SHOCKING VIDEO: Rabid Anti-Semite Running For NYC Council; Accuses ‘Jewish Landlords Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’


A deeply anti-Semitic political candidate has emerged in the race for Manhattan’s city council seat for District 7, and by all accounts, his words are not pretty.

District 7 runs from the Upper West Side through West Harlem and into Washington Heights, including the Breur’s community and that around Yeshiva University.

His name is Thomas Lopez-Pierre and he is 48 years old. Mr. Lopez-Pierre is attempting to unseat the current councilman, Mark Levine. He has made defeating the “greedy Jewish landlords” his main campaign issue, evident from his campaign video. (See Below)


Lopez-Pierre first tried running for the Council seat in 2013. In January of that year he smeared a black Democratic fundraiser by calling him an “Uncle Tom N__ B__” for supporting a white Jewish candidate.

In previous emails, he had added a combined anti-Semitic and notoriously homophobic term..

The vitriolic emails have not stopped. In an email sent out this past August, Lopez-Pierre accused Jewish landlords of trying to push Black and Hispanic residents out of their neighborhood.

On April 12th, at the Three Parks Independent Democratic Club, he accused Jews of “ethnic cleansing.” He also said that they have been participating in ethnic cleansing for some 15 to 20 years.

At the same meeting, Lopez-Pierre compared the housing problems facing blacks and Latinos to the holocaust, he remarked, “This is how I would make it simple for Jewish people. If there was a candidate that was taking money from the construction managers that built concentration camps, the Jews would not look favorably upon that candidate.”

The theory has been espoused that Lopez-Pierre is not even bothering to apologize in order to get out the vote.

Lopez-Pierre’s characterization of Mark Levine as being anti-tenant, however, is patently false. Levine has spearheaded tenant universal access to legal counsel in housing court. This legislation helps keep tenants in their home, and is a first in the nation. He has also called upon the Rent Guidelines Board to walk back decades of unjustified rent increases by instituting a rent rollback in 2018.



(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. So what is the official “race” of this lowlife dog?
    Will we hear a peep out of the always “concerned about racial prejudices”, Bill DeBlasio?

  2. you are giving him a platform, by publishing & retweeting otherwise no one would know he doesnt have a chance ” ain lecho yofeh minj hatznius…

  3. #3 – #IdiotAlert

    What an idiot??? Hitler was also ignored. HATE MUST BE CONFRONTED.

    And fyi, this was on many many news outlets such as the Daily News and many others/

    Get your head out of the sand.

  4. This issue of Jews ethnic cleansing minorities and making them leave their neighborhoods??? Harlem, Crown Heights, Canarsie, were Jewish neighborhoods in the past! Who made who leave and take over! And how?!? But enough of that

  5. I just found this guys number on his website that he quotes in the video.

    Its him…its his voice……call him and tell him what you think.
    I told him that the majority of ny looks at the jews in a good light and he will never win a campaign if he continues to put us down like that.


  6. This guy keeps referring to “greedy Jewish landlords.” So he must thing some Jewish landlords are not greedy. I guess that makes him OK.

    And, by the way, where is Mahattan? Maybe he’s not running in any part of New York.

  7. Sounds like the rhetoric of askan loving, Jewish landlord campaign donation receiving de blasio, who of course wont condemn a fellow Democrat or anyone not named Trump, de blasio also loves Linda Sarsour.

  8. From the Observer:

    “In January, the candidate copped to a misdemeanor criminal contempt charge for knowingly violating a family court restraining order his ex-wife had obtained. His former spouse alleged that, despite the standing order of protection, Lopez-Pierre twice approached her in the fall of 2015 to threaten her.”

    Sounds like a real tzadik!

    Here is some more contact information from his website.

    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter/Instagram: @VoteLopezPierre