4:00PM EST: NYC: Power Outages


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blackout.jpg4:00PM EST: NYPD has large response teams responding to parts of Manhattan & the Bronx for large areas without power. This is a result of the high temps. Large parts of the NYC Transit/Subway system are being affected, as well as a nursing home in the Bronx. 4:34PM EST: OEM is now advising that 58,000 customers in the Bronx and 78,000 in Manhattan are without power. 4:46PM EST: Power is slowly being restored at this time.


  1. modoxman18:

    get a sense of humor, what alter meant was obviously he is very old and remembers not having power and is laughing at how we freak out now without power

  2. It’s NOT funny when people suffer.This is not the Jewish way. We feel for others,not laugh at their promlems נושא בעול עם חברו

  3. We need to remember what it’s like, not having to rely on power and machines, how to live a simple existence getting in touch with nature again. I am old but I still spend five weeks of my summer camping out in the wild with no power or machines to distract me from getting in touch with Hashem.
    After Mashiach comes who says we will still have power to distract us from serving Hashem. We need to learn how to live without power in case something might happen Chas Vesholom.

  4. modoxman18
    Do you know how to light a fire without matches or a lighter? Do you know how to pick non-poisonous vegetation? Do you know how to find a shelter in the wild, dessert or jungle? Can you survive or even sustain others without power?

    Most people these days can’t do any of those things!!!