TRAGEDY STRIKES LUBAVITCH COMMUNITY: Adult & Child R”L Killed In Crash; Father Of Child Critical [UPDATED BELOW]


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candle95.gif[3:58AM EST] Brooklyn, NY – A horrific car crash has left a 10-year-old Flatbush boy R”L dead, a newly married woman R”L dead, and the boy’s father, a Chabad shaliach in Flatbush, fighting for his life.

Sources tell YWN that the multi-vehicle-crash occurred in Western Pennsylvania, on Interstate 80 (MM 32), near the Clintonville exit in Venango County, shortly before 10:00PM Wednesday evening. The vehicle was reportedly travelling from a wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The crash R”L killed 10-year-old Avrohom Dovid Liberow Z”L, and Pesha Leah Azouli A”H, a newly married woman from Crown Heights. The boy’s father, Rabbi Zalman Liberow is in critical condition. An occupant in another vehicle involved in the crash was killed as well, and at least one tractor-trailer was involved.

Rabbi Zalman Liberow is the Rov of the Chabad Shul located on Ocean Avenue between Avenue N & O, in Flatbush. His wife, Mrs. Chana Liberow, and 3 other children who were in the vehicle are all in stable condition B”H.

Misaskim was contacted shortly after the crash, and worked tirelessly until 3:00AM with the Pennsylvania State Police & the local Coroner to have the bodies released as soon as possible. Misaskim immediately reached out to the Pittsburgh Chevra Kadisha for their assistance in performing their Avodas Hakodesh at the scene of the crash as well.
Additionally, Misaskim has been assisting the families in Crown Heights with all necessary arrangements throughout the night. Boruch Hashem, the bodies were released to Misaskim shortly after 3:00AM, and are being transported by Misaskim back to NYC for the Levaya.

Although not confirmed, Police believe freezing rain may have caused the crash.

LEVAYA INFO: The levaya of Hayeled Avrohom Dovid Liberow will leave Shomrei Hadas Chapel 3803 14th Avenue at 1:30PM Thursday afternoon, continuing to Chabad of Flatbush 1923 Ocean Avenue at 2:00PM, and will pass 770 Eastern Parkway at about 2:30PM.

The levaya of Mrs. Pesha Leah Azulay A”H will take place on Friday at 10:00 a.m. from Shomrei Hadas, and will pass by 770 at 10:30.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…

1:36PM IL: The tzibur is asked to be mispalel for Schneur Zalman ben Dubroscha.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Pesha Leah A”H wrote this

    Isn’t your cup full?

    Isn’t Your cup full?
    How many more tears must we shed?
    Isn’t it hard enough?
    Isn’t it time for this darkness to end?

    You watch our struggles,
    I know that You feel all of our pain.
    But we still move on,
    Asking, are the losses worth the gain?

    Well, isn’t Your cup full?
    How many more tears do we need to cry?
    Every test hurts,
    And we ask You, please tell us, WHY?

    Is there a reason?
    Oh, when will You reveal Your plan?
    It hurts so much,
    Yet deep down, I know You understand.

    But, isn’t Your cup full?
    Don’t you think we’ve cried enough?
    Please, tell me?
    Does it really have to be this tough?

    Haven’t we gone through
    So many trials throughout the ages?
    In my history book,
    Our blood splattered throughout the pages.

    Now, isn’t Your cup full?
    It must be overflowing with tears,
    All the suffering,
    Of Your Nation through the years.

    The Darkness
    It feels so thick we’re almost frozen
    And I cry out,
    G-d, Is this what You call Chosen?

    Oh, isn’t Your cup full?
    Haven’t our tears flooded Your throne?
    It’s enough!
    Please, we can’t continue on alone.

    Yes, Your cup is full,
    And we need You to come home…
    Your cup is finally full,
    We just need You to bring us home.

  2. These people are moiser nefesh for klal Yisroel, and although we are not Lubavitchers, we are baal teshuvas and they have helped us many many times. In any weather, in any circumstances they are there. The Lieberow children are so special, the little ones and the older ones have been taught such ahavas Yisroel, and how they help you when you come to the shul… or in the mitzvah tank on Purim. This is devastating news. There are simply no words at all. Please update on levaya information

  3. Baruch Dayan Haemes.
    What a horrible tragedy!!!!!!
    There have been so many accidents lately (just within the past couple of weeks) where people were killed. Boro Park, Flatbush, and now this! What is the message??? Hashem – please – as Pesha Leah wrote in her poem – Isn’t your cup full? Please send us the Geulah!
    Let’s all Daven for a Refuah Shelayma for those who were injured.

  4. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.



    Moshe T.
    Lakewood NJ

  5. Correction: Could we please read tehilim for the Rov and his family, that all the injured should have a refua shlaima and nechama in their time of loss. And for the husband and family of Pesha Leah a’h they should have a nechama in this difficult time.

  6. I dont usually post on here but i felt i needed to for such a tragic accident. Pesha was a former classmate of mine. She was always such a happy person. She had a heart of gold and always had a smile on her face. I am still in complete shock. She will be greatly missed. Baruch Dayan HaEmes

  7. re: #9 and #10:

    If a Reuven loses a loved one, R”L L”A, one is menachem avel Reuven and not his neighbor, Shimon, despite Shimon also being Jewish, Reuven’s good friend and both of them being part of kol yisrsael areivim ze lazeh. Because, at the end of the day, it was Reuven’s tragedy, not Shimon’s.

    Achdus is important and this tragedy is, of course, a tragedy for Klal Yisrael, as well.

    But since this tragedy occurred to people who happen to follow the Lubavitch derech and are thus part of the Lubavitch “family”, therefore it is first and foremost, as the headline stated, a tragedy for the Lubavitch community.

    May Hashem redeem all His children with the geulah shileimah bimheirah biyameinu, Amein.

  8. to #17: There are many segments in the frum world, BH. Tavo al kulam bracha. However, have you ever seen, “Tzara befalls the Belzer community” or “Tradegy strikes the Mirrer chabura” or “Mourning in the Satmar varein”?

    We are all Yidden, and if we’re all one nation, then stop giving yourself a distinct title at every possible opprtunity. Almost all stories, when they appear here and on some other sites, if they are Chabad related, it’ll say Chabad in the title. For all other sects, you may see a geographic distinction. But rarely will you see a sub group like Lubavitch.

  9. I will say Kapitlach 61-70.
    May Hashem send Schneur Zalman ben Dubroscha a Refuah Shelaima and may he grant both of these families of Nechama as only He can.

  10. I hope that I will not be guilty with my own comment with what I am about to write.
    I do it only with the hope and intent that it should be a to’eles for all commenters…
    I have noticed a terrible tendency by, not all, but MANY who comment on this site, to dissect articles and reader comments just looking for something to criticize.
    This goes as far as jumping on someone simply because of an incorrect spelling or a wrong word choice.
    Rabosai, is this what we want HaSh-m to do with US? I don’t think so. He can certainly find countless flaws in the way we conduct ourselves, but He is full of compassion. He is rachum v’chanun.
    We know HaSh-m runs this world midah k’neged midah. Let’s make a conscious effort to find the good, the positive, in what other Yidden do, and say, and write.
    Sometimes there MAY be valid reasons to question what someone has written, but let’s think twice before jumping on the person. Did they really mean what we think they meant? Might we have misunderstood them? Could there be some validity to what they are saying even if we don’t agree with them? Are we criticizing something that is really not significant? Are we just trying to build our own ego by writing something WE think shows our comment to be superior to what we are criticizing?
    Rabosai let us show some true achdus and ahavas chinam to our fellow Yidden and in turn may we see HaSh-m return it to us midah k’neged midah.

  11. To HaKatan: Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be at times to tell family and friends apart at a chasunah? Mechutanim, relatives, friends, and neighbors are all together and b’simchah.
    On the other hand, it is never difficult to point out the availim at a levaya. Why is that?
    That was the point mentioned by #’s 9 and 10 above and by you as well. #’s 9 and 10 are bothered by the question. You seem to have the answer.
    As my Rebbe used to say, sometimes the question is better than the answer!
    May we all merit to see the day when “va’yaiasu kulom agudah echas, la’asos r’tzoncha b’laivav shalaim.”

  12. why is this tragedy limited to lebovitch i am satmar and my heart is torn and bleeding when i hear thse things happening yes even if it involves non religious

  13. it is true it could do soo much to just get past the small distinctions and can we just be one community

    i am soo impressed by the admin of this site the details he pays attention to and im looking forward to his news sleuthing in other future areas

    may there only be good news and chayil el chayil for klal yisroel

    the governments should hire you soo should the iranian youth your just dangerous!

  14. I will say tehillim from Perek kuf yud tes pesukim beginning wth NUN (ner le ragli) to the end of perek Kuf Lamed Zayin (137)for all the choolim. Refuah Shelama.

  15. Post number 20 is the only one which makes sense!

    Sadly, its always lubavitch thats always singled out.

    Please stop this once and for all!!