Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi On Turkey’s Quake – It’s Round 1


In a video of a shiur delivered by Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi erev Shabbos Parshas Ki Sovo, the Rav warns Turkey of the impending disaster that will occur.

Back in March 2011, during a weekly pasha shiur (Parshas Vayikra), the Rav spoke of the disaster that struck Japan and the reasons for the disaster that struck that country.

In the first video, the more recent one, 17 Elul 5771, the Rav speaks of those who love and assist Am Yisrael, they will receive their reward, and alternatively, those who act against Israel, will also be addressed. He warns Turkey of the impending natural disaster (he begins at 35:36 minutes into video) stating today the world is turning against Israel, unprecedented pressure on Israel, mentioning neighboring nations and the regional turmoil.

Turkey offers vacations far less expensive than one can find in Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, the world is in a process, a revolution. He speaks of the process we are in, that began thousands of years ago, to usher in Moshiach, and ultimately, we will know good but today, they are striking out against one another… natural disasters strike in many areas around the world… there are blows against economies, eventually they will strike Am Yisrael too, but at first, they do not. Japan received a blow, one after another. Turkey will receive one soon too, very soon, and it should be totally broken apart. Even though it is a ‘tomei shaliach’, nevertheless a shaliach, but it too will pay the price. In Syria we see too, Assad continues to murder, no one knows how many, but there unity is gone. This is all HaKadosh Baruch Hu, for those who understand. Newspapers tell a different story – those who know and understand understand.

How they were extricated from Egypt, referring to the embassy mob trying to lynch the ambassador and his security team, how from one moment to the other, Hashem opened the door and brought them out, not Obama and no one but HaKadosh Baruch Hu. They were taken to Eretz Yisrael and they must announce what they say. Let one of them open his mouth publically and say “I thank you for saving us Hashem” but they don’t.

They think Jordan is good, quiet, gold and silver, but Jordan moves with its evil plan against us in another way, quietly.

The Prime Minister travels to the United Nations, asking them not to recognize a Palestinian state, and the American veto this. They will all break about, Japan and America, floods and more… The television will not have time to report it all, it will be full. They will have to turn back 100 years to begin understanding Hashem’s plan. Planes will come down, ships we be in trouble, fires, earthquakes and all types of disasters…

Turkey is much larger than us, than Israel, threatening with its war ships. I tell you that 100 warships will come, within six minutes Israel will wipe them out, I am telling you, not hours, six minutes. The planes will hit a few buttons and the ships are gone. They cannot threaten us. Yes we are small but HaKadosh Baruch Hu is protecting us.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting how he misses the root of evil, Iran. Its obvious that they are the biggest enemies so why has he made no prediction for THEIR downfall?