What Will Healthcare Reform Mean for You? Plus, Williamsburg Politics!


GF3.jpgThis Week: What Will Healthcare Reform Mean for You? Plus, Williamsburg Politics!


Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – you can ask David G. Greenfield, Esq. any political question you have! It’s simple, ask your political question in the comments section and listen each week for your answer. Our editors will select the top three questions each week for a response.


David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State. David is also an experienced attorney and a renowned community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS. TEACH NYS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis.

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  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for the good points about the Broadway Triangle. I hope the judge is listening to your show and will throw out the lawsuit,
    but in the same time I expedite that you will give some mussar to Rose Plaza Folks who are a big part of the lawsuit.

    Its not to late, you can still do it an article.

    If you don’t have a copy of the lawsuit please get one.

    Thanks Again

  2. Dear David,

    What happened to Schumer in your race list? Why are candidates going for a 2 year senate seat, instead of Schumer’s seat that is 6 years?

  3. Dear Mr. Greenfield,

    There will not be a real joint, and open to the public, senate house conference on health care. Lately the dems have a few leaders who meet behind closed doors and decide on merging the different versions of the respective bills. You can anticipate the final health care bill will closely resemble the senate version and with bribes and arm twisting, this monstrosity will be passed by small margins in both houses. If push comes to shove, you will see some dem senators voting to end the filibuster, and then against the bill, to give themselves some cover.

  4. Mr. Greenfield,
    Thank you again for your insightful analysis. I particularly enjoyed your assessment of the 2010 races. As for the previous commentator, I assume you skipped Schumer because everybody thinks he a shoe-in for re-election. My question is this: what are your top objectives for government advocacy in the upcoming year?

  5. Mr. Greenfield,

    On The Broadway Triangle You are Soo Wrong!!

    You are talking out of the mouth of Rabbi Niederman who is only representing his organization who is a Nogea here (Conflicted).

    The Greed and self interest of UJO who struck a deal with a “Bushwick” powerful group does NOT serve the interest of the “Williamsburg” community.

    The “Deal” that was struck is a back-doored money and land grab from heimishe powerless people who own land and operate business’s in the triangle and are going to lose it all by “eminent domain” if this lawsuit “stay” is not in effect.

    There is only less then 200 affordable housing units in the current UJO plan!! All the lies about hundreds of housing is pure sheker!!

    Its a Shanda that you only heard one side of the story before reporting on this local issue.

    The UJcare people will tell you the real EMES not the distorted lies.

  6. Thanks again for a terrific show. I find it amusing that each of the partisan sides of Satmar are criticizing your analysis of the Broadway Triangle (comments 1 and 6). To me that’s proof, once again, of how objective you are. Keep it up!