Tehillim Needed for Rav Shaul Brus Shlita


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brus tehillim.jpgPlease be Mispallel for Hagoen Rav Shaul Brus Shlita.


  1. Rav Brus is one of the greatest masmidim in America. Although, he is a great leader in Yeshivas Beis HaTalmud in Bensonhurst and a great posek, he never had the responsibility to raise money, and was always able to sit and learn. He would literally sit and learn Torah for hours and hours uninterupted, in a manner rarely seen. We need Rabbonim like this around. Keep davening for Rav Shaul ben Rivkah Leah l’Refuah Sheleimah.

  2. His Iyun Shiur for balei batim at night was mamesh a sight to see. It brought all the balei batim back to their Yeshiva days every night.