VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Peleg/Eida Protests Resume Following Another Arrest



Authorities on Monday afternoon 28 Nissan arrested another talmid yeshiva who failed to register for the draft. This led to an immediate response, a stormy protest of the Peleg faction and Eida Chareidis supporters, outside the IDF Induction Center on Rashi Street in the capital.

Protestors shouted and threw garbage at the entrance to the induction center. The protests spread and they continued into the evening hours in both Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

There were a number of incidents in which police are accused of using unjustifiably violence against protesters.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo & Video Credit: אלעזר/דיווחים בזמן אמת)


  1. Registering for the draft is not what it used to be. Clearly, the intentions of the government are to actually enlist more and more yeshiva boys into the army. If the army was spiritually devastating in the past, it is getting worse and worse. Even Rabbonim from the Hesder yeshivos are screaming about what’s going on in the army (YWN recently reported about the integration of women into the units and the punitive actions taken by Avidgor Lieberman against Rabbi Levenstein who spoke out against it).
    We must stand behind everyone who is working to maintain Torah values in Eretz Yisrael (and everywhere!)

  2. It’s about time you get your facts strait . The fellow did not fail to register for draft . That is precisely why he showed up at the Induction Center , however he was denied his rights to remain a Talmid Yeshiva . The results were the strong protest by Talmidei Maran Rosh Hayeshiva Hagoan R’ Shmuel Aurbach Shlit”a to prevent the unlawful draft .

  3. If your side would show a modicum of respect for the medinah and the hundreds of thousands of Jews who go about their lives peacefully, , one could sympathize with you. Instead, you hide behind their protection, milk them of their money and then spit in their faces. No wonder, no one has any respect for you.

  4. One can see clearly the different between the peleg and the eida, the peleg just block roads which they have no right to do, even though they are right about the draft, but the eida just protest outside the draft office.

  5. What is Jewish about yelling shiksa at women who have chosen a profession to protect society from law breakers?
    Police women have died while protecting others during terrorist attacks. Does this revolting behavior convince anyone that they should choose yeshiva over public service?
    The “zionists” dont need to lift a finger to eradicate Torah.
    These eida thugs are doing a fine job for them.

  6. What do two policewomen partnered together to protect Jews from terrorists have to do with giloy arayos, real or imagined?
    Banshak, you have perverted and distorted the Torah to a point where ANY women venturing past the threshold of her kitchen meets the criteria for “avizeraya le arayos”