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Williamsburg: Frum Man Beaten By Thugs On Friday Night

A Frum man was R”L severely beaten and left unconscious with multiple fractures on Ross Street in Williamsburg, Friday morning. He was taken to the hospital by Williamsburg Hatzolah.

This terrible crime took place just a week after swastikas were found in the same Brooklyn neighborhood and the night after the anti-Semitic vandalism in Midwood.

The NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim are trying to find video footage from security cameras in the area. There may have been more than one person involved in the attack.

Councilman Stephen Levin, Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Assemblyman Joseph Lentol will join with Rabbi David Niederman, Executive Director of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, and other community leaders at a press conference on Sunday morning. They will call for increased police presence in Williamsburg to ensure that the neighborhood is once again a safe haven for all residents.

If you have any information which can assist in the investigation, please call Williamsburg Shomrim at 718-237-0202.

(Eli Gefen – YWN)

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  1. As unfortunate as each of these incidents may be, they are unrelated, random events and not indicative a “wave of anti-semitism”. The article makes it sound like there is some connection although more police protection cannot hurt.

  2. While they may not be related, once the hoodlums get started on this type of horrific type of activity, it releases the anti-semitic feelings that many people unfortunately have, and these people then feel that it is sort of acceptable in some twisted way for them to behave in this destructive manner.

  3. We as Jews know that there is no such thing as a random event. Maybe someone else here can recommend a good, concise hashkafa book on this topic that contrasts Jews with Amalek philosophically and explains the root cause of anti-Semitic violence better than I can in this comment?

    As a side note, logic does not support the conclusion that a series of extraordinary, like, co-timed, violent events in one city, all targeting members of the same minority community and punctuated with signature graffiti that openly admits the common motivation behind the attacks, are unrelated.

  4. Do the people at the “top” realize that if every time an anti semitic attack occurs we start offering cash for info it will perpetuate what the anti-Semites have been saying for years, namely that the Jews have all the money??

  5. I’m confused. The title of this article says the incident happened on friday night, whereas the first line states that it was friday morning. Were there r’l two incidents?

  6. Yes, we rely on Hashem but as U.S. citizens we are entitled to police protection and where are they.
    This past Friday night, when many men were on their way to tish of Rachmistrifke, they were confronted by about 30 hoodlums playing ball in middle of 13th avenue and 46th streets. They were somewhat threatening and nasty to the passerbyers, frum Yidden.
    Where were the police? I guess eating their free food they schnor, in their cars somewhere on a quiet street!

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