Terrorist in Custody – Wanted to Avenge Palestinian Children [07:41 IL – 01:1 ST]


06:40 IL: Two French policemen were injured in an exchange of gunfire as they stormed a home of a person suspected of involvement in the Toulouse terror attack. A police source reports the raid took place at 03:00 local time and a number of hours later, the situation was not yet listed “secure”, with forces still involved in the situation at that location.

BFM TV reported that the suspect is connected to an Islamic group. Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) reported the suspected was holed up inside and was not surrendering to authorities.

There are unconfirmed reports circulating that the suspect trained along the Afghanistan Pakistan border, another apparent agent of al-Qaeda.

ISRAEL RADIO: The gun battle between French authorities and the terrorist is still ongoing at this time.

07:41 IL: French authorities are reporting the suspect in the Toulouse terror attack is a 24-year-old male with ties to al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda connection was confirmed by French Interior Minister Claude Gueant in a statement he made to the press. The minister personally watched over the apprehension of the suspect.

Both the chief suspect and his brother have been taken into custody following the raid on their home in the Croix-Daurade district of Toulouse.

Israel media reports the suspect told authorities the attack was to avenge the killing of “innocent Palestinian children in Gaza by Israel”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If you thought it was neo-Nazis, mein fus, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for you (or a tower in Paris). The reign of Nazi terror is just about over, now it’s Muslim extremists we’re dealing with. It always will be. Period.

  2. The liberal idealism is dead. France now knows who it’s enemy it is. It must combat Moslem extremism in France. In New York the Moslems are arguing over surveillance; who than should you watch. Who is the importer of terrorism around the world is it not Moslems; extreme yes but Moslems no less

  3. The guy is anti Israel but so stupid that he confuses anti Israel with anti Jewish. He killed 3 innocent Jewish children because of Palestinian children who died while their parents and community launch rockets at civilians across Israel continually, and wonder why Israel dont trust them at ‘peace’ talks!

    BTW Anyone notice how anti Israeli he is that he is armed with a kalashnakov assault rifle and an UZI…

  4. Rabbosai – Our enemies cannot truthfully admit that they are murderers. Under the repetitive false pretext that we killed one of their children, they murdered us by the thousands across Europe 1096-1667. Then in the massacres of T’ach v’Tat, they murdered us by the hundreds of thousands. Then in WWII, they murdered us by the millions. Neither Chelmnicki nor Hitler were willing to admit that they are bloodthirsty nationalists with a special place in their hearts for us.

    Whether we see ourselves as “one people” or not, the “bad guys” certainly do. A Muslim whackjob who disagrees with the implementation of Israeli self-defense policy, just murdered some Jewish children and a teacher in Toulouse. He thought, “You make me unhappy, I will make you unhappy.”

  5. According to most other sources, he said his goal was as much to protest French involvement (as American allies) in Afghanistan, which is why he attacked the French soldiers.

    Your headline writer should read the article more closely, since the article says he wasn’t in custody, only trapped and exchanging fire with the police.

  6. Lets think about this. A miscreant says he killed a man, his two innocent boys, and then grabs and repeatedly shoots a young girl at point-blank range, because of a fictitious account of Israelis killing innocent children in Gaza. It is fictitious, because the Israeli army takes ridiculously excessive precautions to prevent collateral damage while they are attempting to protect themselves from repeated attacks from military and terrorist forces dwelling amongst the Gazan people. What does the news media do with this fiction? Broadcasts it! I would think that the responsible thing to do with a statement such as this is to keep it OFF of the media, not reward the mutant by giving him free publicity for his insidious propaganda!

  7. Notice how the media was already playing up the terrorists’ motive – to avenge for the “murders of Palestinian children” BEFORE they were even captured!!!??!! How Did these reporters know? Answer is they didn’t. Just watch – they’ll turn the murderers into victims, and victims into murderers!

  8. voseppes: Apparently, while he’s been under siege, he has had phone conversations with the police (and possibly others). He has explained his motives in those phone calls.

  9. Yehudayona
    Just watch. The media will keep repeating “murder of Palestinian children” until it becomes an undebatable FACT! They’ve been playing this game for years!