. You would think during the week of 9/11 there would be a better sence of commmunity amongst first responders and in a situation like this, an understanding of differing views and fact gathing.

    Chief Hall has provided his response in post 157. What’s is Hatzolah’s official response from their chief/coordinator?

  100. Matchingrant (aka PIP) —

    You have still failed to address the point that in this 4 person injury accident more than once ambulance was required. Hatzolah was the second ambulance on the scene, yet PIP delayed medical care to the injured people by denying them access to Hatzolah and forcing the patients to wait for the next ambulance. All in the name of alleged “protocol.”

    This is gross negligence by PIP.

  101. And why do you find it “sad” that Hatzolah be denounced? What is there to be “anti-Hatzolah” about? That every single member of Hatzolah is an unpaid volunteer who donates their time to the public good, asking nothing in return? Because they wake up in middle of the night, on the spur of the moment, to save lives? Because 95+% of the time they arrive long before the local EMS service? Or is that what is being begrudged?

    And neither have you addressed why PIP PD slammed the ambulance door on the Hatzolah driver’s foot.

  102. The hazalah dispatcher DID place the call to the pip and per the protocol.
    This was not a case of pt care since ems was already taking care of the pt’s.
    When Hatzalah is called they can only confirm they are not needed when the first responder gets to the scene and advises. In this case the first responder and ambulance got there about the same time and they were greeted in a very un professional manner ant ticketed.
    A simple “we have the scene under control, your services are not needed” would have been the correct thing to do, not a rude response and tickets.
    Let’s hope next time everyone works together in a professional maner.

  103. MatchingRant

    – I happen to know quite a few details about this particular story from the inside. However, since I do not represent Hatzolah (there are more senior members then me who are on top of this case) what I post on this site is my view as I see it, given the facts that I am aware of. Take it for what its worth.

    – Hatzolah NYC DID INDEED notify PIP Police as per our protocol. I do not know if RH Hatzolah -which is not part of Hatzolah NYC- also notified the PIP Police.

    – I don’t know about the Hatzolah ambulance that was sent from New Square (who was treated like a common criminal instead of receiving professional courtesy) but the first responder from NYC Hatzolah was on the scene with his private vehicle less than 35 minutes after the local Ambulance.

    – You find it “sad” that people on this board aren’t denouncing Hatzolah? Are you off your mind? Everybody in our community knows how vital Hatzolah is, and for the most part Hatzolah has a very strong backing by the community at large who otherwise don’t agree on much… Hatzolah is not being “denounced” because most anybody who has ever traveled the PIP has had some run-in with the clowns known as the Palisades Parkway Police. Many people I know avoid the NJ sections of the PIP altogether because of the 24 lunatics who run their own fiefdom.

    – At no time during this incident was Hatzolah NYC notified via telephone by the PIP Police or anybody else that their services are not needed. The PIP cops treated Hatzolah like animals, FOR NO GOOD REASON. The PIP Police, unlike the uneducated public, know EXACTLY what Hatzolah is all about and how we operate. The are professional ways to handle other agencies whose services are not needed. Being rude and dismissive is not the way to go, sorry.

    – I do not care if Joe Shmoe from Maybrook, NJ thinks that Hatzolah buffs calls, just as much as I don’t care if Jane Doe from Alabama thinks that Chassidim have horns. It is not our job to educate the ignorant public who sometimes hate us because we dress differently.

    – Knock this into your thick skulls. Hatzolah is here to help, free of charge, to all who call us. We will continue to do just that, whether the clowns in the PIP Police like it or not. We will not be deterred by a bunch of hotheads who “sadly” are notorious for picking a fight with everybody who crosses their path, from the NYPD to a local Assemblyman.

    – I look forward to the day the Palisades Police, in its current form, will be disbanded and the roads taken over by a professional police force like the State Police or the Bergen County Police Department.

  104. HNBNY, regardless of ANY letter between local authorities, STATE law (which supersedes city law) only allows that state EMT’s (or NREMT’s) and ambulances to respond to a call. Thats it. Nothing further. If a locality wants to allow cross border response….great!!! The bottom line after all the rhetoric, is that while I don’t condone the PIP for their abhorrent behavior, they WERE within their rights to stop and even ticket a NON LICENSED emergency vehicle. Imagine if an officer from Jersey were cruising through Manhattan stopping cars. It wouldn’t be tolerated. He/she has no jurisdiction. So to here. No matter what letter exists, by state law, H has no jurisdiction.