Eida Gavaad Shlita: It’s a Blood Libel Like in Russia


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The Eida Gavaad, HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss Shlita on Sunday night made his first public statement regarding the arrest of prominent members of his tzibur, persons affiliated with the Vaad Artzi tzedaka. The arrests include his personal gabbai, R’ Amram Shapira.

Chadrei Chareidim quotes the Gavaad as saying “it is a blood libel. I personally know Rav Amram and his is clean, he is pure. It is a libel like the Jews of Russia and Hungary endured”.

The Gavaad made his remarks during his weekly Sunday night shiur in Beis Medrash Ohel Moshe. Hundreds were present to hear his words.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But we blindly believe the cops because they are so trustworthy. They arrest people only when they have clear reason to arrest them and are fair. They treat Chareidim like everyone else and have nothing against them. I mean, the state is reishis tzmichus geuluseinu so obviously everyone with important positions are fear and honest.

  2. btw, the judge released the gabbai today with condtions or bail, and said “there was no reason to detain him to begin with, he has nothing to do with the finances of this organization.”

  3. Halacha requires that the law of the land be observed. In Israel as in all other democracies the law applies to all people whether rich or poor and without exception. Evading taxes is a violation of the law. Laundering money is a violation of the law. It is beneath the Gaon to condone such actions by his people.

  4. #1, Perhaps he doesn’t!

    Besides that point, the fact of all this happening now, means that the shkootzim are in fact out to besmirch all of us! They actually do hate us! In the usa, they would at least give some time for the old wave of incitement to subside, be forgotten then they would arrest whoever they want!

  5. Let’s do the math. Every word of loshon hara (and all the moreso motzi sheim ra) is its own aveira. Multiply it by the thousands of Jews who follow the Eida Chareidis, and again by the thousands of readers. Millions of aveiros. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT WE HAVE TZAROS?!?

  6. people who hate the state do thing that are illegal without any worry. they think it is a mitzvah to break the laws of the state. would people in monsey do tax evasion since the usa recognizes homosexual marriages? ridiculous! but here it is crazy!
    If the state has charges and evidence let us see it, and I am certain that we will. but these people do not recognize the law of the land and so they riot in hope that the government will capitulate.

  7. So where was the Rav when it came to speak out about the spitting, attacks and violence on other groups (e.g. Beit Shemesh)? There is a famous saying (that I will reference) that goes something like this: ” I was silent when they came for X and Y and now there is no one to speak for me”.
    The Torah requires us to speak out and protest all injustices – not only those that effect us (and our pocket)!

  8. Now he found his tongue. But when Chareidi thugs riot in Bet Shemesh and spit at an eight year old girl, he was silent. As the Brisker Rov once said “Az vi tut veh, shhreit men!!!” People cry out about that which is important to them.

  9. I don’t appreciate the comparison to a ‘blood libel’.

    The old blood libels claimed Jews used xtian children’s blood for Jewish ritual puposes. That, of course was a 100% lie. Are the money laundering and tax-evasion charges in this case a 100% lie?

    We shall see.