Tehillim needed for Rabbi Edgar Gluck


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Tehillim.jpgThe noted Askan, Rabbi Edgar Gluck suffered a minor heart attack last evening and is currently hospitalized. He is I”H expected to make a complete recovery. Please be Mispallel for Chaim Boruch Ben Leah, and in the Zechus of all the acts of Chesed which he has performed over the last 30 years, Hashem should send him a Refua Shelaima. (Click on the image to ENLARGE a Kapital Tehillim)


  1. What a person? What can you say about someone who’s whole adult life has been one big chesed project. Many people either forget or do not know that Hatzolo was started by him. He tohether with all the Cholei Yisroel should have a complete Refuah Shelaima.

  2. Yes, Hershel Webber. He has a cousin from Holland who i’m friendly with and she told me about how active he was in starting the Hatzoloh in New york,

    However Rabbi Gluck is indeed a special person. I will never forget his devotion and commitment to the victims of the ‘Grand Canyon’ helicopter tragedy a few years ago. May he have a refuah very quickly!

  3. FYI: R’Hershel Webber was is fact the person with the idea, when he approached the Satmar Rebbe Z”L (R’ Yoel) about it, who by the way gave it the name “Hatzolah”, as well as the first ever donation, the rebbe told him to run with the idea, and that he should get in touch with Rabbi Gluck to make it happen.

    Rabbi Gluck was the person who pushed for all the legal aspects from the begining, so in reality, you are all correct, they were both “founders” the rest is history…

    But either way, in the zchus of all that Rabbi Gluck has done for the past 50 years, and continues to do, may he have a full recovery very soon.

  4. R’ Hershel Weber is b’h alive. I think the confusion is that his wife was niftar a year ago. As a matter of fact her yuhrtzeit was on Monday, may her neshamaa have an aliya.