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Spring Valley: Attempted home invasion

There was an attempted home invasion at 51 North Main Street, in Spring Valley at approximately 9:00AM this morning. Chopper 1 and K9 have been requested to the scene. They are searching for a male black wearing a white shirt.

UPDATE 9:53AM: The Police department is using “reverse 911” to notify residences within a half a mile radius to stay in their homes and lock the doors. (BNN DESK)

UPDATE 10:25AM: The Journal News is reporting this as a robbery at gunpoint. They are also reporting that a Headstart preschool on Second Avenue in Nanuet was being locked down as a precaution. The victim told police that the suspect had a silver and black handgun. It was unclear how much money the suspect made off with. No one was injured in the robbery.

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  1. Shticky Guy – 911 is the number you call when you are in trouble and need help or if there is an emergency. It has nothing to do with September 11th. So, this time the 911 people are going to call the people to inform them of the break in instead of the other way around.

  2. reverse 911: to call in an emergency in America all you need to do is press or dial 911. the dispatcher that recieves the call has all the information regarding the caller: Phone Number and Address (if a landline phone). Reverse 911, allows emergency responders to record a message and broadcast it to all landlines that are served by the particular 911 district or by a geographical area.

  3. Was the bum caught? Is every one safe? Was this in a Frum area? Are safety issues going to be addressed for the community?

  4. I was 90 seconds away from there when it happened the helicopters circled the air for almost 4 hours. All schools on the border of nanuet & spring valley were in lock down mode.

  5. 1) not caught yet (as far I know)
    2) Frum people pass through but do not live there
    3) Yeshiva of Spring Valley – Boys had police posted outside

    I wonder uf there is any connection to this and the shooting of the trooper – not sure of the time frame and if it is possible.

  6. Why were police outside by yeshiva spring valley its a mile away how about yeshiva degel hatorah that had a drill incase they have to go down to lockdown mode.

  7. NA NA – they might have been there – my kids go to YSV and I related whar they told me. assumption, they were at Degel HaTorah also

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