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Rabbi Batzri: ‘Get Out Dibuk!’

batzri1.jpgThere was a mechitza set up between the many who came to observe and the mekubalim headed by HaRav David Batzri Shlita, who was attempting to remove the dibuk from the Brazilian avreich in Jerusalem’s Yeshivat Shalom on Wednesday night.

“Get out Dibuk!” shouted the rabbonim as shofars were sounded in the background. “Tell us your name”.

Prior to the event, the avreich, who arrived from Brazil earlier in the week, visited a number of Gedolei Yisrael Shlita, including Jerusalem Tzaddik Rav Zundel Kroizer Shlita.

The mekubalim gathered in the ezras nashim of the shul, separated from the crowd by the mechitza that was closed to prevent seeing what was taking place, permitting observers to listen in, no more.

At one point, the dibuk appeared willing to leave the host, via an eye, but Rav Batzri shouted he does not have permission to harm the young man, ordering him to leave via the small toe of his left foot only, with causing any harm to the young man.

The mekubalim did everything they could to compel the dibuk to leave, but apparently, even the special tikunim recited were not enough to extract the foreign entity from the young avreich.

Witnesses report as the tzibur recited Shema and 13 Midos along with the mekubalim, two different distinct voices were heard from the young avreich.

Despite all the efforts, it appears Rav Batzri was unsuccessful in his efforts to remove the dibuk from the avreich.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

47 Responses

  1. Lets hope that it’s still going to work.

    Then, Even the seculars, that attribute the Aseres Hadibrohs and Koilois by Matan Toirah, to Kishuff, which was very common in those days, will now have to admit that Toirah is Emes.

    This is not Kishuff, because he is using Pesukim and Kaboloh.

  2. i think this guy is playing with everyone hes a ventriloquist and know how to make different voices with out moving his lips, we dont have dibuks anymore the last one was with the chofetz chaim

  3. oy, wait! now what? the Gedolim said only R’ Batzri could do it so if he couldn’t what happens now?

    what was the dibbuk’s name? it doesn’t say.
    also why ONLY the small toe in the left foot what about the right foot?

  4. as a chareidi jew myself,i am absolutely ashamed and embarrased from these criminaly insane ignorant savages,who give judaism a black eye,and make a mockery of our beautiful religion.
    two years ago there was a similar story about a dybuk involving these same scam artists,where they video taped it and made a big business out of it,
    and at the end it was exposed as a complete fraud
    and caused a big chilul hashem
    these scam artists and their ignorant followers cause more damage to authentic judaism than all the leftist secularists combined

  5. #2, perhaps you should go and assist the foremost experts in this case. Officially, they believe it is very “possible” they have a case of a real dibuk. So you are saying they should just all go home?

  6. eric55, it’s very easy to tell a ventriloquist. The tongue moves, and the P and M can only be done by a real professional. Even then, you can tell. As for the one by the Chafetz Chaim being the last one, it isn’t mentioned in the diaries of those present at the time.

  7. Can someone explain something to me, assuming that this is a REAL dybbuk?

    I’ve learned in school that the world is always in a balanced state, meaning if there is a proliferation of Nevuah available, there also has to be a proliferation of Kisshuf to keep the spiritual balances and decisions equal. Otherwise the concept of Bechira would not be a fair choice –

    Based off that premise, if a dybbuk is in the classification of something tamay / something from the otherworld coming to this world, would that not imply that the reverse must co-exist, that there be some kedusha that is permeating to this world from the next?

  8. 9, to counter a dybuk you have ventriloquist. Look at the comments here – can’t you see how it’s not a threat to ‘Bechirah’?

    Besides, today matterialism is so powerful that no matter what other side there’ll be it will always be ridiculed.

  9. I heard from someone who was there last night that although the dybbuk didn’t reveal too much about himself, he did say that in his previous life he murdered a Jewish couple and kidnapped their son to Avodah Zara.
    The dybbuk speaks many times in Yiddish and German, languages that this young man doesn’t understand himself.
    His wife is utterly devastated.

  10. As per #4. I’m too Dutch to believe these kinds of silly stories. (The Dutch are known for not being superstitious.)

  11. For all the people making fun of this,do you think your are smarter than all the gidolim that think its real?the gemora doesn’t say good things about people that make fun of gedolim. If you don’t believe it just keep it to your self. Don’t write it on the internet that the whole world can see.

  12. 11, I disagree. I started my post with the assumption that this is a real Dybbuk.

    The only thing real about a ventriloquist is that he/she has perfected the image of minimal visible facial muscle movement that normally comes with speech, along with expressions. this ‘fools’ the populace, but is just another form of a magician’s stunt, employing no netherworldly powers, just using the physical world of fooling the eye that is similarly fooled by sleight of hand tricks.

    I disagree that the power of materialism /ridiculing this would counter-force this, assuming a dybbuk is true. that appears to be an oversimplification of a world that Hashem has created with exact checks and balances. The very concept of Midah ke’neged Midah is great in that no human can Power of Materialism is not a direct corollation to this ‘power’ of a soul to take over a body and communicate. one is the power of speech (non physical), one is the power of greed (materialism = physical).

    A ventriloquist is not in that category.

  13. “I’m too Dutch to believe these kinds of silly stories.”… and many other doubting comments.

    Yet, you bleeped my post because I stated that the story sounds “fishy”!

  14. Then, Even the seculars, that attribute the Aseres Hadibrohs and Koilois by Matan Toirah, to Kishuff, which was very common in those days, will now have to admit that Toirah is Emes.

    Oh come on, it’s not about the seculars. People need this to show that what they believe is real. What a terrible chillul Hashem. The Rambam writes that the dor hamidbar didn’t believe because of the nissim brought about through Moshe. Miracles do not validate our belief – and those were real miracles! Not some kind of superstitious exorcism. How sad it is that this is what Judaism has become. Who today still has real emunah? Who even knows what means?

  15. It is terribly sad to see how many honest and well meaning yidden will buy into this nonsense. To #1, sorry to intrude into your closed world, but this lunacy will only cause seculars to view frumme yidden as gullible. It will cause them to pat themselves on the back saying “this is why I am not like them”.
    Why can’t we just stick to Toras Hashem? Why do we feel that we need something deep and black that we cannot understand? Are our lives so devoid of meaning that we hope everything has a deeper translation.Is not the fact that we are living the words of Hakodosh Baruch Hu satisfying enough?
    Why don’t we look at where these practices really “shtam” from. A quick look at wikipedia tells us more than enough.(

    CHRISTIANITY “In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the church, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers, and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc. The exorcist often invokes God, and/or several different angels to intervene with the exorcism.”

    HINDUISM-“Vaishnava traditions also employ a recitation of names aloud. According to Gita Mahatmya of Padma Purana, reading the Bhagavad Gita and mentally offering the result to departed persons helps them to get released from their ghostly situation.”

    BUDDISM-“The Zen technique of exorcism is described by “a visiting Zen Buddhist monk” exorcist : “I recall one person who was being bothered by a spirit who refused to leave. I could see the spirit myself … . But I could also see that it was a product of the individual’s … . When I explained the nature of the spirit to the individual, … the spirit was gradually absorbed through the top of the person’s head”

    We are an Am Hakodosh. We have no business with the Chukas Hagoyim.

  16. To #1:
    Magic was very common in those days? How do you know this? Not so simple. According to the Rambam in Hilochos Avodah Zara, there is no such thing as magic, never was and never will be. It has always been just fooling the people with sleight-of-hand or whatever else you call it.

  17. #2 you are just making a mockery of a very serious matter, you should be ashamed of yourself for a comment like that. Is this a joke to you?

  18. To # 22

    Kishuff was indeed very common.

    The Chartimei Pharoh copied Moshe with almost every Makoh.
    The Amoleikim used Kishuff.
    The Erev Raav used Kishuff to make the Eigel.
    Kishuff made the Golden Calf dance around.
    The Miforshim say that Lovon’s Trofim perfomed miracles, thats why Rochel saved them.

    The Meforshim say that the reason Moshe Rabeinu wanted to see the Sh’china, is, so that he should be able to tell HKB”H, “look at the difference between me and Klal Yisroel, I could actually see You, but Klal Yisroel had to stand far away behind barriers, why shouldn’t they suspect that the voices and thunders were actually my Kishuff”.

  19. #25, your questions on the Rambam does not make the Rambam go away. You can work on answering the questions, as many have. But I wouldn’t just decide that the Rambam is wrong because of what you might think.

  20. Honestly, the only Mekubal today who all the Gedolim hold with is Rabbi Yaakov Hillel. If he is not invovled, or did not give the okay, I dont think we should believe any of this.

  21. R’ chaim Kanievsky And R’ Yehuda Leib Shteinman both said that he should go to R’ Dovid Batzri. That implies that they know he’s legitimate and not one who can be fooled into thinking that anyone can say there’s a dibuk. Why, then, are many suggesting that this is a hoax? Anything could be, including a dibuk. Everything that goes on in this world has a reason. TV and Internet was invented for a reason, and many Gedolim said that the reason is so that people today will understand and comprehend the consept that in Shomayim they show you a video of all your actions… There’s a reason for this too, even in today’s generation.

    I’m not saying it’s real or that it’s true. But you have to believe that it could be true.

  22. I heard from a very smart person that if you hear a story and it doesn’t seem plausible, don’t believe it, even if the person says, it happened to me. Belief in the existence of demons et al is not halacha nor article of faith. We clearly see that there is less kedusha in the world than hundreds of years ago. And therefore there’s clearly less tumah, demons being one of example. Maybe we should ask the demon if he knows the Skvere fish? Or try to bribe him to leave by offering the demon the Brooklyn Bridge. But first we’ll have to ask the people who believe this dybuk story permission to give him the bridge since they all seem to have bought the Brooklyn Bridge already.

  23. #27 not that I’m saying the Rambam was wrong, but Rabbenu Yonah said the Rambam was influenced by philosophy when he said there isn’t magic.

  24. The statement mentioned by the Rambam is actually billed as a machlokes Rambam and ramban and there are many explanations given here are the two most accepted.
    1) The Gra states that the Rambam did not have the majority of Kabbala (the Zohar was discovered after the Rambams petira) as a result the Rambam held certain things were “shver” which al pi Zohar is not. We who hold of the Zohar are prohibited from taking the Rambam’s vuews on these matters (the Ramban comes close to saying for us to make such statements is Kefira (see the Ramban on Parshas Chayei Soroh).
    2) Kishuf is controlled by sources from out of our universe when the Rambam stated that there is no such thing as Kishuf he meant within our Universe. I believe this is the approach taken by Rav Moshe Shapiro Shlita.

  25. 20, you think there never was such a thing as a dibbuk? There definitely have been.

    I’m just puzzled that this is being done so publicly. How can the bracha be shoreh?

  26. until you have proof that the chofetz chaim said that there will be no more dibukim from a person that was present at the time, you must believe it because that is what the present gedolei yisrael said

  27. to #30 & others who say similiar: “R’ chaim Kanievsky And R’ Yehuda Leib Shteinman both said that he should go to R’ Dovid Batzri. That implies that they know he’s legitimate and not one who can be fooled into thinking that anyone can say there’s a dibuk. Why, then, are many suggesting that this is a hoax?”

    There is ZERO proof that they went to these great tzadikim! NONE! IF they did go, & what they say the Gedolim said IS true, then we all know the truth & all the nay sayers have alot to learn about emunas chachamim.

    But what I think everyone is saying, is that this whole story from the beggining could really have never taken place in the first place! The whole thing is a scam!No Avreich, no traveling to Isreal while the Dibuk yells out on the plane.
    No managing to go to all these Gedolim that would take a reg person tremendous amount of pull,time (money?) to get into.
    If you think about it, its a great story to read & def keeps you going ( i personaly love this stuff i realy get uplifted If is true) but the details are totaly outreageous with no way to believe this from the start unless there is proof.

  28. I heard the satmar rav (Rav Yoel Teitelbaum ztl ) was once approached by a women who claimed she was possessed by a dybuk . He told her to go home and set her alarm clock to ring at 6 oclock the next morning and when it rings the dybuk will leave her . She took his advice and came back to him the next day and she said it worked , her dybuk was gone .

  29. #20, please provide proofs to support your statement that you know this is nonsense. Additionally, the fact that other religions have some semblance of knowledge or experience in this, does not invalidate the existence of dibuks.

    I look forward to reading how you came to the conclusion all this is false. Sincerely, I like hearing both sides of the story and ask in the spirit of sincere discussion.

  30. # 41
    I attempted to answer you twice, but apparently the moderator will not allow my comment to be posted. He will allow a comment that suggests that rachel imainu saved the trufim (inanimate objects) because of supposed powers, chas vshalom, but will not allow my comment.

  31. I will be persistent. if you are truly sincere in your quest, then google, download, and read a sefer called “tohar hayichud”. It is written by an elderly rav and maggid shiur who wishes to remain annonymous. It is long and not very easy reading. If you are a mevakesh emes, you will read it and decide for yourself if I am correct in my assertions.

  32. #40 – great post – perfect!!
    I once got a bad sore throat and when I spoke I sounded completely different – like I was possessed by another entity with a different voice!!
    I asked my doctor what to do and he told me to drink a hot tea twice a day with honey and lemon.
    I did so, my sore throat went away, and I was able to speak normally again!!

  33. I will not address whether this particular story is true or not, being that I haven’t seen or heard anything, other than this post, to prove whether it is true.

    However, for those who question its authenticity based on the testimony of the Chofetz Chaim that there would be no more dibukim, after Reb Elchonon extricated a dibuk in his time, I advice you to look in sefer Emes L’Yakov in this week’s parsha (VaAira) and you will see that Reb Yakov Zt”l mentions the maaseh of the Chofetz Chaim and clearly says that in certain circumstances it is still possible to happen.

  34. why doesn’t anyone look at this logically?
    1. why don’t dibbukim ever reveal themselves in the world of non superstitious people? when was a dibbuk ever heard from in washington heights? or even in the non jewish or non religious world?
    2. why wasn’t a competent psychiatrist called to evaluate the person first? again, if the first conclusion that they come to is that this is a dibbuk, what does that say about them? we tend to see what we want to see.
    3. does it not strike you as odd that no one was allowed to see the actual ‘exorcism’ ceremony? we don’t know for a fact that ‘two voices are coming out at once’…it may well be a hoax, and even if it’s not a hoax, it’s very possible for two voices to come out simultaneously, some tibetan monks practice multiphonic singing, which is the ability to sing two seperate and distinct notes at once.
    4. certainly if there was enough evidence that this was real, there would be no lack of scientists studying this phemonenon, in fact, if anyone, anywhere could prove the existence of any element of the spiritual realm in a peer reviewed journal, they would win the nobel prize! there are currently several organizations, both religious and sceptical in nature, that offer millions of dollars in prize money to whomever can prove this!
    that being said, it seems to me that many religious people are far more superstitious than the rambam would feel comfortable with…

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