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More Reaction to Kol Korei Against Chareidi Websites

ib2.jpgOnce again, carrying the story on its front page, the daily HaMevaser reports there is an ongoing response to the call from Gedolei Yisrael Shlita, in reference to chareidi internet sites.

In one case, the Etrog site has released a message that it is responding to the kol korei and closing its doors. HaMevaser also reports that managers and other website employees have resigned, all in response to the kol korei.

The report adds that HaMevaser has firsthand knowledge of “large companies” that have frozen ads and other dealings with chareidi websites, realizing the move would be unwelcome in light of the ruling of Gedolei Yisrael.

HaMevaser includes a kol korei from Gavaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss Shlita against the internet, warning of its perils and how it has infiltrated Jewish homes R”L.

Rav Weiss’ words are “said in pain” it adds, explaining the Rav is aware how many homes and yidden have fallen victim to the “tuma” of the internet.


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על הדרישה ועל הפרישה

לאור הבהרות שקיבלנו הבוקר, מפיהם של גדולי ישראל שליט”א. החליטה מערכת ‘אתרוג’ להפסיק כל פעילות במסגרת פורטל התוכן הנקי היחיד ברשת האינטרנט. מרגע זה הצוות המפעיל את האתר מפסיק את פעילותו ולא יעודכנו עוד חדשות ותכנים באתר

חיים טברסקי – מערכת האתר כ”ט כסלו תש”ע – 16/12/2009 15:00

חברים יקרים, גולשים נכבדים.

מכתבם של גדולי ישראל בעניין אתרי האינטרנט החרדיים אשר התפרסם בסוף השבוע שעבר מוכר לכולנו.

מי מכם, שביקר בפורטל התוכן ‘אתרוג’ בשנה האחרונה, באופן אקראי או בצורה קבועה, ידע היטב כי הפורטל על שלל מדוריו ומגוון התוכן היהודי והיחודי המצוי בו, עומד באופן הנחרץ ביותר בקריטריון הנוקשה אותו קבעו גדולי ישראל במכתבם.

כולנו מכירים את רשת האינטרנט ואת מה שנעשה בו בשנים האחרונות, ובכנות, אנו בטוחים שכולכם תסכימו איתנו, כי הבית הזה, היה משכן של תורה יהדות ודעת, לכל מי שחיפש באמת ובתמים פורטל חדשות ותוכן נקיים מכל רבב.

עם פרסום דעתם של גדולי ישראל, נתבקשנו עדיין להמשיך ולפעול עד לבירור תחומי האיסור והכלולים בו. הבוקר, הובהר לנו באופן פרטני, כי יש להפסיק לאלתר כל פעילות חרדית ברשת האינטרנט, בלי קשר לרמת נקיות התוכן. ומשכך, הרי שהפסקת הפעילות באתר באופן מיידי, הינה המשך ישיר לציות נטול-העוררין לדבריהם של גדולי ישראל, אותו קיבלנו על עצמנו עוד בעת תכנון והקמת הפורטל, ואשר אותו הוכחנו לאורך כל תקופת הפעילות שלו.

לא בקלות נעשה הדבר. הרבה עמל ויגיעה הושקעו במטרה אשר היתה בעינינו סוג של שליחות, להגיש לפניכם פינת יקרת – נקיה כסולת, הבזק של אור בתוך החושך הנורא. היו ימים שויתרנו על ידיעות מרעישות וסיקור נושאים שטמנו בחיקם הרבה מאוד ‘רייטינג’ , אך ורק מתוך אותה אמונה בדרך. הרגשנו אז בדיוק כאותם נחשונים שצללו בהוראת כ”ק האדמו”ר בעל ה’אמרי אמת’ מגור זצ”ל, לתוך מערכות העיתונים לפני כמאה שנים, במטרה לעצור את השפעת ההשכלה וההתבוללות. אך אותה מסירות מחייבת אותנו כעת לעצור הכל, ולציית ללא עוררין.

אין מה לעשות, ידידים יקרים. היצר הרע השוכן על שלל טלפיו ברחבי האינטרנט, יוותר כרגע ללא תשובה הולמת. אך בכוחם של גדולי ישראל תתחזקו גם אתם, ובטוחים אנו שתצליחו להתנזר לחלוטין מפגעי הרשת, גם ללא העזרה אותה הושטנו אנו לכם בשנה החולפת.

עם סיום של תקופה, עלינו להודות ברגש רב לכל מי שעשו עמנו את הדרך הזו. לכל מי שהיו שותפים לתכנון הפורטל, לכל מי שנטלו חלק בהפעלתו היומיומית. לרבנים שליוו אותנו במאמרי יהדות ומוסר, לבעלים, להנהלה המסורה, לצוות העורכים, הכתבים, עובדי הגרפיקה וההפקה שעשו ימים כלילות בשביל להגיש לכם מוצר יפהפה ומוגמר גם מן הזוית הטכנית – ויזואלית. לכל אלו שנתנו לנו את הזכות להיות חלק משליחות של מצוה. וכמובן, לכם – גולשינו היקרים והנכבדים.

לכולכם, חג חנוכה שמח
הנהלת החברה המפעילה את האתר – מערכת אתרוג – וצוות העובדים


The Command, and the Retreat

In light of the comments recently made by Gedolei Yisrael, shlita, “Etrog” – a site that is completely free of lashon hara – has decided to discontinue its services on the internet. From this moment on, there will be no news or other informative postings on the portal

Chaim Twerski 16/12/2009 16:00

Dear friends and site visitors,

The letter signed by Gedolei Yisrael regarding chareidi internet sites, which was posted at the end of last week, is familiar to all of us.

We are confident that any of you who have visited the “Etrog” portal during the last year, by chance or on a regular basis, will testify to the fact that our wide variety of news and Jewish postings have met all of even the most stringent criteria set by the Gedolei Yisrael in their letter.

We are all familiar with the damage caused by the internet in the last few years. But we honestly believe that you will all agree with us, that this site was a home of Torah and Jewish knowledge, and that our portal only presented the true facts of the news, clean of any slander or sensationalism.

With the publication of the rabbis’ letter, we must take action to verify the exact details and limits of the issur. This morning, we were personally informed that all chareidi internet activity must immediately cease. From the moment we began planning, and then eventually established the site, we decided to accept any guidance and halachic ruling received from Gedolei Yisrael. Therefore, just as we have adhered to the psakim of our Torah leaders thus far, we must continue to maintain that standard today.

This is not an easy step for us to take. Much thought and effort was invested in this project, and we have endeavored to fulfill a self-assigned mission of providing a clean, respectable site. A source of light in the terrible darkness. There have been occasions when we chose not to report on individuals and events that made very interesting stories, and lifted the “ratings” of other sites. If the material was not appropriate, we did not publish it.

We felt that we were continuing the legacy of those who followed the psak of the holy Admor of Gur, the “Imrei Emes”, ztz”l, who one hundred years ago battled against the influence of the “Enlightenment” and assimilation movements in newspapers. But that same devotion to truth and purity forces us now to stop everything, and follow orders, without questioning their legitimacy.

This is something that must be done, dear friends. The Yetzer Ra has invaded every corner of the internet, but will now be left alone on the battlefield. We hope that the strength of Gedolei Yisrael will empower you as well, and we are confidant that you will be able to overcome the temptations of the internet, even without the help that we extended to you all for the past year.

At the end of this period, we would like to express our immense appreciation to everyone who accompanied us on the journey. To all those who participated in the planning of the portal, to everyone who was involved in the daily functioning of the site. To the rabbis who assisted us with the articles on Judaism and mussar. To the owners, the managers, the staff of editors, writers, graphic artists, and the production staff, who worked night and day to create a high quality, attractive, and rich site for our readers. To all the individuals who gave us the privilege to act as “shelichei mitzvah”. And of course, we want to thank you all, our dear readers, for all your support.

We wish you all a Happy Chanukah.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

15 Responses

  1. This whole ban makes no sense. After all, do not the Pashkevillim also provide fodder for gossip and slander? Do they not also address adult issues thus introducing tumah into Chareidi homes? Clearly, something else, something not said, is bothering the rabbanim.

  2. We are waiting for a similar response from the editors of YWN. Are you not included in this call from the Gedolim? And if not, why? I think you should publish a statement either way to explain your position.

  3. My opinion is that the internet is the BEST thing that happened this century. One is now able to have Shiurim on line, send e-mails to friends and neigbors (not having to mail any longer). We are now up to date instintly with the whole world. It’s great. For those who have a problem with various un-orthodox sites – please place a filter in your internet. To “ban” internet is ridiculis and absurd.

  4. Has Rabbi Weiss used the internet. How does he comes to the conclusion that it is treif. Like everything else in this world things can be used for good or bad.

  5. Far more dangerous than the tuma is the free expression of ideas and information. You cannot as easily control an informed group. Note which governments ban the internet.

  6. Information supression.

    Especially with what is currently (right now) going on in the frum world, they feel we need only “controled sources”.

    Da’as Torah has spoken?

  7. I don’t think R’ Chaim Kanyevsky or R’ A”L Steinman are trying to ‘controll’ an uninformed group…

    However I do think such a ban by design will close down a lot of good. The ban is not against HAVING internet, and every internet user will have all the justifications for having it, while the good guys are the ones to close down.

    I don’t believe they were properly informed of the reality of the situation.

  8. I guess public street burnings of computers (along with any old unburnt sheitls) is now a very commendable activity. You can also expect rocks to be thrown through your home office windows at your tameidicke computers! Pyromaniacs and meah-shaarimdicke vandals of the world, UNITE!

  9. Like everything else in life, you can use an object for good or for bad. Unfortunately, the good suffer and the evil just continue growing. The good obey and the bad does whatver they want anyway. It’s a pity, but I am sure if you talk to the good frum people who have seen their lives torn apart from internet will wish they shut off their internet long ago.

  10. Has Rabbi Weiss used the internet. How does he comes to the conclusion that it is treif. Like everything else in this world things can be used for good or bad.

    Rabbi Weiss is a Rav and he is aware of the issues that poople are facing in the broader community- and I am fairly certain that every Rav has dealt with cases of families broken apart because a spouse, usually the man, is addicted to web tumah. You need to face reality.

  11. #6,8 – HOW DARE YOU accuse rabbonim of “Information supression” and of trying to “control” people!!! These are rabbonim you are talking about. Have some respect!!!

    #1,3,4/5,11 – You think the rabbonim didn’t think of that? If I had to guess, I’d say they decided that the possible gains that could came from the internet are outweighed by the many evils that come from the internet. Therefore, they have decided to remove any non-business excuse for chraedim to have internet.

    #10 – Yes, there will be extreme elements on both sides that will either take action against those people whose rabbonim allow the internet, just like there are extreme elements right here on YWN saying this is an example of the rabbonim trying to “control” us. But this happens by every issue – why bring it up here?

    #12 – I couldn’t agree more.

  12. I’m a big believer in the wisdome of Gedolim, but at the same time I am a student of reality, the reality of this Golus.

    I’m sure it wasn’t these Gedolim each one on his own looking into the subject, seeking the pros and cons. This ban, like every other, has a non-Gadol instigator, who I’m sure besides the personal motives has also good explenations and many stories which make up ONE SIDE of the issue.

    The thing about bans is, although some times there are good reasons for both sides, there’s no ‘Askan’ who will run around to keep things the way they are – if it aint broken why fix… so the noise comes from the other side.

    And in this case we all know what kind of “Israeli askan politics” were the root of this ban… How sad. Look how in the same letter the Chareidim site put out stating they’re closing down they also acknowledge that it’s really the work of infemous ‘Askonim’, who did this out of revenge. It’s very clearly a revenge in the making.

    I personally think the Yetzer Hara is working hard on both ends of his battle….

    The whole Kol Koire doesn’t make any sense. The ban is not against HAVING internet, which it states is as status quo, which is only at work and only if not open to bad sites, but then it’s against “charidi web-stes that spread Lason Hara” and some how that included “Etrog” and “Charidim”, which were the best sites!

    So it really sounds like a joke: If you can have internet in the work place if it’s open only to good sites, so why not just tell us which is good and which is not? What’s it different then newspapers? Why do a move to close only the good? (onless their’s an interes of revenge by ‘Askonim’ involved…?!)

    The frum community did not succsseed in fighting bad newspapers by just banning them, till they created their own good ones. The way to fight bad is to create good.

    I don’t believe they were properly informed of the reality of the situation.

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