Is An Israeli Military Assault On Iran In The Works?


The Foreign Ministry according to some is preparing the international community for an Israeli military assault against Iranian nuclear facilities. This is in line with White House actions, seeking to impose stiffer sanctions on Iran in the hope of preventing an Israeli air strike. US administration officials are concerned that Israel may strike without coordinating with the White House, and administration officials are working to persuade Russia and China to support stiffer sanctions against Iran in the hope of reassuring Israel towards abandoning a military strike at this time. Russia and China, both permanent members of the Security Council, remain firmly opposed to stepping up sanctions against Iran.

According to a Haaretz report, Israeli ambassadors in Western countries are laying the groundwork, instructed to inform high-ranking officials that the window of opportunity for a military strike against Iran is closing. The campaign seeks to persuade allies in the west to support significantly sterner sanctions against Iran towards preventing Teheran from further developing its nuclear program.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. 1. Why aren’t you as concerned with the facts in the Cain story which was just about fabricated by the leftist politico?

    That’s ok, we all know the double standard.

  2. I hope the US doesn’t help Israel attack Iran and then blame them for the attack.

    It sound like this is media manipulation. The media is already laying the groundwork of Iran attacks not being connected to the white house as if…