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Levaya Of Rav Yechezkel Besser ZATZAL

YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of Rabbi Yechezkel Besser ZATZAL,  the Rov of Congregation Bnei Yisroel Chaim in Manhattan.

Rabbi Besser was also a Chaver HaNesius of Agudath Israel of America, member of the Vaad Hapoel Haolami of Agudath Israel World Organization, founding Chairman of the Daf Yomi Commission and longstanding askan par excellence.

Rabbi Besser’s levaya will take place tonight (Tuesday), 6:45PM, at the Shomrei Hachomos Chapel in Brooklyn, 43rd Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway. From there, the aron will be taken to Eretz Yisroel. The levaya is scheduled to be held at Shamgar in Yerushalayim at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evening, followed by kevurah on Har Hamenuchos.

Shiva will be held at 118 Riverside Drive Apt. #2B (corner 84th Street) in Manhattan until Tuesday morning 2 Adar/February 16.

Reb Shlomo Besser will accompany the aron to Eretz Yisroel and sit shivah there all day Thursday at his daughters home, Greenberger family, Rechov Druk 40, in Yerushalayim, returning to New York on Friday morning.

Boruch Dayam Emmes…

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  1. I never met a finer individual. R. Besser was someone who really “got it.” He was welcoming of all Jews and was able to relate to people both on their level and at the same time elevate them to his. He was a great man.

  2. BDE Chaval al d’ovdin vlo mishtakchin. An individual that embodied the Pirkei Avos concept of tiferes l’osehoh v’tiferes l’bnei odom. A man head and shoulders above others in midos and chesed and maasim tovim. His love for Torah and klal yisroel was unsurpassed. Reb Chazkel, go straight to Hashem and be the askin b’shomayim that you were here all your years.

  3. It was always very interesting to listen to him, to read, speaking with him.
    Très impressionné par cette grande personne, son sens du Kla Yisroel et du Kevod Hathoro. Je garde un vénérables souvenir de lui; des moments partagés à table lors des Conventions de l’Aguda et de ses magistrales présentations / interventions. C’était un homme apprécié des autres, un Rebbe pour sa Schul, un Munch.
    dass er MELITZ YOSCHER für uns, das ganze jüdische volk und all seine Mischpocheah.

  4. There’s a very warm biography (especially if you know the backstory) of him called The Rabbi of 84th Street by Warren Kozak.

    Yehi zichro baruch.

  5. BDE
    A big loss. A talmid chochom, moikir toira, moikir rabonon, an askan, and a big machnis oirach.
    He was zoiche to “tu oif” alot.
    Yehi zichroi boruch.
    He should be a mailitz yoisher, the R’ Chatzkel Besser way.

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