NYC Schools Hand Out H1N1 Vaccine Consent Forms


vaac4.jpgCity health officials are urging families to sign their children up for the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Consent and screening forms for the free vaccination will be handed out to elementary school students starting today.

The vaccine comes in either nasal spray or injection form, and nurses will decide which to give a child based on the information provided by parents in the forms.

The city will begin providing the vaccine to all public and non-public school students by the end of the month, and elementary schools will set up vaccination clinics during regular school days.

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(Source: NY1)


  1. Please be aware that, once you sign the “consent” form, you have handed over your child to the Government to do with as they please.

    If anything goes wrong, you have no right to sue, because President Bush specifically exempted the vaccine producers from any liability.

    There have been reports of paralysis and death within a short time of receiving these vaccinations.

    The Nose-spray vaccine is a live virus. The injectable vaccine contains Thimerosol and Squalene, two toxic substances.

    Do your research, before signing this form and giving the authorities permission to experiment with your child.

  2. BEWARE: the H1N1 virus has mutated again and is now found in pigs. This means that the virus is still mutating and the vaccine may not protect against it. Look into it before signing anything! It is up to you to protect them! Read the small print! Once you sign that form…

  3. On a positive note, the best protection for children is a high dose of vitamin D3, found naturally in cod liver oil (Carlson’s brand is the best).

  4. Sammy, my friend (no. 4):

    You are repeating old obsolete fiction.

    Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of this century’s great medical geniuses, founded the science of Megavitamin therapy. He routinely gave high doses of what you would call “toxic” vitamins to his patients with outstanding results.

    Vitamin D in high doses is endorsed by Cr. Cannell, another medical giant, and by Dr. Holick (look them up on Google).

    Two-time Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling also supported Dr. Hoffer, and even wrote a foreward to his books.

    Much of the scare information on vitamins originates from tainted “research” studies conducted by the drug companies, specifically to discredit what they, understandedly, regard as serious competition.

    Vitamin therapy is much much safer than drugs, with virtually no side effects.

    The AMA admits that over 100,000 people a year die from drug overdoses and mistakes. How many people do you PERSONALLY know who died from vitamin overdoses?

  5. Well, Sammy. You are certainly well set in your ways, and you are quite prepared to dismiss anyone who does not fit in with your settled opinion.

    To put down such great men as Dr. Hoffer, a genuine scientist and pioneer, and to dismiss Dr. Pauling’s work out of hand marks you as a narrow-minded allopathic medical professional.

    It is because of such unwillingness to entertain new and innovative ideas of holisitic medicine that we have a failed, bloated “healthcare” system that cannot solve 85% of the illnesses presented to them, labeling them as “chronic.”

  6. There might be issues with the H1N1 vaccine but there are also mistruths floating around.

    There were plans to use squalene to increase the immune response. I have read that plans to use squalene were cancelled BH.
    I have not yet heard of side effects, the vaccine was just released. I have heard of side effects to the gardasil vaccine.
    Despite all the reassurances that it is safe… There is no reason to use Thimerosal in a vaccine. It is a mercury based preservative that would not be needed if manufacturing and dispensers used sterile procedures and/or single dose containers. Imagine the shame if it is ever found to have been harmful and it was just a preservative that is only used in multiple dose vials!!

  7. 12.Thimerosal is NOT harmless, yet, it is used in minutest amounts in the vaccines, and this amount of Mercury is far less than a person ingests eating tuna lunches weekly.

    Comment by sammygol — October 19, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

    Maybe, but newborns do not eat whole tuna sandwiches but are given a hepatitis vaccine containing mercury on day 1. Parents rarely are even aware of this.
    Sammy, Perhaps the amount of thimerosol is not exact in every vial.
    Perhaps the distribution is imperfect so the bottom of the bottle has more mercury.
    I can imagine vaccine makers not wanting to discuss issues like this.
    Remember, Thimerosol is just a preservative used only in multiple dose vials or bottles. Spending a drop extra for safety sounds like a no brainer to me. The extra cost is probably 0.50 or less, just a fraction of what is charged for giving the injection.

    The sad thing is that hepatitis is partly a lifestyle illness and the vaccine, if possibly having any risk, should be aimed at the target community not on every newborn.

  8. Sammy, my friend:

    I respect your obvious depth of knowledge, but you are jumping too fast and making asumptions, based on your prejudices against the alternative healing therapies.

    Of course, I use doctors and surgeons for that 15% of medicine where they have good and safe procedures, like orthopedics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, and the like. I call it integrated medicine, using the best of both worlds.

    However, your prejudices prevent you from seeing the good therapies that are available in Chinese medicine, and even European medicine, as practiced in england and Germany.–Too bad!

  9. #4, while you are partly correct, Vitamin D does get utilized and does not continue to store up and up and up, as you suggest. Toxicity for Vitamin D3, unless someone has hypersensitivity to it, is at very high levels, usually above 10,000IU a day, which most normal people would have no reason to take. Anything; water, amped up can be toxic. Of course, one should ask their doctor.

    I hope you are not alluding that injecting mercury into the bloodstream is preferable to increased Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, frequent washing hands, and not touching the fact.

    Mercury is poison. Whether in tuna (switch FROM white albacore) or use canned, wild alaskan salmon, or sardines. They have virtually ZERO mercury. Eating white albacore tuna frequently is not good at all. Avoid it. It is not a good comparison to mitigate the harmful effects of mercury laden injections. “Harmful effects” chas v’shalom, is a serious matter.

  10. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin – its a hormone. The vitamin D industry is not considered a lucrative “industry” its one of the cheapest vitamins to produce – your criticism of the Vitamin D council is laughable at best. A review of will demonstrate the lack of evidence supporting a belief in widespread vitamin toxicity below 10,000 IU a day. There is some toxicity associated with “Stoss” therapies popular in Europe – but these involve the administration of insanely high levels of vitamin d (100,000’s IU/day – well beyond anything being sold in America). If the amount available in a typical supplement could cause toxicity… we would have difficulty walking in the sunlight (If you really doubt this, I would suggest you visit and calculate your vitamin D production on a day at the beach – I live in Florida mine is in the 40,000 range). Most supplements contain between 400 and 5000 IU for a daily dosage. Toxicity levels are not present until 10,000 IU/day unless one has TB or Hyperparathyroid condition (in which case the person actually experiences Calcium side effects). To suggest that the Vitamin D council somehow has a financial agenda behind this is ridiculous. Vitamin D has been implicated in a number of chronic conditions, heart disease, mental disorder, etc. – influenza being the most salient.

    They aren’t the only ones saying this. Recent studies done at Oregon State have shown that Primates have carried the VDR receptor on epithelial cells (as activators of Cathelicidin) for nearly 60 million years ( Its a gene that is still carried by ALL primates. Vitamin D is exceptionally important to humans – we have evolved many mechanisms in our body that depend on it.

    This is a result of the fact that we evolved for millions of years foraging for food in the tropical regions of Africa.

    Some of these changes would be expected from an evolutionary standpoint – as humans began to walk upright and our respiratory systems pointed downward along the line of gravity (as opposed to horizontally), we have had to adapt additional mechanisms to fight off respiratory infections. One such way was to tie the production of Vitamin D to the production of Cathelicidin, Defensin-1, and Defensin-2.

    Before you accuse a group of scientists and researchers of having an ulterior motive you should actually check the facts or perhaps have some scientific background.