Frum IDF Soldiers In Trouble Because Of Kol Isha


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Once again it appears being a Shomer Shabbat IDF soldier, or in this case an officers’ candidate has its challenges, especially when one’s officer cannot tolerate his frum soldiers walking out on a performance of female singers.

There are nine Orthodox soldiers in IDF’s Officer Training School, located in Base 1, and they recently became the target of the wrath of an officer who was unwilling to tolerate their decision to quietly walk out of a performance that simply violated Halacha. The soldiers are close to graduating as junior officers, second lieutenants in elite IDF units. They did not create a stir or attempt to disrupt the performance on the base, but quietly left their seats and walked out, and returned immediately after the objectionable portion of the program ended. It was clear to all they were attempting to remain respectful without compromising Halacha.

Despite their respectful behavior their brigade commander was less than sympathetic, rejecting their explanation. They were ordered to appear before Colonel Eren Niv, their battalion commander. It should be pointed out that the very same brigade commander in another situation a number of weeks ago told frum soldiers at another performance if they don’t wish to hear the female vocalists they should use earplugs but they may not leave.

According to the commander of IDF ground forces Major-General Sammy Turgeman, the IDF is compelled to accommodate one’s religious sensibilities. In addition, a letter was sent by Eliyahu Lacks, who heads the Religious IDF Soldiers’ Fund to Major-General Turgeman, questioning just why religious soldiers are placed in such an untenable situation. He pointed out that in accordance to the General Staff’s rules and regulations, the soldiers are indeed entitled to serve without compromising their religious beliefs.

Former IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General (reserves) Avichai Ronsky confirmed this, that a soldier is protected under the IDF’s operating guidelines, emphasizing that a soldier simply may not be compelled to attend a performance of female vocalists. This is his right and excusing him from such an event is not an act of chessed by any means but IDF law.

A statement released by the Office of the IDF Spokesman states the nine soldiers did in fact stray from adherence to regulations. The matter is being investigated and a ruling is expected in the coming days. It appears the brigade commander wishes to expel them from the officers’ training program.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Apparently zionism can’t survive without women singing (or being immodestly dressed, and much worse)???????????

    The goyim have a saying about “having one’s cake and eating it too”. We can have a secular modern powerful affluent states including a wide range of Jews, OR we can have a community devoted to Torah and Mitsvos limited to the elite who put loyalty to ha-Shem ahead of political or economic well being.

  2. #2- but YWN won’t lets us talking about anything more….

    (though to understand the article, one has to understand it is the “tip of the iceberg”)

  3. When you have a m’dina that doesn’t run according to halocha & far too many people are ANTI halocha, this is what you get … A worthless m’dina!

    We need Eretz Yisroel, NOT Israel.

  4. akuperma #1 – Hardly sustainable, pls dont call me when there is a fire, terror attack, punch O tire, or need for Materna formula in the local Makolet.

    In order to gain the level of Eretz Yisroel, we need more firm and dedicated Aliyah. Mark, can you send us some friends and neighbors please, we are doing well Halachicly in Rehovot with Rav Kook shlit”a.

  5. If you cant follow orders, stay out of the military. Soon, they’re going to say, “we can’t go to war, because maybe the terrorist bombing Isreal isn’t dressed tnius’dik.” What a bunch of idiots.

  6. #6 – it is quite legitimate to ask whether Medinat Yisrael will survive. Increasing the economic elites who govern the country are culturally very Euro-American and are militantly secular (which is say highly bigotted against us, and they don’t like the religious Muslims either). The Hareidim are totally oriented from the ruling elites, and are totally excluded from the economy (and the military). The Religious Zionists are in the middle, and probably could create an Eretz Yisrael that could be Jewish without alienating the hilonim – but they are a small minority who in spite of trying to participate in the economy, academia and the military, and much excluded from the ruling elites.

    If Israel sold long term bonds, I’ld short them.

  7. As a Frum officer candidate in the U.S. I can say from personal experience that this is NOT the case in the States. I have never had any problems with doing anything I wasn’t allowed to, and my Captain had no problem letting me walk out of an inappropriate movie before it started. In fact, the next time he made sure that we watched something that, in his words, “everyone can see.” (We ended up watching a kids’ movie.) I’m sorry that the same isn’t the case in Israel.

  8. My word, overzealous and, frankly, erroneous and stupid over-enforcement of military “etiquette” by rambos is a problem on military training bases everywhere…dig a little more before you jump to the conclusion that institutional bias is involved.

  9. What a disgrace. First they complain no end when Chareidim don’t serve in the military, then they force Frum people who do serve to violate their religious principles! They can’t have it both ways.

  10. The truth is that Tzahal is CHOKING on religious soldiers because they are becoming the majority. Tzahal would LOVE to have secular soldiers instead, but even when they are available, they are far less idealistic & of a lower quality. The charedi & nat’l relig populations just about match each other now in Israel. I’ve taught boys of both groups & both groups have tremendous ma’aloth in their goodness.