Felder Introduces Trash Bag Legislation


dsny.jpgNew York City, NY — New York City Council Member Simcha Felder (D – Boro Park, Midwood, Bensonhurst) introduced legislation before the Council yesterday that would ease the requirements on homeowners and residents who leave garbage out for curbside collection. Under current law, residents may put out garbage in tightly covered trash bins or securely tied opaque trash bags. Those who place securely tied bags in uncovered bins face a fine of $100 for a first offense. Felder’s bill would eliminate these fines.

“This is a common sense change to the law that would reduce unfair fines and make City living easier,” said Felder.

Felder’s office has helped many constituents who have been issued tickets for uncovered garbage containers. Many constituents received violations after trash can lids were stolen or knocked off. Felder’s bill would allow residents to place lidless trash cans out for collection if they contain securely tied heavy duty opaque plastic bags, less then seven pieces of loose refuse, or both. Under current law, homeowners face these steep fines if these cans are not tightly covered by a lid.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. With due hakaras hatov for the difficult, unpleasant work these guys do, – they don’t have to be the prima donnas they often are. Often it is hard to decide which category some types of garbage fall into, apparently hard not just for the home owner, but the trash collector as well. L’mashal, I recently had some broken, medium size pieces of sheetrock to throw away. First I put them with the recycle garbage, but the recycle guys left them behind. OK, then I put them with the regular garbage, and those guys left them behind ALSO! COME ON sanitation men, most of us do the best we can to seperate the way we are supposed to, don’t be so makpid – just take the garbage!