Manchester: Jewish Students’ Attack Fears


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hate crimes1.jpgAttacks on Jewish students in Manchester have brought calls for university chiefs to take action. Baroness Deech, whose parents were refugees from Nazi Vienna, told peers: “Bricks were thrown through the windows of a Jewish student house in Manchester and a poster placed on the front door saying ‘Slaughter the Jews’.

“There is no room in our world-class British universities for intolerance and hatred.”

The Manchester attacks were mentioned in an all-party parliamentary report which said there was increasing alarm about the failure of student bodies and organisations to condemn anti-Semitism.

(Source: Manchester Evening News)


  1. Time and time again we are seeing hate crimes upon jews all over the world. We should all say a kpittal tehillim while reading this to ask Hash-m to bring the geula b’mheira veyamainu!

  2. manchester is known as a particularly leftist university(ies), with extensive arab / muslim ties.

    the universities wont do nothing about it, because they are all for the anti israel boycott. (besides the large moslem population of mancheater, right near the jewish comunitty (just like in the us, the jews and the muslim live in adjoining communities, usually the “old” jewish community)

    parliament is the only “hope” (besides tefillah)

    note too: the large number of muslims arrested (in the old jewish community) in manchester for terrorism. they probabl;y wont do much to them, anyway.