UPDATED: Israeli Reported Missing in India, While Another Being Buried


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yw logo9.jpg(Update below original story) According to Ynet, a 20-year-old Israeli has been reported missing in northern India. According to reports, the motorcycle he was last seen traveling on, & his personal documents were found on Thursday evening – with no trace of the young man. He was last seen on Wednesday. This troubling report comes on the heels of the murder of Dror Shek HY”D, an Israeli hiker who was murdered in India on Sunday, and was buried in Eretz Yisroel this afternoon. (Reported HERE on YW)

8:48AM EST: Israeli authorities have told the media that the missing man has been found alive. He is being treated for dehydration, but otherwise was Boruch Hashem OK.


  1. They go searching for what they don’t have access to in their own communities. Because they are not yet shomer shabbos/mitzvos, they are most often treated with disdain or worse and as a result are even more alienated from what’s in their own backyards!