VIDEO: Computer Smashing Ceremony At Yeshiva Machane Yisroel


[VIDEO LINK BELOW] Yeshiva Machane Yisroel is a Yeshiva for Baalei Teshuva in the Beis Yisroel section of Yerushalayim near the Mirrer Yeshiva.

The Rosh Yeshiva is opposed to the use of computers, and therefore even the Yeshiva office uses none.

In the video link below we can see one of the many “computer smashing ceremonies” held at the Yeshiva, with a brief introduction by the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Findler who explains how in this particular instance, the computer was used for purposes of earning a livelihood by the owner until he decided to make the move and dispose of his laptop.

NOTE: This exercise was carried out by trained professionals. Please don’t try this at home –  but if you do please wear safety goggles!


(Lavid Devitan – YWN)


  1. “This exercise was carried out by trained professionals.”
    Trained? They look like a bunch of bochrim playing around.
    Instead of breaking them, donate them to a Yeshiva or an organization that needs them.

    Or just give them to me!!!

  2. Go explain the smashing of computers to the many Doros who will be products of the many hundreds of Internet Shidduchim that have occured recently. These Shidduchim would have been very difficult to materialize otherwise.

    There are many fine filters available these days.

    Also, I believe that a Chassidish Twersky said recently that computers are here to stay and we have to make peace with it, we just have to work on keeping them safer.

  3. While the intent is admirable, the reality is that the world runs on the Net. You can’t even apply for government grants without applying online! So how does the Yeshiva think it can function effectively in what is rapidly becoming a paper-less world?

    True, there is plenty of shmutz on the Net & I am the first to say that there is plenty of time-wasting done when we log on. However, without YWN posting this ONLINE, I wouldn’t know about it & therefore, couldn’t comment!

  4. hey, ive been smashing my laptops like this for years! i smashed three of them because there too slow. one was brand new.

    jews should reinvent the idea of a computer from scratch anyways, these computers are ridiculous to the core.

  5. Perhaps someone should explain to him that computers are not the same as the internet and can be used without the internet connection. They can contain data, directories and shas and poskim on discs. This activity is quite sad.

  6. I agree with everyone. Such a shame to waste a laptop. I am in need of a laptop to do my work so I can get paid but I can’t afford one. Should have given it to me. And charvona is right. You can use computers without the internet. Nowadays, everything is done by computer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with a “kosher computer” where you can’t get the net at all just like they have “kosher cell phones”

  7. Computers are used all the time without the internet.
    All they did was destroy a very useful piece of technology, just like the video camera they used to make the video that they now have on the internet that they condemn.

  8. This is cultish behavior. This is the type of attitude which leads people to violence against those they disapprove of. If a women doesn’t dress tzniusdik what do you do? You break her to pieces? Or you look away? Ask this Rabbi.

  9. whew im so glad it wasnt an ipad or a mac. Dayenu it was a toshiba though. I feel like shaving off my beard.
    Oh yes on elast thing. I have a new motto for them.
    hare krishna…hare krishna …hare hare hare krishna

  10. I just watched the video…this can’t be the Torah way. A computer isn’t good or bad. Neither is the internet. Everything is intrinsically neutral. Its all up to the user how to use it. Many people do evil with money. Should we go burn money or shred it up? The point of Torah is to teach us how to control ourselves. We don’t go smashing and burning things.

  11. A yeshiva in Boro park(I won’t mention name) recently ordered computers. The Rebbeh of this moisad was and is totally against the internet and computers but had no choice in ordering new computers because New York State madates that in order to recieve certain aid and books for our children all forms must be done online and you can’t just order this stuff through a friend or go to the library. the computers and codes MUST be registered to the yeshiva.

    Ask any adminsitrator about this and they will verify what i am writing here.

    maybe we should ban telephones since people speak loshon hora on phones?

    In this world there is good and evil. We must choose good and banning everything under the sun is pure mishigas and will never work especially in this generation. We have to utilize everything for the good and if we do that then with siyat dishmaya everything will work out.

  12. GOODBYE YESHIVA WORLD – I was so inspired by the mitzvah depicted in the video that I’m going to destroy my computer now. I’m unsure of what bracha to make, but here goes…………………..

  13. This rav is acting like a clown and simply assuring that his bochurim will end up as dysfunctional and illiterate without any chance of having a parnassah, but maybe thats what they want. These antics are really a chillul hashem and should be condemned.

  14. This is the real danger of computers and the internet. Once upon a time when crazies acted out, only those close enough to witness it knew about it. With computers and internet everyone has to know about every mishugenah that exisits.

  15. Something is wrong here Chevrah!
    Why is this absurdity being videoed and posted to YouTube if the goal is to erradicate the use of computers?
    Perhaps photos of this ‘great event’ should instead be advertised in printed media or some othe “kosher” form.

  16. This actin is very scary. The first move in controlling people is to cut off their avenues of learning and information. Germany started with book burnings in WWII. Very Scary!

  17. BS”D

    Unfortunately, this video shows what happens when a bunch of amarotzim kanoim try to do that which only yechidei skila should do.

    1) It is ossur to smash a computer as this makes it impossible to collect insurance on same. The computer must be dissolved or burned, so that no trace remains except the receipts of purchase or proof of purloinage.

    2) Before a computer is destroyed, one must stand on one’s head, recite al chet and vidui backward in Ladino, and scream: “Vehaya Machanecho Kodoish” to the tune of Hashem Hee Malkynee.

    3) One MUST wear a tin foil, conical “dunce shtreimel” when destroying a computer, so as to protect one’s self from the harmful timoh that is released as the computer is destroyed.

    In other words, a frylichen Peerim (at least I HOPE this was a Peerim prank; I’m using a backup connection and can’t watch the video – oops, I mean the head of the vaad hakanoyim installed a monitor in my tin foil shtreimel and if he catches me watching a video I can wind up in chyrem which means I will have to wear a t-shirt saying, “Kish Mir, Ich Bin an Oisvorf” all day Taanis Vashti).

  18. This reminds me of the behavior of the delinquent children (boys ages 4-7) who hang out in our building parking lot. They’ve done the same thing on more than one occasion – only the computers they destroyed weren’t laptops. That’s the only difference.

  19. My Rebbeim used to scold us for ripping up things excessively before throwing them out. They said it was a bad middoh to destroy things (aside from baal tashchis- I’m referring to garbage)

  20. I am the person who posted to YouTube.Just for clarification,the Yeshiva didnt post the clip,a few copies of the ceremony were circulated by the owner of the trashed computer to commemorate the event

  21. First I thought they’re a bunch of babies, and I still do, but there might be a point in making a point, as Rav Huna broke the glass at the wedding, in the begging of 5th Perek in Brachos…

  22. well i dont know what all the hype is addition to the computer being source of parnasa, maybe he did aveiros with it too. even though only he would be to blame and not the computer,when people are chozer btshuva, its natural to have feelings of anger that the truth has been hiding from them and take it out on an object from their past. how many of us use our money on trivialities (do i really need an iphone, ipad, AND an ipod? )just to make a point of showing how cool we are or how devoted we are to getting the latest tech gadget? we are all allowed to do as we wish with our gelt right? so this guy wanted to use his money to show how sincere he is in his teshuva and make a statement that anyone CAN change. in my eyes this video teaches an important lesson: sometimes change HURTS. if someone decides that he is willing to ‘throw away’ the $3000 cancellation fee associated with canceling the $10,000 vacation he now feels he does not really need i would consider him a winner not a loser because he did what he felt was right even if it hurt a bit. happy purim!

  23. BS”D

    Come on, chevra!

    (Lavid Devitan – YWN) – if that doesn’t give it away….

    And we are the am chacham venavon?????????????????

    Anyone who responded seriously really fell for a good one. A freilichen Purim, and remember do NOT destroy ANY property unless it is either insured or a Tzioini flag.

  24. Its far from a Joke. This was done in all seriousness. Its assur to be a mashchis. There is an issur of baal Tashchis. Its a Lo Saaseh. If you don’t want your computer sell it to someone who needs one and give the money to Tzedaka. Let’s remember the name of this yeshivah and the next time they come collecting….