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17 NYPD Officers Indicted In Ticket-Fixing Probe, Face Arrest Next Week

A grand jury has indicted all 17 cops who were targeted by prosecutors in a massive NYPD ticket-fixing scandal that started with a tip about a rogue cop dealing drugs in the Bronx two years ago, has learned.

But those officers, including several supervisors, will have to spend a few more days anxiously waiting to learn their fate. They aren’t expected to be notified by the Bronx District Attorney’s office until after the weekend that they have to surrender to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau to face criminal charges. They are expected to be suspended, have their weapons seized and then appear in court for arraignment early next week.

The vote on the indictments started on Sept. 20, but the entire process takes days to complete.

Delays in announcing the indictments stemmed from the amount of time it takes for prosecutors to draw up the necessary paperwork detailing the alleged crimes. They then must file the sealed indictments with the court after both the judge and grand jury foreperson sign off on each charge.

Many of the indicted cops are officials in The Bronx working for the city’s largest police union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

The investigation unearthed a sub-culture in the NYPD where union officials played central roles in routinely fixing thousands of tickets for fellow officers and their friends and relatives.   

“On the Inside” disclosed months ago that cellphones of as many as 30 cops, including union officials, were bugged, and they were heard killing tickets with casual regularity. also obtained and posted some of the recordings where union officials were involved in killing tickets, including one for a New Yankee executive, and another covering up a DWI incident.

The union was so concerned about its role in the alleged wrongdoing that it hired several top lawyers to deal with the possibility that it could face a criminal enterprise charges that are normally reserved for Mafia prosecutions.

But the union has dodged that bullet, sources say.

Seven PBA officials were among about 50 NYPD officers who testified with immunity before the grand jury.


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