Flatbush: Major accident (Friday)


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[More pictures by clicking HERE] There was a major accident on Avenue K and east 18th Street (Flatbush) late Friday afternoon. The FDNY and NYPD/ESU needed to cut the car apart to free the two passengers who were heavily entrapped. Flatbush Hatzolah transported the two patients to Kings County Trauma Center, and Lutheran Trauma Center in serious condition.

Update Motzei Shabbos 9:15PM: We regret to inform you of the passing of Mrs Sara Roth A”H from serious injuries sustained in Friday’s accident. The Levaya will take place at 12:00PM, Sunday at Shomrei Hadas Chapel [39th Street & 14th Avenue]. Boruch Dayan Emmes…


  1. Mrs. Sarah Roth, A”H lived in Lawrence, NY. She had two sons, Yehudah, and Aryeh, and a daughter Faygie (married name Filler). Sarah’s husband, Elyakim [Chaim] Roth Z”L, was niftar approximately 20 years ago (I’m not sure of the exact year). She was zoche to nachas from grandchildren, and great-grandchildren k”ah.

    This information is from a relative from her husband’s side of the family, and therefore this is the only information I know. Her husband Z”L has two sisters: Mrs. Judy Sanders (Queens/Eretz Yisroel), and Mrs. Lyla Kornbluth (Flatbush).

    Sarah was a wonderful, upbeat person, always with a smile and a good word for everyone…

    May her children, and all of her extended family, as well as her many, many friends find a nechama.


  2. Abi
    You know the old saying,
    Shlumiel: the guy who spilled the soup
    Shlumazel: the guy the soup landed on
    Nudnick: the guy who asks “what kind of soup was it”?

  3. My aunt, Sarah Roth, was a great person. Although she lost her husband almost 20 years ago, and battled cancer for many years, she always kept a positive, upbeat attitude that my wife and I will always remember and cherish. Sarah Roth’s home was open to anyone who needed a meal or place to stay. Her warmth and kindness were legendary. We will miss her very much.
    Nesanel, Sarah, Esther Hadasa & Nechama A.