9:30PM EST: Lakewood: Structure Fire


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lakewoodpatch.jpgLakewood FD & Hatzolah are on the scene of a fire in a private dwelling on Private Way @ 5th Street. Reoprts of a person trapped. Further details to follow. 10:05PM EST: The fire is darkening down & everyone has Boruch Hashem been accounted for. Heavy damage to the home.


  1. I was at the seen ( i davened maariv 915 in bmg. the fire is on private and 6th in yurkanskis house over 8 fire trucks are there. they hooked up to a fire hydrent. Also they took out a second stetcher and were running twords the house. If you look at the house you can see very dense smoke coming out of the house. hashem yeracheim. further details forthcoming…

  2. The BIGGEST anav:
    The gas company as well as the electric company are always called down when there is a structured fire that takes down a home. It is standard protocol.

  3. I just knew Yeshiva World would post about this. Boy was it scary to see every emergency vehicle in Lakewood rush past my house with the most blearing sirens ever. It was quite a scare and glad to hear everyone’s ok B”H.