Official: ‘Too Early’ To Call Times Square A Terror Incident


The following from CNN:

It is too early to tell whether the incident in New York’s Times Square was a terror incident involving al Qaeda or another terror network, a federal official briefed on the situation told CNN early Sunday.

The investigation by the New York police “just started,” the official said.

The official cautioned that connecting any dots this soon will get “way ahead” of the investigation.

But based on the preliminary investigation, the official downplayed the impact of the car bomb, saying, “if it was real, it didn’t work.”

A second federal official also said there are no clear indicators that this is international terrorism.

(Source: CNN)


  1. Is it too early because you childish morons in the administration have to come up with some phony words to refer to this?

    Why not call a spade, a spade?