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Hamodia Praises Obama’s Cooperation With Israel Over Embassy Attack

Hamodia—the nation’s only Jewish daily newspaper serving the Orthodox Jewish community—praised President Barack Obama in today’s editorial for his “immediate and effective” response to the attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo. The editorial noted that Obama’s response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request for aid is a clear demonstration of the strong alliance between the Obama Administration and Israel.

Hamodia expressed in the editorial, entitled “Thank You Mr. President,” “The Jewish community all over the world offers him [Obama] our heartfelt thanks.”

Hamodia editorialized:

As thousands of rioters tore down a wall that had recently been built to protect the embassy, and then penetrated the building itself while Egyptian security forces stood by passively, Netanyahu, senior ministers and IDF commanders were pursuing a course of action. But their repeated attempts to reach Egyptian military head Mohamed Hussein Tantawi by telephone proved futile. Over and over again, they were told that Tantawi was unavailable, ‘too busy’ to come to the phone.  Direct Israeli military intervention to rescue the besieged group was considered. However, realizing that such a drastic measure could lead to confrontation with Egyptian forces and endanger the peace treaty, they turned first to the United States.

President Barack Obama was not ‘too busy’ to answer the phone. On the contrary, his response was immediate and effective. Tantawi was soon reached, at 1:00 a.m. (Israel time), and told: ‘There’s no time to waste’ to avert a tragic outcome that ‘would have very severe consequences.’

In a statement issued afterwards, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his gratitude: ‘I asked for his help,’ said Netanyahu. ‘This was a decisive and fateful moment. He said, “I will do everything I can.” And so he did. He used every considerable means and influence of the United   States to help us. We owe him a special measure of gratitude. This attests to the strong alliance between Israel and the United States. This alliance between Israel and the United States is especially important in these times of political storms and upheavals in the Middle East.’ He also thanked the Egyptian commandos who were sent in to bring the Israeli guards out before it was too late.

Much has been made of the strained relations between Netanyahu and the White House in recent days; but in this test of standing by one’s allies in a matter of life and death, Barack Obama came through. He merited to be Hashem’s instrument of salvation. The Jewish community all over the world offers him our heartfelt thanks.

(Source: NJDC)

12 Responses

  1. Probebly Ed Katch endosing Turner gets the credit for this one. Obama understands that he needs something to show for himself in order to keep Jews confused…

    Well, I guess you still say “Thank You”, as you do to anyone..

  2. I stopped buying the Hamodia a few years back, I feel they support liberal politicians. They rarely criticize obama. Buy the Yated, the true torah paper!!

  3. HAMODIA are the biggest idiots and they are just another newspaper rag.

    Hamodia has been quietly telling people to vote for Weprin and this tells us that hamodia cares about money and not the jewish soul. Shame on the Hamodia for trying to score points and kiss up to the liberals and not stand for anything jewish.

    Mr. Rumsfeld canceled his NY TIMES subscription and i’ll cancel my Hamodia and throw this weeks edition in the garabage.

  4. You say thank you but this does not mean Obama loves us.

    Many reshoim have saved jews at one point in their life time
    and does not take away that some pople are still reshoim. the Hamodia has done many things to hurt frum people and not just telling us who to vote for but things that are even worse.

    Hamodia is just a jewish paper but not a respected source of information. Yeshivaworld is more of a real jewish news source of information. Hamodia can’t compete with online news companies so they have to write garbage to try to get people all worked up. Hamodia won’t be around in five years from now so enjoy their non sense for the time being.

  5. Did he really have a choice? The headlines would have read “President does NOTHING to save Isreali’s in danger”
    Do you think ANYONE would say he supports Israel if he did that?
    Wake up. He’s the one that deserted Mubarek and that’s how the Egyptians became a wild mob.

  6. The paper said thank you where thank you is due. When Obama messes up, you read that there too. (Hey, I’m a poet …)

    To #2, you haven’t read the paper in a while if you think Hamodia supports liberal politicians. Unless you think Turner’s a liberal.

    To #5, you haven’t read the paper in a while if you think “Hamodia writes garbage.” I’m astounded by your inaccuracy. In its treatment of the boys in Japan, the tragedy of Leiby, keeping Jonathan Pollard’s name before the public eye, Project Witness … detailed bios of Gedolim, first-hand accounts of Hurricane Irene in the Catskills, practical advice, you will read things in Hamodia that you would read nowhere else.

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