NYPD Officers get Light Punishment For Detaining NYC Councilman


Three NYPD officers received light punishments for putting a city councilman and an aide to the public advocate in handcuffs during the West Indian Day Parade in September.

The officer who shoved Kirsten Foy, an aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, to the ground before cuffing her at the end of the Brooklyn parade, lost 10 days’ vacation and was given a written reprimand.

His captain, identified by sources as Charles Girvan, received a similar punishment. A third cop involved got a lecture.

During a City Hall press conference yesterday, Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn) expressed disappointment that, because of a lack of evidence, the officer who he said had shoved him was not punished.

He and Foy, who are both black, criticized NYPD leadership and Mayor Bloomberg for fostering a culture that targets minorities.

The officers involved in the incident have to undergo additional training, which Foy said shows “they were not sufficiently trained in the first place.”

Williams and Foy were handcuffed as they attempted to cross a police barricade and attend a post-parade breakfast. They were taken to a nearby synagogue, where they were held for nearly an hour before being released without charges.

Roy Richter, of the Captains Endowment Association, defended the officers.

“This is about an elected official who was in a rush to get to a luncheon and decided to use his position to get through a police barricade,” Richter said.

(Source: NY Post)