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CBS: One Of Largest Crib Recalls in US History On The Way

crib.jpgCBS News has learned that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is about to announce one of the largest crib recalls in United States history, involving cribs with dropdown sides, fearing they may be unsafe, even deadly.

CBS News is waiting to hear more about the crib recall, and the specific cribs involved, and expects to have more on the recall on Tuesday.

Until that information is released, CBS reporters on the story advise that parents who have a crib in their home that has “dropdown sides” check to see whether it’s already been recalled. The CPSC suggests checking the hardware to see if it seems solid. Feel the side rail: If you can move it back and forth, that can be dangerous. And stop using the side rail: Don’t put it up and down anymore.

YWN will post an update as soon as it’s available to us.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / CBS2)

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