JUST IN: Arrests Made in Theft Of Stolen Sefer Torah From Monticello Shul [12:05PM EST]


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YWN has just learned that police have made two arrests in the theft of the Sefer Torah from the Monticello Shul a few weeks ago, in a story first published by YWN.

Sources tell YWN that two people have been taken into custody, and the Sefer Torah is reportedly in good condition.

The arrests were made in Woodridge, and involved the Monticello Police Department, and the New York State Police.

Further details will be published as they become available to us.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. “Theft of a stolen Sefer Torah” – did they know it was already stolen when they took it?

    Or maybe it was a Stolin shul where this occured?


    #2 It is unquestionably CLEAR that we have a ribono shel olam when we see all these (3) tzaros…
    Of course the arrests are no less a sign of the ribono shel olam.

  3. This news coupled with the arrest in Bergen County NJ are two of the best things that I have heard about today…good news is always welcome!!