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Joe Biden: Attacks On News Media, Courts Are Dangerous

1Former Vice President Joe Biden defended the courts and the news media, saying attacks against those institutions are dangerous.

Biden was speaking Wednesday night at the Newseum in Washington, where he accepted an award from the Bipartistan Policy Center.

News outlets report that the Democrat didn’t mention Republican President Donald Trump by name but said he was worried by the “almost drumbeat of denigration of the institutional structures that govern us.”

Biden said trying to delegitimize the courts is “corrosive” and makes it impossible to compromise. And he said questioning the legitimacy of the free press is “one of the most dangerous things out there.”

Trump has criticized judges and rulings in the past. He also frequently criticizes what he calls “fake news” and once wrote in a tweet that the news media “is the enemy of the American people.”


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  1. Uncle Joe,

    Since when should judiciary and press be immune from criticism? Especially a collection social engineering-driven leftie federal judges who for the last 30 years have attempted to destroy the foundations of our country, flag, family and religious rights? ( And righties should also be criticized or condemned if citizens want to. )
    The press?? What’s this? No criticism of an insidious lying press who shamelessly threw objectivity of reporting in the toilet ??? Never questioned the questionable Kenyan but now breathlessly vomit out propaganda to overthrow the currently and lawfully elected president. Same for conservatives; they aren’t immune.
    Hey Joe, we know that you boss and his Dem gang threatened to shut down conservative media 6 years ago. What you and this bunch want is a lock-step totalitarian leftist progressive soft dictatorship. What you’d like is a an American version of PRAVDA, pardon my Russian,and more of that nuseating NPR ( over half, tax dollar funded)
    Get a hobby, Joe.
    How about bookbinding? It’s almost a lost art.

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