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Obama Leaves Golf Abruptly – UPDATE: Obama Family Friend Suffers Minor Injury In Hawaii

obm.jpg5:00PM EST: [UPDATES BELOW] President Obama has left a golf course abruptly while vacationing in Hawaii on Monday for a “personal matter,” the Associated Press is reporting, and an ambulance was seen speeding to the first family’s compound.

DrudgeReport is reporting the following: The President returned in a very high speed and dramatic motorcade to his vacation home. The pool bus got dropped at one stage. Now holding just inside secured residential zone on the bus. An ambulance just swept by with flashing lights. No further details available…

UPDATE 5:20PM EST: CBS 2 is reporting that the incident does not involve any member of the first family, and that a young family friend traveling with them has suffered a minor injury. Sources say a child friend was injured by a surfboard, but no additional details on the injury were reported just yet.

UPDATE 5:25PM EST FROM NY TIMES BLOG: President Obama was rushed away unexpectedly from a Hawaii golf course on Monday and was brought back to the beachfront home where he has been staying on his holiday vacation because the son of one of his friends was hurt and needed stitches.

A White House official said the president and his family were fine and not involved, but Mr. Obama’s party of friends decided to speed back to the compound of three houses where they have been staying after hearing that the son of his friend, Eric Whitaker, had been injured. The dramatic departure from the golf course triggered concerns about whether the president had been injured, particularly after an ambulance with flashing lights sped to the house.

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  1. you have to realize that Mr. Obama’s friends are very dear to him and he will do anything for them. Lest we forget the incident in Cambridge Masachusettes.

  2. Look here!

    Some kid gets hurt (is it being treated with ObamaCare??) and the Prez goes running. A plane is almost blown out of the air and no one has heard anything from him in days. All this from someone who hasnt met a mic or camera he dislikes (unless it says “fox” on it).

    Oylam goylam!

  3. Oh! And I thought terrorists attacked the president’s compound. Oh well! The story certainly kept us on our toes for at least 5 minutes.

  4. #5. Had it been a terrorist plane on its way to Eretz Yisroel to do who knows what, and the IDF would have shot it down, Barry would have been all over the media, minus Fox, ranting and raving.

  5. ow wow a kid needs stiches and the obama goes running of the golf ccourse but a guy tries to bomb a plane out of the air and nothing ?!?!?!?

  6. if you only read YWN for your news, it is possible that you could come away with the impression that the President has said nothing about the bomber. So maybe expand your repetoire of news websites a bit, that might help your problem.

  7. oh but obamanation brilliant spokesman gibbs critize Israeli for blowing away terroist that is very important but try blowing a plane out of the sky he needs to play golf.He needs to get a cabinet meeting immediately together and plan a stragethy to get after this terroist. Why wasn’t Lieberman summon to Hawaii or is it because he is a dispecable person according to obamanation’s pastor wright

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