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Mayor of Village of Monroe Arrested For Assaulting Kiryas Joel Builder

yw story logo.jpgThe NY State Police has just confirmed to YeshivaWorld that the Village of Monroe Mayor John Karl was just arrested after assaulting a Frum builder from the Village of Kiryas Joel. Witnesses reported to YW that the mayor was in fact brought handcuffed to the New York State police barracks.

UPDATE 6:19PM EST: The victim was transported to the hospital by Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah. he was hit in the head with a metal pipe.

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  1. To make this clear, this is not the SATMAR mayor of THE VILLAGE OF KIRYS JOEL it is the Mayer of THE VILLAGE OF MONROE they are two different villages

  2. to understand : there is a town imn upstate named monroe and in the town of monroe there is a part a incorporated pard named village of kiryas joel and another port named village of monroe and another port wich is not incorporated just plain under the town managmant and the village of k j has a mayer r’ avraham wieder and the village of monroe has a own mayer

  3. How come Monroe has a “mayer” and the Satmar’s Kiryas Joel have a “mayor”?

    Mayer is a Hebrew (Jewish) name
    The position is always called “MAYOR”
    What is the other side of the story?What provoked this?

  4. Maybe you need to watch the real news to get your facts straight. All charges were dropped because the man that supposedly was pushed not hit over the head was illegally turning on water at the site in hand… The Mayor who also heads the water authority in Monroe was trying to do the right thing by enforcing the law. Get your facts straight before you condemn a person…. and stop trying to cheat the system if the man that was pushed was right I’m sure he wouldn’t have dropped the charges so quickly and with out comment to the press he was spotted running off and refused to comment to news crews…..

  5. Yeah because as usual the only witness was the mans friend and he called the cops and the as procedure goes the mayor had to be brought down for questioning and was never booked or arrested the other gentleman was taken of in an ambulance but for some reason look just fine as he left the police precint tonight on the news. If in fact he had been injured I’m sure the cops wouldn’t have brought him down to the police station…. The fact remains he dropped the charges because he made up the hole thing with his friend…. and if you read what I said the man was BRAKING THE LAW BY TURNING THE WTAER ONE WITH OUT PERMISSION……. funny how you don’t hold him at all to blame….one sided much…

  6. Why was the Mayor fighting with this guy?

    The builder was doing something illegal?

    NO sweat. Have a summons issued. Have him arrested.

    But the question remains. WHY was the mayor there? Having a screaming match?

    Did Mayor Bloomberg ever show up at a building with violations and have a fight?


    The Mayor should be tossed out of office for acting like a jerk.

  7. seems there is some history between johnny karl the third and KJ an article in the recordonline from Oct 2004.

    re: a contract between KJ and Monroe for firefighting assistance (not sure today but a few years ago KJ paid Monroe to assist in certain cases).

    On Oct. 19, with the contract expiration looming, Monroe trustees met with their lawyer behind closed doors for a half-hour and emerged with an agreement to continue providing firefighting services in Kiryas Joel. Only John Karl III, a firefighter and new trustee who has criticized Kiryas Joel’s late payments for fire service, voted no.

  8. the Mayor is also the head of the water authority in monroe and he is inchagre of inspecting the construction sites when it comes to water…. maybe you don’t know the difference but mayor bloomberg is the mayor of close to 8milliom people and he is not on the same level as the mayor of monroe a rural area of upstate new york. when he was notifed that the water was turned on ilegally his jog is to go down and shut it off I think you missunderstand the fact that he was just doing his job and the builder is no angle Have you ever heard of self defence… Yes thing get out of hand sometimes… and again if the builder was in the right in anyway the mayor wouldn’t be at home right now…. You can’t tell me you side with some one who’s breaking the law…

  9. If the mayor was wrong and the builder was right why is he refusing to comment to the press it’s easy to make the mayor the scap goat because he’s a public figure but why is the builder hidding….hhuuummm…I guess because he was at fault and wrong for doing what he did!

  10. Who ever said the builder is innocent?

    Just wait until the people of Kiryas Joel pull the Mayors skeletons out of the closet.

  11. I don’t understand what Fatime24 is crying about. Who cares if the worker did something wrong the mayor can’t just physically assualt him. He’s not a cop or any other type of law enforcement official. So yes I agree with what this article says the mayor was 100% wrong and I’m surprised that he dropped the charges.

  12. Fatime, Drop your self-hatred. This Mayor has a long past where he uses violence and is a known anti-semite.

    He has no right to use physical violence for a perceived code violation. He can issue a summons or a court-order for that. Not hit (or ”’push” as you defended his violence) someone in the head with a metal water key pipe and send him to the hospital.

    This punk Mayor was held for questioning at State Police barracks for 5 hours. Charges were dropped because he is an insider. Anyone else would be facing charges leading towards a long prison sentance.

  13. Joseph- Why do you assume its SELF hatred? We are on the internet! His lachem vilo lo “your…..builder” is telling. A google search of FATIME24 (also capitalized) brings up some German language sites of the sort not frequented by us. Who are you?

  14. Fatime24,

    What do you mean the builder was wrong??? The mayor has no right to turn to assault, why not just have him indited?

  15. Wrong buddy not German the only reason my name is in caps is because I forgot to put it in lower case … I feel that the internet is a forum for all and when I googled the story this web site came up… all people whether you are from any back round should know that the law is the law and when you don’t know all the details that’s what causes self hate… I’m stating facts and everyone else is just going by the headline that this web site has and apparently not looking any where else for info… except for mdlevine My family comes from all walks of life so I am not against anyone I for the rights we fight for and that if you brake the law own up to it don’t pick a fight that gets blow out of proportion by people how as I see it hate the mayor based on the headline and nothing else….

  16. It is only an allegation tat the developer was violating the code, while it is a witnessed fact the punk Mayor assulted the developer.

  17. No allegation town counsil confirmed that the code was violated and to and doesn’t make sense why would he go there if nothing was wrong???? come on we know both are some what at fault but amazingly the man that we haven’t still heard from is Mr. goldburg… If your out there give us your side of the story or are you a coward hiding behind you community

  18. Fatime, go back to your anti-semitic cave. The developers was not found to have violated the code by no one except the punk Mayor who took the law into his own hands.

    And even if it turns out he violated the code, the penalty for a code violation is NOT to have the Mayor assult you with a metal pipe.

  19. This guy Fatime also posted his anti-Jewish tirade on the Herald-Records discussion of this story on their site.

    He found this story on YW thru Google and put a link to this YW story on the Herald-Records discussion board.

  20. “Fatime” could be from the Arab name “Fatima,” but I’m just guessing. It would explain the anti-Semitism, though.

    What I’m wondering about is the fact that the mayor is the water commissioner (or whatever the title is) of Monroe, but the article says that the estate was getting its water from Harriman, NOT from Monroe. That being the case, what business is it of the water commissioner of Monroe?

  21. Tis blog has gotten so disgusting I am not arab I am not anti-semitic and I’m not male…..
    I just stated that facts that the story is bieing blow out of propotion and that it seems that bith sides handled it poorly and name calling and religious bashing just feeds the anger in poeple….
    He is the water commissionioner in harriman too..
    it’s scary how we can’t live in peace…
    Do you think if Mr. Goldburg hadn’t violated laws again this would have even occured and I live in a busy city of new york and I have never had that many news crews show up at a dometic disput… something does seem fishy and I have called poeple names so get over yourself because I don’t look like the bad one here you do…
    Unfortunely this is why we will never have peace in the world we always look to blame others but never look in the mirror at our own faults…It’s a shame…..

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